Italian surprises

In fact, residents of the famous "sapoga" tourists are spoiled and, in principle, may not be particularly strained. After all, italy has something to see – they say that there are 70% of masterpieces of world architecture. Therefore, it is clear that many will come to the Italians to visit even if the owners will set them in a tarp tent with amenities at the entrance – provided that this tent will be stretched at the foot of the Colosseum. This, of course, exaggeration, but about the peculiarities of a rest in Italy is not bad still know.

At least in order to immediately understand yourself for what, in fact, you are traveling. For example, last year there was a straight charter from Yekaterinburg to the Ligurian coast, and recently canceled: there are no passengers, I did not get used to the average Russian from the depths of the European Recreation Standard at the Sea, which is offered Ligurian hotels. We would draw on the usual program: the sea-beach-fruit-beer cards-Russian company, and here the quiet European joy: the beauty of privacy, hiking in the mountains.

Yes, and to use Italy by scenario "Holidays at sea" Pretty stupid. Turkey and Cyprus are much more suitable, and for those who crave more expensive solitude, real luck will be a holiday on deserted beaches of tropical islands.

In Italy, it is not to lie on the beach, but to drive in the country and inspect her. Johann Wolfgang Goethe, he directly promised: "Who saw Italy well, and especially Rome, he will never be completely unhappy". Europeans visiting Italy, unlike most of our fellow citizens, are ready to have a lot to walk and ride, live in hotels with quite a decent amount "star" and small-sized numbers at the same time (if it is, of course, not presidential apartments), eat alone pasta and pizza (by the way, pizza in the same Rimini recently quite difficult to eat "stationary", in the restaurant) and watch, watch.

About to have time everywhere, you can forget immediately and forever. Almost for any Italian city, whether it is the capital of the region or the province, you can walk for two to three days, and even a week. Any Italian Outback boasts the Cathedral with paintings and statues of the most famous masters, a famous castle or Palazzo, at a thin end – a museum in which antiquity masterpieces, gothic, revival or baroque are collected.

But there are four in Italy "Pearls", see which you need: 1) Rome with its ancient ruins and museums of Vatican, 2) Florence, without which it is impossible to imagine Italian revival, 3) Pisa with her forever falling tower and 4), of course, Venice – the surreal city of bridges and canals, which dream to visit literally all. And without any of these cities, italy will be incomplete. So for the first acquaintance, it is quite enough to a route in the four above points, with minor stops, for example, in Assisi or Ferrara. And the final chord can be a vacation at sea, for example, at a wonderful resort of Lido Di Jesolo near Venice or even better – on the Ligurian coast.

Acquaintance with Italy can be started with the south. In this case, the classic route option: Sorrento – Naples – Rome with an inspection of ancient pumps and a trip to Capri. True, the first time "Russian" Italy Sorrento’s resort may seem too peculiar to our tourist oriented on a beach vacation: All hotels are located here so high on the slope of the mountain, which will have to descend on elevators or on foot to stairs with high stone stairs. Own beach – a rarity for hotels in Sorrento. Yes, and generally sandy beaches as such are not here, the people are bathed, mostly from the purses.

Someone who courageously decided to sacrifice the tan in favor of impressions and chose "Four pearls" (cm. above), you need to tune in advance for long bus moving. From Venice to Rome, for example, more than 600 kilometers. On the one hand, that bad – a few hours to admire Italian species from the comfortable bus window. by the way, "motorway" – The word Italian, and the first high-quality roads began to build in Italy. It’s a shame that the roads are mostly laid in a certain distance from settlements – that is, the above-mentioned architectural masterpieces. Therefore, usually tours are specially built in such a way that after two or three hours of the path it was possible not only to stretch the legs and a snack, but also to visit the sight-another, to buy souvenirs. Take pictures finally.

Verona is usually photographed against the backdrop of the balcony Juliet and the ancient Roman amphitheater, which has been preserved much better than what to be shown to tourists in Rome. Some choose the gothic church of the spin (delulpled the back), named because of the bridge, called the Gothic Church, named because there was a spike from the throat crown of Jesus Christ here. And in Pisa, everything for some reason torment himself to perpetuate themselves in the pose of such an Atlanta supporting the famous tower.

In Assisi, tourists usually take out their "Kodaki" and "Minolta" Cathedrals with famous frescoes of Jotto or the Cathedral of St. Chiahs, Sisters of Francis of Assis. Italians consider her patroness television, as, being a sick and bed to bed in their monastery, she was present in his bodily guide in the service in the main Cathedral of Assisi at the other end of the city.

