Italy resorts: Arabba – Marmolad

From simple descents, the tracks are allocated in the area of ​​Passo di Campolongovo Pass and the descents to the Alta Badia and Arabbe, as well as the tracks connecting Sella Ronda and Arabbu. Local trails are mostly short and equipped with bugel lifts, due to the same reasons for them, usually some tourists and riding quite comfortable. There are illuminated tracks.

Arabba is considered one of the best places in the Alps for freeruding and helie-ski – virgin skating is possible almost all the slopes of the resort. However, the track is recommended to be published only by very experienced skiers, as the slopes have a very difficult relief.

There are 29 lifts (2 funicular, 2 cabins, 15 chairlings and 8 buffers), there are 5 km of flat skiers, snowboard park, skating rink and indoor pool. At the peak of Sass-Pordoei (2590 m) there is the best observation deck in the Dolomites Alps.

Arabba together with Val Garden resorts, Val di Fassa and Alta Badia enters "Around Move" Sella Ronda. From Arabs to Val di Fassa and Alta Badia on the network of continuous tracks and lifts can be reached through passages of Passo’s Paroi and Passo di Campolongo. The chain of lifts and descents Arabba is associated with the neighboring resort of Marmolad, who is not part of the village Ronda, but is one of the resorts of Dolomiti SuperSki.

Skiing season in Arabbe lasts from December to May, Summer season of skiing on the Glacier of Marmolad – from June to September. Get up to date information about the state of the resort and find out the prices of Ski-Pass on the official website of the Arabba resort: WWW.Arabba.IT.

Marmolada (Marmolada, 3340 m) – "Queen Dolomit", One of the most impressive vertices of Italian mountains. In fact, this is one mountain, the slopes of which, facing one or another adjacent resort, can be called differently and refer to different areas of skiing (two are most famous – Arabba and Malga-Chiapel). The business card of the region is the eponymous glacier providing first-class conditions for riding at highs from 1450 to 3270 meters to 7 months a year. The ski season lasts here since the beginning of December to the end of April, but at the glacier you can ride almost until September.

Italy Arabba - Marmolada Resorts

The total length of the tracks is about 52 km, at the same time, most of them "Red" Descents. Numerous (41) "Green" and "blue" the tracks are much shorter and already than luxurious sports descents. At the same time, the slopes of marmalads are almost always covered with soft fresh snow. Newcomers on Marmolade will be difficult – suitable routes can be found only in the area of ​​Monti-Alti di Ornell and from the Sella group. But experienced skiers and professionals love these slopes. The most impressive tracks are descending from the top station of Punta Rockka (Punta Rocca) to the town of Malga-Chiapela (Malga Ciapela) through Passo Fedin’s Pass (2056 m), from Porto Werekovo Mountain (2478 m), as well as the famous La Bellonez highway (La Bellunese, or Pista Bellunese) – its length is 12 km.

Riding Zone Padon begins in Malga Chiapel and through Agordino (Agordino) connects with the resort of Arabba. A variety of, but always well-groomed slopes with a difference of a height of 900 meters offering both the interesting possibilities of riding and a good school of learning. You can get out on "Around Move" Sella Ronda (Marmolad itself is not officially included in this famous route), and vice versa – those skiers who preferred to stay for overnight stays in the cities of the resorts of Alta-Badia, Val di Fassa and Arabba, can diversify their riding on the slopes of marmalades.

Marmolad – not only recognized sports, but also the tourist center, in the surrounding towns there is everything you need for rest without skis. The Museum of the First World War is open in Malga-Chiapele (the most high-along Museum of Europe – 2950 m). And in the chapel on the top of Punta Rocca there is an icon of Madonna "Queen Dolomitov", consecrated by dad ion ioan Pavl II. To stay in the area of ​​Marmolada, you can choose hotels of one of the small surrounding towns, including Malga Chapela, Bosco Verde and Col di Rocca. There’s no turbulent resort life here, but the calm atmosphere of the kingdom of mountains reigns in everything.

Italy Arabba - Marmolada Resorts

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