Italian Railways TRENITALIA: how to buy tickets online

You can travel in Italy conveniently, relatively inexpensive and, if desired, very quickly, using railway transport.

Types of trains in Italy

Main rail carrier Italy – This is TRENITALIA. Yes, it is the main, not the only monopolist. In addition to TRENITALIA, there are some more dozen in the country (!) private companies engaged in railway transport. But today we will talk only about TRENITALIA, as it accounts for about 80% of all routes, and in the trip of Italy you will most likely have to deal with this company.

So, the Italian trains of TRENITALIA are several types:

  • Regionale – This is a conceptual analogues familiar to all of us domestic electric traits with an acceptable level of comfort. They move slowly, stop often, but this is hardly the most budget way organized and quite comfortably reach almost anywhere.
  • InterCity – Intercity trains only inside Italy.
  • Eurocity – In fact, the same as InterCity, only these trains besides Italy herself running throughout the European Union.
  • Speed ​​trains – this is «Higher test» and pride of Italian railways. This category includes Eurostar Italia trains and Freccia (Strela). You may be surprised, but in Italy has its own version «ours» Red arrows – Train Frecciarossa. That in these trains notable? Almost everyone – they are the fastest compared to other trains TRENITALIA (average speed of about 250 km / h, «Cruising» Speed ​​Frecciarossa in separate areas – up to 360 km / h), without exaggeration luxurious, multifunctional. The only but quite logical flaw – high price.

Now let’s go to the pass. Tickets you can buy several ways:

  • at the checkout station;
  • in the machine;
  • online through intermediaries (there are pros and cons, we will talk about it separately);
  • online through the carrier site – there are some nuances, we will understand them in detail.

Buying tickets on Trenitalia: step by step instructions

Official international website TRENITALIA, where you can buy tickets for company trains – TRENITALIA.Com . In addition to Italian, the site has three more versions – English, german and chinese. Localization is not flawless, so we will consider the purchase example «in original».

To illustrate the search and purchase process of travel documents, take a conditional trip from Rome to Milan. We go to the site and see the request form at once.

The key fields that we will be needed are as follows:

Regionali – Regional («Slow») train;

Frecce – high-speed trains;

Tutti I Treni – all trains;

Andata E Ritorno – «There and back»;

Solo Andata – one way;

In the fields A and DA, it is enough to dial the first letters of the place we need, after which the list of options will immediately appear – choose what we need. It is still important to remember that the railway station and cities on the site are served only in Italian, any language of the site you chose. Therefore, it is better not «Copy» names entirely, namely to recruit. Another moment – In many cities there are several railway stations, and it is advisable to consider to effectively plan a trip.

Now choose from a mini calendar date of departure and pointing time starting from which to the end of these days the system will look for travel options.

In fields «Adulti» (adults) and «Ragazzi» (children) indicate the number of adults and children, respectively. Many little travelers up to 4 years have the right to free travel, from 4 to 12 years – Preferential passage 50% of the full cost.

Click the button «Cerca» (Search), and we have a search results page, but on another site – lefrecce.IT . This redirection may not scare you, these are not fraudsters and no substitution, you just switched from an international resource to the local.

Found options are displayed by a list of 10 sentences to the default page. You can switch between pages using the arrows at the bottom, or to output all the proposals with a single list by clicking the button «Altre Solucioni».

Now about what is displayed in each column:

  • «Partenza» time about the place of dispatch;
  • «Arrivo» – time and place of arrival;
  • Italian railways TRENITALIA How to buy tickets online
  • «Treno» – Train type (regional and high-speed trains go randomly);
  • «Durata» – travel time;
  • «Offerta» – «offer», that is, the type of ticket;
  • «PREZZO» – price.

Each series of tables can be deployed and see several more options applicable to this particular route.

Here you can change the wagon class or the type of ticket to simple manipulations. Tell me what these two concepts mean.

Types of tickets are the following: Base, Economy and Super Economy. They imply a different set of services and, accordingly, a different price. The cheapest – Super Economy, and it is on them the most active hunting is being conducted, so if you plan to change the track as much as possible, buy tickets should be in advance. The most tangible in the difference between the types of tickets – These are the conditions for their return or replacement. So, for example, Super Economy Tickets can not be given back, nor change.

Now about the classes of cars. There are variations depending on the type of train. For example, in Eurocity or Frecciargento («Silver Streth») There are two classes of cars – First and second. The price difference is very significant, while the difference in the service, just say, is not particularly impressive – The seats are almost the same, only in the first class is spacious due to the layout of the chairs 2 + 1, and not 2 + 2, as in the second, and you can order coffee, champagne and t.D.

TRENITALIA flagships – Frecciarossa trains have more classes of wagons – Standard, Premium, Business Salottino, Business Area Silenzio, Business, Executive. Detailed explanations of the features of a particular class you can see by numing the cursor on the icon «I» In the appropriate grade.

Deciding finally with the choice of a car class and a ticket type, mark the appropriate option and click «Cerca». Will be transferred to the personal data entry page and select payment method.

Once you have opened a confirmation page, the countdown of the time is started to work, which is assigned to the entire procedure. You need to have time for 10 minutes to carry out all manipulations to fill payment forms, including SMS-password waiting time, if any use the payment system you selected. The time remaining before the completion of the reserve will count the bright widget in the right upper part of the page.

