Route in Italy: Sea, Mountains and Ruins

This independent route in Italy includes beach and outdoor activities with a visit to thermal sources, a trip to Naples, Pompeii and Capri Island. We look museums, memorable places, go shopping.

Briefly about the route

Duration: 7-10 days .

Route: Naples – Ischia – Pompeii – Capri

Arrival: in Naples

Departure: From Naples

Make a route:

  • Ischi island – thermal sources, city of Ischia-Porto, Aragon Castle, Epomeo Volcano, Serera-Fontana village;
  • Naples – Monastery of Santa Chiara, St. Cathedral. Yanuaria, Castel Delle’ovo, Castel Nuovo, Sant-Elmo Castle, Archaeological Museum, Umberto I Gallery;
  • Pompeii – archaeological excavations of the ancient city of Pompeii, an excursion to Vesuvius;
  • Island Capri – Marine palace of Emperor Augustus, Villa Jupiter, Cave of the Great Mother, the Phoenician Stairs, Blue Grotto.

What is Ischia

Ischia is 40 km from Naples. The first settlements founded by the ancient Greeks. volcanic island is full of healing thermal springs. Therefore, since ancient times is a favorite vacation spot of the Roman nobility and from the XVI century and many Europeans.

Since the sources are beaten constantly, Ischia tourists come all year round. Here amazing Mediterranean nature, wonderful air, clear sea rich blue.

Ischia near the islands of Capri, Procida, very close to Naples, Pompeii, Salerno, Amalfi Coast. In contrast to the resorts on the mainland shore, Ischia surprisingly quiet.

Way to Ischia is through Naples.

To reach the islands of Ischia and seems to be simple, but not easy.

How to get


First you need to be in Naples.

Naples can be reached from Moscow directly: a few times a week, S7 Airlines together with AirItaly fly to the capital of the Campania region and from the airport "Domodedovo". From "Sheremetyevo" to Naples you dovezut joint flights "Aeroflot" and Alitalia. Once a week of "Domodedovo" in Naples flying Red Wings.

from St. Petersburg direct flights to Naples – a rarity: once a week – flight Red Wings Company.

Site will help you choose a direct flight or make complicated route.

By train or bus

Challenging routes can be folded in different ways. It may be easier to fly to Rome, Rome airport transfer to Naples flight. Or take the train or bus to Rome and comfortable drive to Naples.

website you will choose the right train. Prices and travel times vary by train: the cost of tickets varies from 12.65 to 39.9 euros, time – from 3 hours to 1 hour. 10 min. The more expensive, the faster.

ru will help to find a convenient flight bus.

Carry passengers four different motor companies:

  • Baltour (baltour.IT)
  • FlixBus (flixbus.IT)
  • MarinoBus (marinobus.IT)
  • BusCenter.It (

But they all depart from one bus station – from the station Roma Tiburtina, Prices – 10-20 Euro. In the way, buses – about 3 hours.


Once you find yourself in Naples, immediately go to the port. Before Sky, you can swim by a ferry or boat that a little faster and order more.

Farmings for several companies are swimming:

  • SNAV (Snav.IT)
  • Alilauro (Alilauro.IT)
  • Caremar (TRAGHETTILINES.IT / IT / Compagnia / Traghetti-Caremar.ASPX)
  • Medmar (Medmargroup.IT)

Summary schedule of departures can be found here: TRAGHETTI-ISCHIA.IT

On the way – 1.5 hours. Tickets for each company stand in their own way, the breaks of prices – from 13.5 to 22.1 euros.

On Szero three ports: Ischia-Porto, Kazamichchiol, Forio. Buying a hotel room, find out in advance, closer to which port it is located. And then accurately order a ferry ticket.

Where to stay

Naturally, with housing the question you decide until arrival on the island.

Since the island has become a resort in time of expanten times with the ancient Roman emperors, the hotel business is very well developed here. Many hotel hotels related to thermal sources of island, sanatorium hotels.

