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In the most romantic city of Italy, I was met by Marco’Flert, who posted on what he lives next to the famous Venetian market "Rialto". "I would buy products only here and for nothing in the world would seek other sellers.". Enchanted by their pristine freshness and nature, he conquered us with his story, which I want to share with readers.

Someone, at least once a week "climbs" in the "book about tasty and healthy food" to please the eyes, and at the same time and imagination. But to the one who found himself in Venice, it’s all for nothing. Known from ancient times the center of Venetian trade and the economy one of its appearance makes it clear that anywhere there is no planet any big temptations nor a passionate desire to satisfy them in one fell like here. And this is not the same thing that Disneyland with its attractions, on which there is no livest place from tourists. In fact, the most routine place where the townspeople go shopping, who is on the weekend, and who and every day.

Tuesday. Summer rolls into the sunset, the Sun illuminates the winged lion of the Holy Brand on the city banners, and then collapsed by the golden stream on the counter, diluted with the prey of local fishermen, presented to them by Adriatic. Fish lies on ice and overflows no worse than an exquisite diamond. The morning gains momentum, and sellers, hiding in tenaks, slowly squeeze some Spritz – Venetian wine, which Austrian soldiers somehow diluted with gas production (turned out to be strong for them), and it went … The first buyers took out: Elegant Babels in Bluffs From Angora with bows and soft colodls with fur finish, they stop the opposite of still living crayfish and shrimp- "butterflies", which have just left their natural habitat. The queue comes to steaks from the giant of the Mesozoic Epoch of the Sword Fish. Mute the species laid out in the style of Missonian knitted patterns, flames on trays in the showcase in Maskari. And at this time, the sweet aroma of 20 different types of tomatoes begins to spread from fruit and vegetable rows, gradually covering the thick velvet roses. And these are not roses, but densely laid dark burgundy artichokes. "What we shall do?"- Asks Enric Rocca, not so much a chef, how many explosive hurricane of natural energy with a drain curly hair on the head and not one generation of Venetian blood in the veins. If Rocca does not hide the next five hundred guests coming to Venice to participate in charitable evenings in favor of fishermen, it suits master classes for "chosen". This last day, culinary libez in a narrow circle begins with Cauccino. It is more gentle not to find in the whole city, it is prepared in "Cafe Del Dozh". Then her path lies on the bazaar. And there is no merchant who would not welcoming it personally by name. It, meanwhile, impartially studies the goods, selects only high-quality, explaining why one or another deserves attention. The seller stretches the package: Ready! And Signora Rocca, together with the students returns to the labor house, in the kitchen, decorated and furnished on the latter the technique in the walls, where she herself worries today, and once the laundry washed. "It’s a pity, there are no fishing rods, otherwise I would go now, yes I caught Kefali in the next channel," she complies with me, having flown from the window, under which I stand.

I do not understand where I got: is it a lesson, or the party. Rather, the second, although all those present are full of seriously comprehend the rule: no time on the table, rear on the back. "If you are used to feeding normally, and nothing to do, salt your ally. And for pasta, water should be salted in general, like our Adriatica ».

Her professional "uterine" look from the inside on the city "urchopits" it is difficult to overestimate. One day in her master class "Weighs" by itself. But the whole week of the Venetian holidays under the "supervision" enriki that saves you once and permanently from horror under the innocent name "tourist menu", so that you and the gun shot will not suit the Florian cafe, but pay attention to the local "preferito", it’s worth it. Although, I will not hide, excellent branded "clichés" are also found and catching online.

"You know, the most good Bellini (cocktail – approx.) Served on the roof of "Hilton", "she tells me while we sit on the sprite in the painted graffiti Zucchka" Oster Alla Alba ". A couple-triple streets and we are in adored by all tourists Rialto. At the same week, as I also ordered, I’m sitting on the ferry and swim in the "Molino Stucky Hilton", the 19th century flour, and now the majestic hotel is all in the same building from red brick, still with all the power claiming an irresistible presence Entrepreneurial Spirit on the Naberezhnye Canal Judecca. And all this goes back to the "horizon" – the so-called the crown of the open terrace. View from here on the St. Mark on the other side of the waters is great, another majestic in the rays of the sunset. Yes, it’s not enough, peaches are not. "Not lucky today, did not take out, so Bellini will not be today," says Marino’s manager. "But it is ready to offer two stunning martini – one on the fresh apple, one in the fresh basil". And from both, I begin to "drift" in warm and gentle cashmere, again through the entire channel to the side of another institution, which is in the list of recommendations from Enrique. This is "L’Osteria di Santa Marina". The waiter (as if all night shut down all night) all today’s specialists. I choose a large dish of raw Molayus and Talolini with ink Caracatians Alla Buzara. Ink color paste with squid gives a variety of amazing taste sensations. The same applies to Peshe Crudo (raw fish). Not once and not two visiting Venice, I truly addicted to raw shrimps that do not have anything in common with his boiled "counterparts": neither of this saturated feeling in the sky, neither of this "big" meat on the teeth. And in the "Santa Marina" (second-rate in general, the restaurant), where more than 70 euros is a pleasure just can’t cost, they are simply excellent. The next day, I finally get to the belly belly. This happens in "Chipriani" – the most famous city hotel, where rooms and park circle exuded the sophisticated classic of genuine wealth. Rarity is akin to Venice itself. The first Bellyni here did in 1940 by Giuseppe Chipriani, who gave the beginning of a legendary aperitif. Silhouettes appear in the dim light: regular customers from among tourists and local (unless they honor such honor). Located at the swimming pool on Ranger – everyone has its own place in accordance with the title and name. Walter, bartender with experience (working still from the seventies) remembers both the Father and Uncle Enriki. "Wonderful customers, and drinking no worse," she laughs herself.

