Italian routes. Region Veneto

Treviso – Modest Venice
If you are tired of the Venetian raids of tourists, get on the train and in 30-40 minutes will find yourself in a quiet Treviso, also with channels, but already easier, and at the same time with prices down and with crowds smaller. In something this town is similar to Ferrara and Bologna, and something does not look like. It is best to come here closer in the late afternoon to catch multi-colored reflection of highlighted houses in water stroit, or in November, when the city is overflowing with different colors of autumn foliage and all this too "doubles" With the help of water, well, and in summer myself. I visited here in the winter, it turned out a bit sad and very cold, now it is necessary to go back at another time of the year! By the way, Treviso can be considered as "Last" Overnight before departure from the Ryanair airport eponymous.

Kyodja – Beach Venice
If you are tired of the Venetian crowd again, but I don’t want to leave far from the sea, go to Cyodu – here you will have channels with multi-colored houses (as if you didn’t leave anywhere), and excellent beaches literally a 15-minute walk from the Old Town! Getting here easy: buses with Venetian Piazzala Roma go to the direction "Sotomomarina" (this is the coastal part of Kyodzhi) every half hour and an hour you are already in place. By the way, from Padua can also be reached in about an hour. This resort is considered to be a favorite place of residents of the Veneto region, and not tourist Lido and Lido Di Jesolo. Prices for housing and food do not bite, the sea is beautiful and beauty are also available!

Lake Garda – Pearl of the Three Regions
Since they spoke about the sea, it would be nice to remember and about Lake Garda, which in warm time of the year is also a resort. However, calmly spend time on the beach will not work, too much beautiful around! These are the famous towns on the other side of the regional border (in Lombardy) – Desenzano del Garda, Salo, Sirmione, and less famous in the Veneto region – Pescier del Garda, Bardolino and Lazie. Pesbjer gets easier: by train from Verona (15 minutes) or from Venice (2 hours at the regional or hour and 40 minutes on high-speed, and if you catch a promotion, the latter will be also cheaper!). But in Bardolino and Lazie, you will have to go by bus from Verona, from the main station in the direction "Garda" All rooms are suitable from 62 to 66, as well as 68 and 69. Please note that the same buses may have an unit at the beginning (1).

Chittadela – city for the fortress wall
From water – to land. Now go to the small town of Chittadela, the main pride of which is not he himself, and his city wall, surrounded by the moat – everything is serious! On the wall you can walk almost all over the perimeter (some parts are closed to the reconstruction), to take pictures of Chittadelle itself, and at good weather, you still admire the Alps. You are also easy to get here: the regional train goes 30 minutes from the Vicenza, and the direct high-speed debt per hour from Verona is true only once a day. Otherwise, you will have to drive with transfers from Venice or all the same Verona.

Italian routes. Region Veneto

In Maostik, play chess, and in the neighboring Bassano we drink grappa!
About where the Alps begin in Veneto, cozy are located next to each other two towns – Maostotics and Bassano Del Grappa. By the name of the second it is not difficult to guess that it was here that the famous Italian grape vodka was born "grappa", whose museum is included in the list "Must Visit" When visiting the city. However, it is impossible to miss the main attraction of Bassano – the old bridge created by the famous palladio is not at all in Italian style. Here it begins to seem that you got into Austria or Germany, very typical mountain landscapes on the wooden bridge background. By the way, you can get here in 1.5 hours by train from Venice. But to the neighboring morosetics, it is better to go by bus from Vicenza, departure from the railway station. Well, or search for a bus from Bassano, which theoretically exists, but no one has ever seen him)
Maostatics is famous for its chess tournaments, held every two years right on the main square, which is the game board. Live people and even horses are in chess! You can visit as a daylight, and the evening, the last, of course, more colorful and spectacular! It is worth climbing and on "Maostic hill", where the preserved lock is located well, and the Veneto landscapes from there!

Villa Pisa – Venetian Versailles
You can finish the journey along Veneto, you can a relaxed walk through a beautiful park, by the admission of palace interiors, painted with frescoes, and even a wandering of a truly green maze. All this is located near the town of the country at Ville Pisani, which was built for one of the rulers of the Venetian Republic. Interesting is the location of the complex – not far from the intersection of two artificial channels of the Brenta River, to regulate the level in which a beautiful gateway is built (the one that is closest to the villa). Getting it here is best on the bus number 53 of the company ACTV from Padua and Venice, to go on a stop in the city of Country, from the center of which is literally 5 minutes walk to Villa.

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