Italy Lecce Apulia Ferragosto Marine Park Punta Del Serrone VLOG 2 (Season 4)

Punta del Serrone Marine Park – Space of rocks, shrubs and buildings, the legacy of the Second World War, not far from the coast of Brindisi, opened in July 2014 after an expensive operation on cleaning the coast of man trash. Almost 23 hectares that extend from the area called Cavallino Bianco from the beach Lido-Red Crab.

Bridges and ladders and shops are made of recycled plastic. Natural habitat characteristic of the Flora and the fauna of the Mediterranean region includes some buildings for the defense of the coast, starting, in some cases, at the end of the 19th century, representing historical interest.

Menga battery, a fortification devoted to the protection of anti-workers and anti-aircraft, so-called dots, storage of explosive materials and weapons, although unsuitable for use, and completely unimproved, indicate the past, in which the Breasts have basic points of observation and defense against the enemy, which comes from the sea. Lecce – The city in the Apulia region in Italy, which is called the city of Baroque, and for the beauty of buildings compared with Florence South.

Lecce was founded by the ancient Greeks. In the times of the Roman emperor, Mark Arellia, the city moved a little and became known as Licea. The theater, amphitheater, several temples, terms and aqueduct, appeared later, all this indicates that the city was of great importance in ancient Rome. In the next century a quiet life of the lecture and all Saleto, the invasion of the Turks was prevented, with the goal of protecting the city of Karl V, a new wall and castle were erected. But in 1656. In the Lecce, the misfortune collapsed in the form of plague, which took many lives. Only a miracle could help the city, and this miracle made Holy Oronions, which was immediately appointed by the patron. Modern lecker – The city with richest cultural and architectural heritage, one of the most beautiful settlements of southern Italy.

Italy Lecce Apulia Ferragosto Marine Park Punta Del Serrone VLOG 2 (Season 4)

In Lecce, there are monuments of various eras, starting from ancient Rome, but the city is famous for baroque architecture, churches with a rich décor and magnificent palaces. Puliar baroque does not sparkle with gold or excessive luxury, it is covered with a layer of time, for the hidden plaster visible more ancient layer, the palaces recall their former magnificence, but it is the memories with a raid light sadness. At the same time, leucing a living and modern city, where in the evenings there are always a lot of people, cafes, restaurants and squares are filled with people. The Cathedral of Lecce is the main place of Catholic worship in the city. Initially, the construction was built in 1144 in a simple Romanesque style. Church of Jesus (Chiesa del Gesu) to see with his own eyes the magnificent picture of the great painter Luke Jordano "Ascension of Our Lady" Should visit the temple. She erected due to the Order of Jesuits in 1575. Very beautiful Fronton building with sculpture depicting the passion of Christ. Patria Palace Lecce 5 * Luxury Hotel Patria Palace Lecce is located in the historic palace, which was built in the 18th century and belonged to a well-known kind’Anna-Petrarolo.

Basilica Basilica di Santa Croce was built in the period from 1549 to 1695, and in the decoration of her facade, local traditions manifested themselves in their entirety. It seems that the masters who stuffed his hand in the manufacture of papier-mache figures for their children, working on the facade of the Basilica was crowded who whatever much.

What is just not morated on the facade of the building: it is covered with images of sheep and richer birds, cherub sculptures and various mythological animals. Capitals columns are decorated not floral garlands, but the most unexpected characters. The Assumption of the Virgin, August 15 Ferragosto, or the Assumption of the Virgin – The only official holiday in Italy in August. In many regions of the country, it is celebrated by concerts, festivals, parades and, of course, unchanged fireworks. Youth celebrates Ferragosto, inciting fires on the beaches and arranging short-standing around them until the morning.

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