Italy for panening or what is a cheap tour of German

Happens, we swear Russian travel agencies for disadvantages in organizing trips abroad. But at the same time, we forget that in the West the price of a tour also determines the level of service. As an illustration, I will tell about the bus tour of Italy, decorated through the Berlin Travel Bureau at the time when I lived in Germany in Germany.

To the toilet? Only in emergency cases

The doors of the tourist bus smoothly closed. Berlin streets flashed outside the window, and we took the course right to the south – through Nuremberg and Munich to "Golden Ring" Italy.

A couple of kilometers later began instruction. In German, we told us to scrupulously, from which bureau we are going where we are going and what we will watch. The picture was attracted by tempting – full of one week! True, I knew that. I also knew that the bus should be a buffet and toilet: but. It turned out that it was possible to eat and drink in the buffet at a certain time – when the driver does not sit for "Branca" And he has time to feed tourists. He sat at the wheel of most of the way, since he had no change. And at stops, all the ranks ran to buy a cup of coffee or sausages. With the toilet, the situation was even more difficult. From the first minutes of the trip, we were informed that tourists were allowed to use this institution only in emergency situations. Why? The explanation sounded like this: the solutions for the road of the road, and the washbasin crane is bite: it remained to run into the toilet in parking lots or scour in search of covert letters WC when visiting shops.

You can care: in the buffet

Usually in Germany traveling huge two-storey buses. At the top they have sleepers, bottom – buffet, toilet and luggage compartment. Since these buses are made in the calculation of large groups, the chairs are installed almost right. And when you pay back back, you feel a blow in the back and hear the outstanding cry of a sitting behind a man. This means that your chair is already lying on foreign knees. Night slowly started to turn into hell. I went down to the buffet hoping to get drunk coffee, but I saw three elderly Germans. They sat each in a separate table and, it seemed, waited for something. As soon as the driver redeemed the upper light, the pads appeared instantly. I followed their example, dived for the last remaining free table and, ragging out at the same time on several chairs, serenely fell asleep.

Excursions for "Sprinter"

In the morning I donated. Probably there is a thin calculation – start tours from a night crossing. The next day, as a rule, people are already thinking. As soon as we arrived in Florence, we were offered to inspect the sights. To our timid wishes to call for an hour to the hotel, the driver strictly remarked: "Similar dilution of time program of the tour is not provided. And if we want to see anything at least, then you need to start immediately. And preferably with a guide", – He added. And then it turned out that only travel to the city. For guide services you need to pay additionally. Council about organized excursion sounded convincing. Especially in charge of a statement that the driver does not know the name of our future hotel and, therefore, those who will not return from the walk exactly to the appointed time risk falling back from the group and, accordingly, stay at night on the street. As you should expect, almost all paid for the excursion. For Florence, we left exactly three hours. Half-italy for the week became possible only due to the monstrous time limit. True, most of the city did not go to the city and architectural monuments, and on: moving. Trip to "the eternal City" should start a backup. We were raised at seven o’clock, they fed a nushchen breakfast, consisting of microscopic buns and an equally microscopic jam, and already put on the bus. AT 10.00 in the morning we were in front of the Cathedral of St. Peter. In 17.00 In the same place, we expected the bus ready for the way back. Pure stay in the city amounted to seven o’clock. No persuasion that it would be good to watch the night Rome or even just at least a couple of hours for walking around the city, did not act on the driver. His working day ended in 19.00, and to our mountain, the god of forgotten fuji remained two hours.

Italy for panening or what is a cheap tour of German

"Hostel" Three stars

Italy – a unique country in terms of hotels and prices in them. In the first evening we were settled in a three-star hotel in Montecatini. After the night, the room appeared on the bus, they did not irritate even the alavostility of the wallpaper and the heater in the bathroom. But in the late afternoon, it happened that it was impossible to wait from the hotel of the specified level: a group of teenagers were settled on one floor with us. It turned out, our "Three-star" – nothing but "Hostel", In addition to classic single and double rooms, there are rooms with beds in two tiers. Teenagers were Italians with all the consequences. Their voices were broadening around the entire district, their hands would be without disaster on the phone buttons, you will be calling us among the night, their feet with an enviable frequency hit our doors. The hotel in Fiuggers turned out to be more relaxed, but in terms of the service gave the first to the first. In the room (all the same three stars) there were a bed, shower, toilet, bidet and even TV. There was only one – soap. Talking to neighbors, I found out that soap did not give anyone. The Germans were surprised, but obviously were not going to correct the situation. I had only one way out: to go to the owner.

Cheap tour – "CHEAP" SERVICE?

At the end of my insane wandering, I still decided to ask one of the Germans about her impressions. To my surprise, she began with the German diligence to pick up the company: "You can see so much and so cheap. We have been driving with this for several years". And I finally understood why we are so different, for some reason, what is fine for them, for us – just death. Getting used to the Soviet times to the cheapness of trade union vouchers and a very medium class, but guaranteed service, we, now, giving out our hard work earned dollars, naively believe: there is now the service should be at the height! But service in any country of the world is worth a lot of money. And in Western countries, the one who does not have the amount from 3 thousand dollars (often sailed it during the year) for recreation in a decent hotel, with skillfully organized excursions, entertainment programs, courtesy of service personnel, a priori is ready for the service, commensurate with the financial capabilities of traveling. Cheap Tour, Middle Hand Hotel, Nomudren Nutrition are not perceived as discrimination. That is why my neighbors are Germans, the ladies are clearly poor, so praised the journey through Italy, which I brought so much disadvantages.

Italy for panening or what is a cheap tour of German

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