Italy: country information

The fastest and least expensive will turn out in this case. Depending on the point of departure and destination on the way you will spend from two to four hours. Rome, Milan, Venice and Bergamo on a daily basis run flights «Aeroflot» And Alitalia. From «Domestic» GTK also fly «Russia» (from St. Petersburg to Rome and Milan), S7 Airlines (daily flight from Moscow to Verona from March 4 to October 25), once a week (from April to May) and twice a week (from June to October) — In Genoa. Meridian Fly has daily aircraft in Bologna, in the summer there are flights to Cagliari and Albia. The airline Wind Jet carries out flights to Milan, Katania and Pisa. In summertime, charter flights to Naples, Palermo, Catania and Cagliari appear. And charter flights to Rimini, for example, year-round. With transfers to Italy offer AirBaltic (Flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg through Riga to Milan, Venice, Rome, Bari), Mau (Ukraine International Airlines) (United Kyiv), Airberlin, Lufthansa.

By train

For those who for some reason do not like to fly, and for true romantics there is an opportunity to go to Italy by train. But always need to understand that the journey is Russia — Italy is not easy and need to be needed about two days. A direct train is only in Venice, on the road to spend 2 days 11 hours. Also once a week, train number 17 / №18 Moscow — Nice — Moscow. To the end station, he makes stops in the Italian cities of Verona, Genoa, Milan and San Remo.

Direct paths in Rome by rail, unfortunately some, so far they have not come up with, but you can reach with a transfer through Munich, Vienna, Kosititsa or Nice.

By bus

Group bus tours to Italy can be found in the offers of many travel agencies. If the plans are independent travel, there is an option to use the services of international carriers that deliver passengers from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Verona, Naples, Rome, Milan.

By car

Italian boots from the north to the south is quite possible on the car — In this case, it will be extremely useful to get acquainted with this article.

Visa to Italy

Italy — Country in the Schengen Zone. Citizens of Russia and CIS countries for visiting the country need a Schengen visa, which can be obtained in the visa centers of Italy, directly in the consulate or with the help of travel agency. If you do not get a Schengen visa for the first time, you have a big chance of becoming an annual multivitsis owner.

All tourists planning entry into the Schengen zone should be familiar with the link information.

Rules for the first entrance to the countries of Shengen Read here. And prompts to collect documents for entry into Schengen with a child — in this article.

Useful phones

Italian visa center in Moscow: Small Tolmachevsky Per., 6, p. 1. Tel.: +7 (495) 727-35-77, fax +7 (495) 926-39-34.

Italian visa center in St. Petersburg: ul. Kazan 1/25. Tel.: +7 (812) 334-80-48.

Consular Department of the Italian Embassy in Moscow: Yakiman Nab., ten. Tel.: +7 (495) 796-96-92, +7 (495) 916-54-49, +7 (495) 916-54-51.

Embassy of Italy in Moscow: cash per. 5. Tel.: +7 (495) 796-96-91, +7 (499) 241-15-33.

Russian Embassy in Rome: Via Gaeta, 5. Tel.: +39 (06) 494-16-80, +39 (06) 494-16-81. Consular Department: Via Nomentana, 116. Tel.: +39 (06) 442-356-20. 24-hour Interactive Phone Reference: +39 (06) 929-37-19.

Consulate General In Milan: Via Saint’Aquilino, 3. Tel.: +39 (02) 487-07-30.

Consulate General in Genoa: Via Ghirardelli Pescetto, 16. Tel.: +39 (010) 372-60-47, +39 (010) 372-63-04, Fax +39 (010) 374-13-61.

Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Palermo: VIALE ORFEO, 18. Tel.: +39 (091) 684-21-21, +39 (091) 611-39-70.

General phone reference throughout Italy — 100.

Carabiniers (Military Police) — 112, Police — 113 (in Rome 4686), fire protection — 115, ambulance — 118 (in Rome 5510).

Reference phone numbers — 12.

National Association of hotels, Italy hotels (Italyhotels.IT) — +39 (06) 420-34-610.

Hotline for tourists Easy Italia — +39 039-039-039.

Telephone codes of some cities of Italy: Rome — 06, Milan — 02, Florence — 055, Naples — 081, Bologna — 051, Rimini — 0541, Genoa — 010.

Transport in Italy

Public transport in Italy is well developed quite well, deposited by bus, trams, metro and electricians, cruising both within the city and beyond. Getting in almost any city of the country will work out without much effort. In Venice, the only means of public transport — River trams (Vaporetto), but, happiness, private river taxis and gondola come to the rescue in this case.

One-time travel in public transport €1–1.20, travel ticket for one day (BIG) — €3–5, he gives the right to an unlimited number of trips. You can also purchase a ticket for a week (Settimanale, or CIS), it will cost €12. River tram rate costs €25, it acts during the day. Do not try to buy travel tickets from drivers of transport. In most cities, you need to provide a purchase in a ticket machine or newsstand / tobacco kiosk. In this issue, you should always remember the Sunday weekend, as well as about day siesta.

Taxi is better to order on the phone, it’s quite difficult to vote on the street. In Italy, be prepared to pay and during the time that taxis will spend on passing to the call site. In the capital, the cost of landing and the first 3 km will be $ 4.06 (so short distances on a taxi in Rome are unprofitable) further — $ 0.7 per km. There are marks for travel at night, on weekends and holidays.

If you plan to rent a car, it is useful to get acquainted with a number of rules and transportation features of transport abroad.