If you ask for gentle, Walter will make you Bellini in the old fashioned. This means, with perseverance and stubbornness will begin to squeeze separately, manually white peaches, and then mix from with raspberry, lemon juice. Finally, all this one-third will fool a semi-like Valdobyaden from Nino Franco. At home, I’m not so luxurious: a bit of peach nectar from the box Picky to sparkling wine, it doesn’t matter to which – what is your hand. I do not have enough courage to do it, nor impudence to say that I got Bellini. With noisy central highways of Venice, the streets and streets are adjacent to the streets on which there are many of the most famous city bars and restaurants. For example, near St. Mark’s Square, we find the hotel Metropol. Family business turned him into one of the most remarkable hotel institutions in Venice. The serenity of the park and the romance of the ancient room decoration, the walls of which are wrapped in tapestries with massive embroidery, adjacent to the two stars of Michelin at the entrance to the metro station – the subject of the adoration of Venetians. The Chef Corrado Phazolato tasting menus is not one, but a whole book painted in the ingredients of the Veneto region. Otherwise, Met is very far from primous conservatism. The staff wears ballet shoes from Gucci and Sirtuki A la Rock and Roll. The flavors are also completely in the style of Modern, the exposed essence: whether it is an escalopa with notes of Parm violets, wheat beagols from the whole-mild of wheat with sardines stewed in oysters, or a cocon of tomato with a basil, just shot from the microwave plate. "Full Ecstasy," I say, looking around dishes on the table. "Alchemy", – adds Enrik.

We go on a large channel, where the hotel "Palazzin Grassi works decorated by Designer Philippe. Today, after a few months of work only on the local population, it is open to all. No one bothers to sit behind the rack while Luigi Frachell’s chef connects Japan and Italy into one whole, giving the beginning of the fact that many, including Enrique Rocca, are called the best in all Venice dishes. "Fish I prefer to buy not among merchants Rialto, but on Santa Margherita Square. "There’s more expensive, but all local". For the "prologue" it follows a whole string of exquisite dishes: raw fish, transfusions yellow, like a tiger, drawing. "Looks like Turbo, but its own on the board". Then serve Caracatar in the ink stew, then "wrong" ravioli with walnuts, ricotta and eggplants are "wrong". When he makes his tempura (fish and vegetables, baked in the dough), then the flight with the settlement makes rotating in the whirlwind, turning into a punishment with a true Italian temperament. Throughout the evening, you do not leave the feeling of the greatness given by Mishlen Stars, as well as devotion to the title.

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Somehow renowned in Mete, I communicate with the mistress of "Metropol" Gloria Bedlezo, who says that in Venice and modest specialists no worse than celebrities. "Try baked mozzarella-in-Karotz to Rosticceria Gislon. Real Sandwich in Venetian ". I go there where we are told. It’s near Rialto. Noisy, but in general an unfortunate institution. In a word, a cafe-bar like the Edinburgh "Café Piccante", where they love to serve on a midnight dinner wide-resistant sausages, deprived of any "specifics". Well, what to tell you. I tried both types of mozzarella in the "cart". One fried with ham, other – with anchovies. All this, I accompanied the sprite "Aperol" to at least somehow pour all this fat. The dish is so calorie that, coming out from the table, I seemed to be the mountains in the direct sense of the word, just a mast. More than half of such a sandwicher call it impossible.

Most of the vegetables and greenery that I watched on the market in Rialo after the visit to Gislon, still bring from the neighboring islands in the bay. Although, make a reservation, agriculture today looks much more modest compared to those that it was before. The same with local restaurants on the same islands that gradually die. Among the hassle of the remaining, for example, Trattoria Alle Vignole on Vigole Island. You can get in water taxi or by a boat with a private trader, the trams do not go there. Take you straight to the gate of the garden, where in the shade of the trees you will eat all the freshest.

Although tourists who "graze" on the Gran Canal, here are extremely rare guests. When I was there, sat down for a table, followed by the locals just "managed" with huge steaks from horse mill, with ink paste, sea cuttings and stuffed zucchini in a grain. The menu with excellent eloquence demonstrates the splendor of the main dishes of Venetian cuisine, and the process of their absorption itself corresponds to all the canons of Italian style. By the end of my stay in this institution, the owner of the boat "finished" his intercourse, then poured espresso (by that time, stunned) in a glass with a smbush, and pulled back at such a speed that in a minute I was already sitting in the kitchen at Enrique.

The last evening comes to the Palazzo "Rockka". I calmly fry tiny shrimps, grabbing them out of a frying pan and send straight into your mouth, they crush me on my teeth with heat with heat. Then I take for tomato sauce from fresh cherry tomatoes. The charm of them is that it is not necessary to remove the skin, she is so peeling in the cooking process. Then there comes the turn of ink risotto with a squid. Fixter we are accepted to fry a mackerel in soy caramel. Boiled squids flames, seasoned with parsley, lemon and chili sauce. On slow fire, cook beans with rosemary. From their white, like marble, leather with streaks of fuchsia silver fuchsia on beans turns the masterpiece of a jeweler.

Everything is simple and wonderful. "What you will fight, then you will fall," says Enrik. "No more no less". On the world map, Venice, probably, one of the cities with a richest history, tradition and picturesque "signboard". But the secret of her delicacies lies in the natural pristine and simplicity of dishes. And, of course, salt is the essence.

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