Hotels search sites:

You can get to your hotel by bus or taxi. It happens that the hotel or sanatorium welcomes guests on its transport. You will get this information when booking a hotel or hotel.

Administrative Ingius is divided into 6 communes: Ischia Porto, Forio, Kazamichchiol, Sumrarian Fonatna and Lakko-Ameno. Each commune-town has its own character, his face, its pace of life.

All island communes are connected by 16 bus lines, but the main two: one line (CD) goes to the right, the other (CS) to the left. CD – Circolare Destra (Circular Right), CS – Circolare Sinistra (circular left). And both routes circle an island around 40-60 minutes. Walk buses about once a hour.

There are routes connecting individual communes. These buses walk often, at large stops installed electronic scoreboard, where it is shown how much it remains to wait until the arrival of the right bus.

Purchase tickets and find out the schedule you can in the shops ; Tabaccheria ; and in newspaper kiosks. The ticket costs 1.5 Euro. Drivers do you hardly buy a ticket.

Arrived. And what we do?


Beach here are a lot. There are beaches owned by hotels. There are public beaches, their smaller. Pebble beaches, sandy beaches: white sand and black volcanic. In any case, upon arrival you need to divide the road to the nearest beach or choose the beach in the shower.

Thermal parks

What is the thermal park? It is a territory where the pools are equipped with thermal sources. Each pool maintains a certain temperature. People take baths, changing pools. The temperature difference creates the healing effect. Trees, shrubs and flowers are planted around the pools. There are grotes, small caves. In a word, the surrounding landscape is created by nature and has given to people for amendments.

Ischia famous for its thermal parks. On the island there are 8 famous thermal parks.

Thermal Park "Poseidon Gardens" Located under the auspices of UNESCO. In it 22 pools, sauna in grotto, japanese bath. Park has his sandy beach. There is a restaurant, cafe and wine grotto. Park is located in Forio.

Park site: giardiniposeidterme.Com. Here you will learn schedule and prices.

Thermal Park "Castiglion" Located in Kazamichchole. Site: Termecastiglione.IT

Thermal Park is located in Lakco-Amen "Negombo". Site: Negombo.IT

On the rest of the thermal parks you will find information here: Termeischia.IT

Visiting thermal parks at all does not oblige you to take baths. For a small fee you can just go through the park and inspect it. In addition to parks there are thermal centers, sources.

Vulcan Epomeo

Italy's route Sea, Mountains and Ruins

Be on the island of volcanic origin and do not climb the volcano is not logical, agree.

Epomeo Volcano – the highest point on the case. His height 789 meters. The last time he everaged in 1301. Since then, considered asleep.

To climb on Epomeo, you need to get to the ring bus to the town of Sumrarian Fontana. There there are signs everywhere how to climb the volcano.

The rise occupies, on average, around an hour and a half. It all depends on your excerpt and sports training. The path goes on a steep slope, passes through the forest, sometimes looks just a deep trench. At some point you can visit the thought to smell your hand and go back. But as soon as the trail leaves the forest, and you will find yourself in the neck of the volcano, panic will disappear. Top view tops are awesome.

After a small break, you will need to overcome another cool trail to the top, which has been reminded by the face of a person. Do not worry, upstairs your surprise in the form of cafes and viewing sites. There are churches of the XIII century.

On the rise to the top of the Epomeo it is worthwhile, minimum, two thirds of the day.

This idea is tedious, but the result will exceed expectations. Need comfortable shoes and drink.

About the current volcanoes of Italy, read in this article

Aragon Castle

The castle is located on a small island near the city of Ischia Porto. With the main island, it connects the 200-meter bridge, built in the XV century. The first mention of the fortress on the island next to the cake belongs to the first half of the I thousand. to N.NS. Then the fortress expanded: there was a female monastery, then the residence of the bishop was added, then the castle appeared. The castle saved local residents from pirates. During the reign of Bourbon (XVIII in.) In the castle there was a prison.

