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From the series Local products straight and provoked to buy and cook them. The most popular and typical dishes for this region – Buratta, Mozzarella in the form of a nodal, Orekette – fresh pasta in the form of ears (to be honest, we did not have to go), olive oil and small olives with a pleasant acidic taste, and sufficiently unusual wines and intercourse.

Most pleased with the stove with 6 burners, it turns out it is very convenient. Also liked the zone for BBQ, a somewhat unusual shape of the grill, or rather just a stove on which the lattice is put on the legs, but we still mastered it.

Where to eat in Venice

Brunello di Montalchino

In the town at every step shops, where you can try and buy wines. After all, the city is famous for its Brunello di Montalcino.

And you can just walk through the streets and enjoy the calm and beauty of the next courtyard. Or still seduce and taste wine. And once again taste wines. And buy your favorite, you can already have a whole box. And you and joy you will deliver right home.

About cooking in the center of Milan

Italian cuisine: prices for different cities

Were in cities: Venice, Florence, Rimini, Rome, Montepulciano.

It is most expensive to eat in Rome: the average account on three people with two bottles of wine ranged from 130 to 180 euros. Cheaper from these cities to eat in Rimini: the same account, but for five persons. And it included 2 bottles of wine, five glasses of Limonchello tincture and on the table stood at least 7 dishes, among which were fresh oysters (2 euro pieces).

In restaurants of all these cities, the cost of a bottle of wine from 8 euros to infinity. But most often the wine is sold in the range of 18 – 35 euros per bottle. Wine is also served in glasses everywhere. Cost in the area 6-8 euros.

In Venice, I can recommend a small and very inconspicuous restaurant "Paradise". It is considered the third quality mark in Venice. We will certainly taste the ham with a melon and the famous paste with the ink Caracatians. Such a delicious melon we never ate. In other restaurants, this dish was the least delicious. Waitress in this restaurant from Moldova, so there will be no language barrier. The average cost of the dish: 8-15 euros.

Portions in Italy are large, so you can safely take only 1 dish and a little snacks in the form of the same famous cape salad.

None in the restaurant Italy can not smoke. But most of the tables with ashtrays on the street. Also, such tables are also equipped with heating lamps, so on the street dinner heat even at low temperatures.

In Florence, be sure to taste the legendary Florentine steak (the average cost of 4 euros for 100g). It will be finished with you and serve with huge pieces of 600-1200 grams. But you will bring raw meat to you to choose and you can take that piece that you like. Make steaks very tasty. Meat goes a lot, so the side dish is better not to take. Or take a light mix salad.

Wonderful restaurant in Bologna

Bologna is called the culinary capital of Italy. It is a fact. Gwido Erione’s husband’s husband is a chef in the ancient restaurant – Tratatorium Antipasto Belle Arti. The restaurant is very famous and popular among the local population, we were there on Monday, everything was occupied! The hosts of the institution turned out to be very friendly and pleasant people, like most Italians.

We really liked the excursion to the old wells and in the wine cellar, where we immediately staged a photo session against the background of dusty wine racks.

It should be noted that this restaurant last year took the first place in the competition Best Pizza Italy! So, for the best pizza in the world you need to go here. We strongly recommend! The chef Guido simply admired wonderful masterpieces of her culinary art.

ITALY CULTURE Personal Experience

Also here we were treated, among other things, simply awesome tiramisu! I note that in Italy there are very tasty desserts, but this one is just a fairy tale!

Italian trutties or inside? How to distinguish

Restaurant (Ristorante) – Well, like everywhere, the most major institution with starch tablecloths and astronomical prices.

Trattoria (Trattoria) – less formal and expensive place, not for Ponte, but for food, something mean between the restaurant and the dining room.

Osteria (Osteria) is an even more democratic place than a tratatorium, something like a dining room, but with Italian specifics. For example, in some oscpets, it is allowed to bring drinks with you, and in others, on the contrary, you can come with your meal, buying in the accuracy of wine (by the way, one famous ostery of exactly this type – Osteria Del Sol – is located in Bologna; alas, throw so And Nyokki, we did not visit her). Well, some of the accuracy do not mock visitors, but allow you to buy and eat, and drinking.

Cafe (Caffetteria or Suffe) is the most ambiguous term, followed by traveler for tourists, and a cafe for three tables, where you can drink espresso to drink in the morning, and a small restaurant.

In addition to these basic varieties, you can meet:

Pizzeria (Pizzeria) – a restaurant / cafe, which serves pizza as the main dish. It seems that in Moscow or New York more than in Bologna or Milan. In terms of prices (as in Moscow) can be very different – from democratic to restaurants.

Buka (BUCA) – Cellar. Initially, these were the pety places of the lowest sewing; Actually, the word buca is basically the meaning – hole or pit. I do not know whether such cellars are preserved somewhere? Those we met at the level of prices were similar to major risturante.

Jelateria (Gelateria) – a place to be visited in Italy. Preferably – in Bologna. Variety – Cremeria.

ITALY CULTURE Personal Experience

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