Such a limit – by no means a fagument, but a completely healthy and even the necessary measure – In these 10 minutes the system «Column» You have the selected option for you until you confirm the reservation. That is, you do not catch your ticket. For trains and cars with the ability to choose places this circumstance is critical.

By the way, the choice of places in trains, where possible, implemented on Trenitalia’s website quite well, as in any other self-respecting transport company – On the interactive Wagon Plan, free places are marked with green and choose the desired by simple click.

Return to confirm booking. If you are not previously registered on Trenitalia, select Field «PROSEGUO SENZA FARE IL LOGIN». In the form that opens, enter your personal data – the name, surname, e-mail and your phone with a country code without «Plus».

Important moment – In this form you need to enter the data of the buyer tickets, that is, «that guy who will pay». Form for personal data passengers is below. It needs to enter data alternately all passengers (fields «Codice Azienda» and «CartaFreccia» We skip – it is for the citizens of Italy), and if the buyer enters into their number, the form is not necessary to fill in the second time – Check the field «SONO ANCHE UN PASSEGGERO DEL VIAGGIO» («I am also a passenger»), and a new, already filled out the form with your personal data.

Now you scroll down the page down, where the choice of payment method is provided. We celebrate suitable and click «Continua», After that fill all the payment details and make payment.

If the payment has passed successfully, tickets will come to your email in PDF format. The file must be printed and take with you when you are already going on a trip. Actually, all that in such an electronic ticket will be of interest to the controller – This is a PNR code. Can happen that tickets you bought and received email, but could not print. It’s not a problem – Just show the ticket controller on the laptop or smartphone screen, and it will quickly check the PNR code database, and on this control will end. Electronic tickets do not need to register or, even more so, compost, then it is electronic.

Difficulties with online buying tickets on Trenitalia website

Online buying tickets – This is a convenient and progressive way to guarantee yourself a trip to the right route at the right time. In addition, it is also a good way to save, as ticket prices are rather flexible, and can vary from the term of pre-order and various shares, which can carry out TRENITALIA.

But in the case of the specifics of this carrier, surprises are not excluded, which can be pretty breaking your plans and spoil the nerves if you are not ready for them. We describe the most currently relevant potential «present».

Paid e-ticket did not come

You have chosen the offer, paid tickets, but the cherished PDF file did not come, and even in spam there is no. Here is only one way – Communication with technical support service. Considering all the language barriers, if you manage to resolve the issue within a few hours – Count lucky. The process can stretch for weeks! This is one of the most frequent claims and complaints, and for it, many do not like TRENITALIA service.

But this problem is easy to prevent. For this you need «only» Register in the system, then you can at any time download tickets from a personal account. We are «only» Not just so they took in quotes, as registration on the site TRENITALIA has recently become the puzzle. But there is a solution to all problems, and we will tell about it further.

One ticket per day

You can buy for one approach of tickets online online on the carrier website. But this itself «Okay» You can only do once a day. Understand the meaning of such a strange limitation is difficult, but it is definitely necessary to remember.

Therefore, if you are going to buy tickets for several routes, find all the necessary routes in advance and write them separately. Then, when you book tickets on the site, in the widget on the right, click «Aggiungi Un Viaggio» («Add route») and continue to book the next trip. Do not forget about the restriction of 10 minutes on the whole process.

Registration on Trenitalia

More recently, registration on the carrier’s website was simple and open without much trouble. At the moment (April 2017), registration is actually sharpened under the residents of Italy, and tourists have to get out in any way. Case in the following moments.

First, you will definitely need to enter your address in Italy. Yes, it is in Italy and it is necessary. In fact, it is necessary only to make the CartaFreccia discount card at the specified address. But if you are a non-resident, it is without needful to you, since you still can not take advantage of it. Alternatives for tourists The developers did not invent, so the only option – Enter any address in Italy.

Optimally – enter the address of the hotel, where you live or plan to stay, at the same time check the speed of TRENITALIA and the good faith of the hotel staff. Yes, and purely from a human point of view, if you enter any existing Italian address, it’s good if your card receives Adriano Celentano, but it can come to some elderly senory, which will break her head, who she was illegally prescribed.

All the same applies to passport data. Passport number, dates of issuing and expiration you can enter any (enter the real data of the passport), but here «who and where is issued» – You can only choose from the list, in which, naturally, exclusively police branches in the Italian provinces. Therefore, nothing remains how to choose any option.

And finally the most «True» and strange – Codice Fiscale. This is your Inn. And also Italian. This is not a fiction, you can quite officially get your own INN, which will be valid in the country. But this can be done only in the consulate, with all the current time spent.

To bypass this barrier, there is a special site – CodiceFiscale.Com. It was invented and made the Italians themselves, for which they thank you very much. Here by filling out the simplest form (name, surname, country, date of birth), you can «receive» Italian Inn. Rather, a set of 16 characters that will satisfy the registration form of TRENITALIA.

In conclusion, let’s say that all sorts of conditions and limitations on the carrier website are changed relatively often. Therefore, something else described can be added something else, or, on the contrary, those or other obstacles will abolish. We will keep you aware of any important changes.

Italian railways TRENITALIA How to buy tickets online

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