Italy’s currency: personal experience

I will tell you briefly about the impressions of visiting an outlet seravalle.

Get to Outlet from Milan. Late for a 11-hour bus and not to lose day in Milan, asked Google Possible paths in Seravalle. Interenet, of course, like everywhere in Italy, leaves much to be desired, but the decision was found. Caught a taxi on the road not far from the railway station. From a light waving her hands stopped the Italian in his Peugeot and to the question for how much you will answer answered – 100 euros. Stretching him the bill, saw admiration on his face. Apparently not often he happens "Payment at the entrance". I was also pleased, knowing that usually in less than 160 euros in an outlet for 100 km. Few rides. About 12 hours of the day left, at 13.40 were in place. The rest of the day passed under the motto "need to learn everything here". Many brands, I will not tell you, find on the site of the Outlet, but I will tell you more. Many Russian-speaking, with whom you can talk and agree. I will not disclose the details, but I recommend bargaining (even in stores), and ask about discounts. So, it was bought in one of the clothes stores for 1500 euros. The owner made a discount for all 10%, in addition to the Tax Free, everything was packed in my bags, until the evening held them in the storage room (t.To. worn with them could not be possible), gave the spirits of this brand, and everyone was happy. Seller themselves say that sales begin on January 6, and from July 6. But it’s not a fact that from these numbers you will get the thing you like and will be the necessary size. They themselves do not know when and that they will bring. Work in "The fact of prison" Goods.

Good suit can be taken there for 300 euros. Extremely good will pull 400 and higher (Armani cost 420 euros with a discount, in ordinary network stores its price – 610 euros). On the price tags two numbers – the price in the outlet and the price in the store stores. Casual jackets – from 200 euros. Excellent quality, material, tailoring. Diverse collections, styles, colors, sizes. Boots for suit – from 200 euros. Amazing thing – anywhere does not rub anything after the first day of socks.

Shirts – excellent quality – 3 pcs for 80 and 95 euros. Ties – from 7-8 euros. Rifle jeans – an average of 70 euros. Coat – from 250 euros, not talking about quality, it is just a beautiful default. The choice is certainly huge, the people from noon are added significantly. The option is shopping from 10 o’clock. When you can do everything without fussing, postpone the next day, and on the second day you come to buy everything and packed. Personally, I did it, overlooking nearby in the town in a hotel for 70 euros. Back – by bus to Milan for 25 or 35 euros you can get. By modest shopping – 4 suits (one from Armani), 2 jacket Caud, 1 coat, 10 shirts, 8 ties, 3 pairs of shoes (shoes), 3 jeans, belt, 4 bots of perfume, sucker for a girl (900 euro with a discount) With boots under the color of the sheepskin (320 euros at a discount), 2 bags purchased in the same place, without taking into account T-shirts, underwear, umbrellas and other jewelry – spent about 5300 euros. Of which 1000 euros returned in the form of Tax Free.

The impression is good, in August in the outlet in Venice.

All successful shopping!

Milan Outlets Armani and Seravalle

Armani outlet attended, until that moment I thought the Armani for me was an inaccessible brand, but it turned out to be all the opposite, jeans 30 euros, T-shirts for 10 euros, windbreaker 40 euros, in general I understood the entire buzz sales, even one Armani. After that, they drove in Outlet D&G, of course, in addition to the underwear, glasses and jeans, I could not buy anything else until the dresses for 300-400 euros. In the next day, Outlet Seracalle visited outlet, a lot about him reviews, both negative and positive, I will tell my opinion, for those who go to Milan for the first time, this is a stunning place when you see prices, then you think. Well, not a fig Jeans Kelvin Klein for 20 euros – I take.

Italy's currency Personal experience

Many of the group went here more than once and say that, they say, the things are old, no size, the price is so-so. think. Oh God Wow People how you can choose anything or say such things. nonsense, I look later, they go with packages, here and thought why then such conversations, times with shopping.

Shopping in Italy Group

We went to shopping in Milan during the sale season and want to share with you our experience. Tickets and hotel booked and bought themselves it turned out from a person for 5 days 12.5t.R. Including a flight and a hotel of 4 * explosives, a travel agency was offered 3 times more expensive.

We went to the outlet under g.Parma-excellent, Prices Super Bag Fourla bought for 70 euros, Kelvin Klein jeans for 30 euros. Also went to Outlet D&G You’re inconvenient, hired a car, jeans bought for 35 euros 🙂 We went to the factory shoes, flawless shoes for just 50 euros! I wear the 2nd season and nothing. And a bunch of stunning outlet and factories.

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