Today, Aragon Castle – Private Ownership, Open To Visit. You can see the ruins of an ancient temple, an ancient monastery, olive garden, a museum of weapons and torture, prison, fishermen village, sit in a cafe on the top of the castle, from where wonderful views of the sea.

Working hours:

daily from 9:00 to 16:00 Winter I until 20:00 summer.

entrance10 Euro.

We are going to Naples

All the time to sit on the case, of course, you can. But near the amazing Naples, where not to go – just sin. Early ferry, at 8 am, you need to go to the capital of the campaign.

What is there to watch and where to visit, read in the article Naples – the city between the sea and the volcano

Move to Milan from St. Petersburg and study in Italy

Here I just mention the places, by which to pass in Naples undesirable:

  • Castel Delle’ovo (Castle Eggs) – Free admission. Opening hours: from 8:00 to 19:15, on Sundays – until 13:45;
  • Castel Nuovo – This is a city museum, full of exhibits. Open daily, except Sunday, from 9:00 to 19:00. Ticket – 6 Euro. Site: Napolike.IT;
  • Royal Palace – Baroque building of the XVII century on the central square. The museum is open daily from 9:00 to 20:00. Entrance until 17:00. Ticket – 4 Euro;
  • Cafe "Gambrinus" Located maison of the Royal Palace. It is famous for the fact that the glorified pizza "Margarita" was invented here. It is worth entering and snacking truly neapolitan pizza and drink a cup of coffee, prices are quite democratic;
  • Umberto I. Gallery – Analogue of the Milan Gallery of Victor Emmanuel II, a huge and insanely beautiful city passage: shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes. It is not necessary to buy something at all here, but we should go for pleasure: luxurious architecture, mosaic floor, atmosphere of fashionable;
  • Castle Sant Elmo Located on Mount in the middle of the city. It is called "Naples Crown". You will be able to climb to the castle using the funicular and having passed 10-15 minutes through the streets of the upper quarters, there are indicators everywhere. You will see Naples from above, amazed by the power of engineering thought and you can visit the XX century Museum. Entrance to the castle is worth 5 Euro. The castle is open daily from 8:30 to 19:30;
  • Neapolitan Archaeological Museum Polon Artifacts from Egypt, Pompeev and Herculaneum. There is a secret office where exhibits are exhibited from Pompeev: frescoes and bas-reliefs of erotic and even pornographic nature. The museum is open daily from 9:00 to 19:30. Ticket – 12 Euro. Site: museoarcheologicalonapoli.IT
  • Santa Chiara – Unique religious complex: Church of the XIV century – Mixture of Gothic and Baroque. Here is the tomb of the Kings of the Anjo dynasty. The monastery yard is richly decorated with Maitolika, the complex has its own archaeological museum. Entrance – 6 Euro. Timetables View on: Monasterodisantachiara.IT

And this is not everything that is rich in Naples.

Italy’s route continue in Pompeiy

Naples need to give a day. But then another day you need to highlight to go to Pompeii. Also in the morning you sail in Naples, from there we are going to Pompeii.

Ways to get to Pompeev are indicated in the article Naples – the city between the sea and the volcano

By train or bus you will get there, not so important. It is important that you will arrive there, and then spend a couple of hours to inspect the city’s deceased 2000 years ago, and then do not be lazy and climb to the crater Vesuvia. When will also bring?

To the top of the Vesuvius go buses. Path takes 55 minutes.

Opening hours of the archaeological complex Pompeev:

  • from 9:00 to 17:00 – November 1 – March 31;
  • from 9:00 to 19:30 – April 1 – October 30.

For an hour and a half before the closure of the office stop selling tickets.

entrance15 Euro.

The page of the archaeological complex on the Pompeev website: Pompeiturismo.IT

Two-way ticket – 10 Euro.

