Italy: National Communication Features

I will tell you what features of communication in Italy are waiting for you on the journey, what to expect from the Italians themselves, about stereotypes related to this country. At the end of the article I will talk about the attitude of Russian and Russia.

I remember well my feelings before my first trip to Italy.

I waited for beauty, as in the pictures in glossy magazines, I expected crazy smells from the sea, colors and fruits, I longed to the palette of the tastes of Italian cuisine, which I knew little. I dreamed of seeing quickly and loudly speaking, desperate and emotionally gesticulating people who were so convincingly played by our artists in films about their lives. For some reason, Italian films did not even remember.

How I represented Italians

I thought that in the streets of Italian cities, an incredible noise from the loud votes of thousands of people, something to each other speaking. Laughter per second is replaced by indignation, the outrage is sharply moving prayer, the prayer turns around by a quick speech of the infrections.

Then Mandolin appears, music sounds, and this whole crowd is evaluated by Tarantella. Women are certainly curly and dark, men impressive and languid glances. Naturally, through these crowds of people should be a group of mafia. As soon as they appear, the crowd subsides. Mafios pass, contemptuously looking around everyone and everyone. When they disappear, life resumes.

Italians and practicality

I have an old good friend Paolo, with whom we have worked quite a lot in Russia.

He is a very smart and educated person, theatrical and television director. Native Roman, he first got to Russia in 1991, and not somewhere, but in Siberia. Since then, periodically comes to our theater to put performances. I played in the four hands, we began to friends.

When I first turned out to be in Rome, Paolo arrived at me at the hotel on Piazza Port Maggiore on his scooter to arrange me for a motorcycle on the eternal city. Motor scooter burned something. Paolo began to dig in it, I was waiting for greedily looking around. From two sides Piazza surrounds the ancient wall.

I asked:

– Paolo, this wall of which century?

He broke away from the scooter and calmly pronounced:

– Are you crazy? I live in Rome, I’m not learning him.

So the Italians live in their cities. There is nothing to be surprised.

We ourselves well know the history of our city, we understand it in its attractions, we can tell in detail about them? Not sure. We live in this city, we do not study it.

Italians and their views on life

It seems to Heine said: "The Italians were born tired, and live to relax".

In the tourist cities, the bulk of people on the streets are visiting. Local once, they work. They work easily, even playing, without fanaticism and tension. Therefore, probably, and to punctuality in Italy, the attitude is rather lung. The appointed meeting hour is often perceived by approximately.

Inhabitants of Italy immaculately tvutu tradition.

I am talking now about the country accepted in this country, about family dinners and dinners, about mandatory gatherings in cafes and traits, about random meetings on the street, when it is important not just to say hello, but stop and chat.

About Siesta in Italy

Than south you will find yourself in Italy, the longer Siesta.

Small towns in this watch look like all the inhabitants at one moment went in an unknown direction. Everyone is sitting or lying at home under air conditioners and fans. Only tourists are flaws.

There is such an anecdote: two elderly Odessa sit on the seashore and sadly silent. One suddenly says: "In essence, Fima, we are unfortunate people. We live by the sea, we have a rest to relax ". So the Italians.

My familiar Italian Russian husband. Alessandra herself from Florence, but only because of the fact that her husband had to show her country, she was able to come, see and admire "South Florence" – Lecce.

And in general, in order to somehow bother yourself, they need a speedy reason. Case on Island Island convinced me in this.

Italians and comfort

I rested on the third day. Hotel hostess, Donna old age, told me:

"What are you sitting here? Go to the volcano, there you can rent a horse ". And I went.

Riding the bus seemed boring, I went on the highway on foot. At first I saw surprised goggles of bus drivers and cars. I just went along the road.

Divotal trails in search of me, I turned to the hostess of one of the houses at the side. She pointed out the direction, but carefully suggested riding the bus, because "to there far". "Four" meant a distance of 3 km.

She was incomprehensible, why go, if you can drive? Then in one of the villages, I asked a man about 60 years, right if I was going to the volcano?

– You, of course, are like you, if the legs do not feel sorry, but if it were not too lazy, I would have sat down on the bus and went to the neighboring village, there would be a little rose almost on the carpet.

That day I was nailed kilometers 15, probably. At the volcano rose, there saw a lot of things, tired, like damn, but I received pleasure and impressions for several years. Even without horses.

History repeated after a couple of years, when I was looking for a way to grotto Castellan.

Grotes are paired by kilometers from Castellan di Grytte. I am extinct in the city I passed the signs, then – Country Highway. Remained or trusting intuition, or ask someone. On my happiness on the way there was a suburban supermarket. There was a dialogue with sellers:

– Guys, I’m going to Castellan’s grotto?

– that is, I go out of you and left?

– Well, yes ; That and you will go?

– Right on foot and on the highway?

Move to Milan from St. Petersburg and study in Italy
Italy Features of National Communication

On foot – it is uncomfortable. And the Italians really appreciate comfort. And walking, if only there are no other options or the doctor prescribed to walk. But in good wax ;

Italians and beauty

Say that the Italians are alien to the sense of excellent, in no case can. But their attitude to beauty is quite practical.

Once in Venice I gotten the idea to meet the dawn on the embankment. At the reception at the hotel, I asked the helpful lady of the administrator, in which the hour in these edges begins to light. The lady smiled and, thinking, said:

– I think there are five hours.

I replied that it would be necessary to get up by this time. She nodded very understandingly and with a somewhat exaggerated respect in his voice asked:

– Signor – simple Russian artist, – I said and went to the stairs.

Wrapped, I saw her with chick jaw. It was difficult for her to imagine that it was possible to stand in half the fifth in the morning, to go out into the street, without drinking coffee, heese on the deserted embankment only to see how the sky began to brighten and a pale pink strip appears on the horizon.

Italians and Russians

Italians are pretty happy to communicate, learning that you are from Russia. They have only two main concepts about us: Russia is something huge, and there is always very cold. Italians do not speak about Russian distances, they can not imagine.

– How will you get to the house?

– 5 hours by plane to Yekaterinburg, and then a little more train to Omsk.

– How many hours by train?

I see that the interlocutor is not in itself: he pulls his head somewhat in the shoulders and drives his eyes to the bridge. For 12 o’clock, he may drive all Italy from end to the end, and here is a small distance between two cities. To where else you need to fly.

Little sketch

In 2014, when Russia only announced sanctions, I came from Venice to Chiode, a small old town in the lagoon. Fifteen meters from the pier stood a cafe, in front of the entrance to which two flags were installed: Venetian and Russian. Excess comments.

Summing up, I will say: Italians sometimes very much resemble children. They are good-natured, emotional and open, sometimes even naive. After an hour of communication, they can call you a friend, but home to itself is unlikely to be invited – not that term of communication.

Southerners are different from the northerners of greater openness, Northerners are deluvitis and serious. Southerners rejoice in life, Northerners work. But the feeling of thirst for life and the ability to rejoice to her unites both of those and others.

If you want to understand the Italians, try to just rejoice.

You are alive and healthy – rejoice, the new day has come – rejoice, met an old friend – rejoice again. Try to extract joy and happiness from any little things. Naples, by the way, do it. True, they have no options: Vesuvius – a valid volcano.

The author will be nice if you share his article. This is the best way to tell him thanks. If you have something to say about the features of communication in Italy or you had funny cases of communication with foreigners on travel, tell me in the comments.

Italy Features of National Communication

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