Italy: picturesque cities

Trip to Italy can be excellent experience. There are many wonderful cities in this country, in which you can relax well, feel the real Italian climate, as well as immerse yourself in the traditions and history of this country.

Cities that you should see.


Turin – Metropolitan city of Piedmonta, And at the same time, one of the largest industrial, academic and cultural centers of the country. Here you can admire many monuments, most of which are palaces and churches. Worth to visit Renaissance Cathedral, Founded in the 15th century, Beautiful baroque chutters San Lorenzo, San Carlo, San Domenico and beautiful Royal Palace, erected for 14-17 centuries.

Cause admiration Palazzo Del Academy 17th century I Palace Madama 12th century, in which there is an ancient art museum, full of amazing collections. V Egyptian Museum You can admire the extremely valuable collection. In addition, the city has amazing views, hills and valleys, full gardens and parks. In Turin there are famous universities, well-known studies in the field of accurate sciences, history and economics.


Very many tourists choosing Italy, are sent to Venice. This city is impregnated with an unprecedented atmosphere. Venice Located in the north of Italy for 118 islands, which are part of the archipelago located in the center of the lagoon closing the Venetian Bay. There is About 15 channels, For which you can walk or go on a water bus or swim on gondolas. The longest of them is called the Grande Canal, and in the 15th century he was called "the most beautiful street in the world".

Here you can also admire the most famous palaces. Architecture, stretching along the channel, belongs to different periods and expressed in an amazing Venetian style. It is also worth seeing Four bridges that are located on the Big Channel, the most famous of which Ponte di Rialto. Being in Venice, you must not forget about visiting the Basilica of St. Mark, which is the most valuable sacral monument of this city, or Palace of the Doge, in which the Gold Staircase, the Giant Staircase and the Hall of the Big Council attract the attention of hundreds of tourists. Monuments that can not be missed &# 8211; this is Clock tower, bell tower. Mark. But this is only a small part of the attractions that grabs this amazing city.

Italy Picturesque cities


Florence &# 8211; Another amazing city of Italy. It is located in the central part of the country and impresses tourists with his beauty. He lies At the foot of the Apennine and is the capital of Tuscany, full monuments and charming places. From the highest point of Church of Santa Maria del Fiore, who has a huge brick dome, the city is visible, as on the palm.

Attracts guests of the city and Palace of Uffizi, in which the Museum of Painting, famous worldwide. Interestingly, here you can see images of Polish rulers and princes. In beautiful Gardens Boboli There is an island with lush vegetation, lake and majestic Prospect Viottolone, Decorated near cypresses and pines. Florence &# 8211; It is also a central square Piazza della Signoria, Wonderful sculptures, Palace Vecchio and Neptune Fountain. Here is also located David sculpture – a copy of the great creation of the famous Michelangelo.

Italy – a hospitable state that attracts unusual seats, exquisite cuisine, the smile of the inhabitants, and also certainly is one of the most favorite places for tourists.

Italy Picturesque cities

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