Of course, such tours "From the city to the city" With everyday shift of hotels tall even the most endless amateur of Italian antiquity. But the main thing will save – time. Much uncomfortable if tourists will be selected in some one city for all time, and then carry it on excursions by the same buses in different ends of the country. In this case, the lion’s share of time goes to the road: every time you need to return to the same place to dance tomorrow "From the stove". Time will devour the road, and for museum itself, for example, do not like. And they stand (at least in Florence) and are not always included in the program.

In order to get to the famous Uffizi Gallery, you will have to walk for minutes to hide in the forever long line. And for groups with guides – no delights: coming in the order of the general queue. And you will have to stand almost everyone without exception. Our national appointment is to take the line to one, so that later, closer to the case, the whole rest band saw the rest – here it does not pass: the guards who remember everyone in the face can declare: you did not stand here.

And about museums. Keep in mind that entrance tickets do not order in the travel agency in advance with prepayment, and they buy directly on the spot: prices are constantly changing, besides there are a lot of discounts, which can be found only in place. But pretty well, let’s go down to the sinner.

Italian surprises

What is service in Italian? Italy does not live exclusively tourism. Hence the indulgent attitude of hotel employees and waiters in restaurants to all foreigners. No one is not going to license a client – it’s not Antalya here. Although frank rudeness, of course, does not happen, the maximum is indifference. Even a little Spartan numbers of three-four-star hotels with small rooms and narrow windows, as it were, they say: you came here not to sleep, but walk. Although it’s all the tasteful taste that the Italians in the blood. Most hotels are rebuilt from old or at least renovated. Hotel service "Four stars", As a rule, assumes the availability of television, telephone, radio, minibar, air conditioning. In the three-star hotel it does not always happen, often not in all hotel rooms or for an additional fee. Again – this is not Turkey.

There is another Italian feature that suffer from how it turns out, exclusively Russian tourists. This is food. In the tours is usually provided half board – breakfast and dinner. Lunches on the run, in the interruptions between excursions: in restaurants, trato. $$ 250-300 for a week – quite enough for lunches and tips. Forget about bust "Buffet", You will be invited only in five-star hotels of American hotel systems, and even in resort hotels. A continental breakfast in Italian hotels looks almost in orphans: coffee or tea and fresh bun with jam and butter. So-called "Stressed continental breakfast" In addition to the bun gives you the right to a slice of ham or sausages, cheese, orange juice.

Actually, as you know, half board half board, but for drinks in the evening at a buffet you need to pay. Those who are interested in to know only where and as in this country "Take on the chest", It is useful to keep in mind such curious details: the restaurant is quite a three-star hotel "La Meridiana" In Marina Romea (this is 18 km from Ravenna) for dinner guests are rolled out a barrel of local wine. And – without restrictions, pour yes drink! At the same time, in the next four-star hotel, a bottle of almost the same wine costs $$ 5-8.

Need to prepare in advance for everyday marathon. The Passion of Italians to Macaronians is well known, but few know that Pasta in Italian is not only the species name of all pasta, but in general, synonym "food". So please cook food at the same time sounds like "Dai Makaron!" Thin like hair, "Capellini"; Long "spaghetti"; Similar to homemade noodles "Fettachini"; Short "Bukatini". With meat and mushrooms, with fish, with shrimps and mussels, with tomatoes and sneakers, vegetable oil and garlic. In Naplesky, in Abbruckski, in Roman, Genoese. All Europeans adore Italian cuisine, but we managed to joke pasta in the 70s – then the USSR bought automatic lines for the production of spaghetti from the Milan firm. However, our hunger is not quenched. On the first – pasta, on the second pasta. We – serve meat.

But it can be adapted to macarons. But to the slowness of the Italians and their passion for finding it difficult to get used to. In this, they changed little over the last century. Yes, and breaks in stores and banks (usually from twelve days and up to three or four hours – the famous Italian Siesta) will bring themselves anyone.

The influx of tourists to Italy begins in March, "high" The season falls on July-August; "short" Season – for November-December. And in travel agencies remind: In order to go to Italy, you need to contact them week three before the trip. And better in the month – after all and the embassies work the same Italians.

And the last. About motorcycle robbers did not write anything lazy, however, once again: it can be cleaned about the street. Especially in Naples, about which the Italians themselves allowed such a joke: in this city, it can easily remove stockings in this city so that shoes will remain on the legs. However, maybe they do not mean?

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