Weather in Italy

In the main part of Italy, the Mediterranean climate: in the summer it is hot and dry, about +26 °C, winter is quite warm — not lower than +8–ten °WITH. Snow — The phenomenon is rare, which takes place only in the area of ​​the Alpine Mountains.

In the north of Italy, a sharp transition from the subtropical climate to moderate. In the summer there is hot — from +22 to +24 °With, in winter it is cold and foggy — in area 0 °WITH.

Italy Information about the country

In the south of the country from March to October, the temperature rises to +35 °WITH. In these months, hot winds from Sahara are blowing — Sirocco, the air becomes dusty and dry.

Italian cuisine and restaurants of Italy

This South European country has a bright taste, appetizing, generous on portions, sometimes even too «Carbohydrate», But this is no less tasty. Italy — This is the homeland of pizza and pasta, chiabatta and bruschetta, risotto and ravioli, lasagna and minestrone, excellent varieties of wine, olive oil and cheese, souce pesto and Parma ham, grappa, lemoncell, tiramisu and, of course, truffles.

Real kitchen Italy — not luxurious cafes and restaurants. True Italian cuisine — These are homemade dishes that can be enjoyed in family institutions or visiting. Distinctive feature of these dishes — Huge variability in preparation, flexible recipe depending on territorial identity. You can order the same dish in different parts of the country and at the exit resulting everywhere to get something new. There is nothing more deeper food prepared from local products and for beloved recipe for owner or restaurant chief. Therefore, you should not neglect the small cafes of an entrepreneurial sentence, because such places are rich in portions and always make up prices.

Middle Rates for Restaurants: Snack €4–9, first dish €6–10, second €ten–20, dessert €3–8, wine €3. In addition, it often includes 5–10% of the cost as a tip.

Shopping in Italy

Italy goes for fur and leather, Muranian glass and porcelain, silk and knitwear, designer things and gastronomic delights. Shop tours to Italy are popular all year round. Here are the connoisseurs of high fashion and loud brands, as well as those who simply love quality and comfort in clothing. Milan from this point of view, undoubtedly, is a fashionable capital, because there are shops and boutiques of all famous Italian and international brands. Center for Dear Shopping — This is the famous Square of Milan’s fashion, district between Monzani Streets, San Andrea, Montenapoleone and Dellapiga. Milan in the ranking follow Rome and Florence. In Rome, it is necessary to visit the street of Dei Condotti, and in Florence — de Tornabouoni.

In Italy, shops and boutiques work in the first half of the day from 09:00 to 13:00, in the second — from 15:00 to 19:30. Often even in large cities they can be found closed on Sunday, as well as on Monday morning to lunch. It all depends on the city and the region: in large tourist places, shops work in the weekend, but only before lunch. True shopaholics, as well as lover of discounts and sales worth paying attention to the article on the features of the pricefall in Italy.

You can read more about Eurošoping here.

Attractions Italy

Rome — City on seven hills… All roads lead exactly here. Each traveler is undoubtedly at least once in life, but it is worth seeing the eternal city, where each stone keeps a bit of distant history. In Rome, sights at every step, hundreds of hundreds, thousands, to them you can touch, not only to see, but also to feel: Legendary Colosseum, Roman Forum, Majestic Pantheon, Piazza Navona with Egyptian obelisk, indescribable beauty fountains — Four Rivers and Trevia. In the capital of Italy, as in the Matreshka, another state was concluded — Vatican with his famous Cathedral of St. Peter and hundreds of tapestries and monuments.

If Rome as a whole on a general impression can be compared with a man, the capital of Tuscany Florence is easy to present a woman. It is all such a tiled and red-brown, sophisticated and very harmonious. It combines bridges, cathedrals, temples, galleries and any nearby buildings. Even residential buildings, sometimes located right in the middle of the square near the church or the palace, organically fit into the overall architectural concept. This place is impregnated by the Spirit of the Renaissance: Carved Cathedrals in the Gothic Style, Arched Bridges, Amazing Beauty of Mikelangelo statues and Donatello — Open-air Museum, and only, thousands of articles of fine art in the Uffizi Gallery and Pitti Palace. And this is the birthplace of Dante, Petrarks and Bokcchcho, the city of fur, leather and gold products, as well as a stunning Chianti.

It is worth mentioning about Siena. In it, the traveler thanks to the spirit and atmosphere of the early Middle Ages as if it falls into the past, everything seems untouched from a long time. Here, the most brightly presents medieval style with narrow curly streets built up old Palazzo. The historical part of Siena today is completely protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Monument.

If you move above, north of Italy, we will fall into a fabulously beautiful Venice. It is impossible not to mention this famous city on the water along with the Venetian Lagoon, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. And here, naturally, the story is everywhere, wherever see: San Marco Square, on which the Connected Cathedral, the Palace of the Doge, the Library of San Marco, the famous Venice bridges Rialto and Sighov, a large canal with amazing species, hundreds of churches, museums and basil , masterpieces sculptures, painting and architecture. If you are going to visit Venice, the link can be found with the useful travel information.

Milan — Another city in the north of Italy, rightfully included in the list of popular tourist destinations. This is not only a destination for fashion and fashionistas — There is a majestic Duomo Cathedral on the Square of the same name, masterpieces of Caravaggio, Raphael and Titian in Pinakotek Ambrosian, Church of Sant-Ambrodzhio and San Lorenzo-Maggiore and the famous La Rock Opera House.

At the foot of the Alps of the sophisticated travelers is waiting for French ITALY.

And if everything has been dazed and even more, then welcome to Piacenza.

But this is not all Italy. In the north, Genoa, Turin, Bologna and Verona, in the south — Rimini, Naples and Palermo.

Italy Information about the country

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