Bus timetable for Vesuvius: EAVSRL.IT

Pompeii – a small but quite lively town. There you can have a snack. On the square in front of the entrance to the archaeological complex a large number of souvenir shops and cafes with restaurants. It is still going to go a little further into the city to find a pleasant place there with no less pleasant prices.

Keep in mind that if you choose a bus service between Naples and Pompays, serious traffic jams are possible at the entrance to Naples. It must be considered when buying ferry tickets.

Capri Island – for dessert

If you are on the islands of the Neapolitan Gulf, then God himself ordered you to look at the Capri Island.

Capri – the only of the islands that has a non-tank origin.

Because it must be, he is so calm, because he loved him so much, the first Roman emperor loved him. He called Capri "paradise of idleness". And if you believe Homer, then it was here who lived sweetly sirens, the songs set the sailors on the rocks.

On the Capri only two cities: Capri and Anakapri.

You can get with sinks by ferry. Sites: TRAGHETTI-ISCHIA.IT and Alilauro.IT

The island has two harbor: Marina Grande and Marina Piccola. From the port of Marina Grande to the city, you will raise the funicular. Piazzette Umberto, Where will you raise, is considered the most expensive place to Capri. Because of the influx of tourists, prices even on water and coffee here are highly overgrown.

From the attractions of Capri worth noting the following:

  • Ruins of the Sea Palace Octavian August (Palazzo Al Mare);
  • The ruins of Term Tiberius (Bagni di Tiberio);
  • Villa Jupiter – Villa, built by Emperor Tiberius, has been preserved very well;
  • Cave of the Great Mother – Place of Cult Kibel, Goddess of Eastern Origin, which arose at the end of III in. to N.NS. Once the cave was richly decorated with mosaic, the walls were decorated with colored plaster. Today, there are few things left from these decorations, but the cave itself is, and it is worth it;
  • Rocks Faralloni – These rocks you will see, walking along the alleles of the gardens of the emperor of August. Three cliffs, 109, 82 and 104 meters high, rise above the sea near the shore. ; Faraglione ; – Translated "High Sea Rock". The names of them – the Farallon di Terra (rock near the Earth), Mezzo (average) and the Farallon Di Furi (outer rock). The first cliff is connected with the island of a small jumper, the second is an arch created by nature. On the third cliff lives the rarest "Blue Lizard". These rocks are the Capri business card;
  • Phoenician staircase – 921 Steps connect Capri and Anakapri. This staircase was carved in the rocks in the VI-VII centuries. to N.NS. At the end of the XIX century, the staircase was destroyed, but in 1998. Her restored. Those who are not afraid of physical exertion, will be able to climb on it and get to the chapel of St. Anthony;
  • San Michele Church Anakapri is interesting to frescoes, decoration from multicolored marble. But the most important element of its decor can be called the floor, where the tiles of Maitolika posted a story of the expulsion of Adam and Eva from Paradise;
  • And the most important attraction of Capri – Blue Grotto. It is located in the northern part of the island. He knows the wonderful azure color of his water. Such a game is done by sunlight passing into the cave through a small hole input. You can only get there on a small boat. Entrance to the cave – only two meters wide and slightly more than a meter. When the northwest or southwest wind blows, not to get into the grotto.

Beaches on Capri are not much like. But they are: mostly pebble beaches in the bays. Many of them are equipped with special recreation in water.

Kitchen – Traditional Mediterranean, Campania.

Capri – the birthplace of the famous Limoncello liqueur.

The Capri has its own cheeses, they are worth trying: silane, Kacocal Podoliko, Mozarella.

Time to go home

With departure you need to be very attentive: to compare all schedules – ferries, trains, buses and aircraft. The same way, only with an accuracy of the opposite, we move from Ischia to Naples, from Naples – to the airport you need: or fly out of Naples, or go to Rome.

The way home should not seem difficult. You perfectly charged the sun and the Mediterranean air, the sea and a bunch of impressions.

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