Ivisa – Dancing Island

The superpopular town of the Spanish Island of Ivis (Russians is more known in another transcription – Ibiza) became thirty years ago, when Hippie got to him, decided to arrange in this wonderful corner of the Balearic Archipelago Paradise.

Warranty landscape, Wonderful Beaches. At the same time, the feeling of some, however, very moderate cutscence from the world and at the same time, the presence of all the benefits of civilization. All this did its job: Arriving on the island, the discovers here were detained here. They are those hippies – and today you can meet somewhere on the waterfront: long-haired grandparents, having fun hung by beads selling tricks. Spirit of Freedom, Love – To the Middle and General, – Non-Stop Music, Unfortunate Sweet Smell Marijuana, Hoving Over Island. It attracts people rich and not very, lovers to hang out with a week or those who are ready to plunge into this life for all summer, celebrities and ordinary citizens. Do not be surprised, finding at the nearby table in a restaurant any significant person like Princess Stefania or Julio Iglesias. Famous Kuturiers come to the island for ideas: translucent post-hippu meshes Jean-field Gauthier – just from there.

The audience on Ivis at all times came the most international. There were only our.

Now there is hope that the situation will recover: the Spanish travel agency MMS is ready to invite you to this wonderful place, organizing everything at the highest level: hotel, club entertainment, food, sport.

The capital of the island is located very close to the airport. You will be met by a company representative and takes the hotel in advance. Some 20 minutes drive – and you are in place. Further moving will have to be independently, why it would be nice to rent a personal vehicle. You can do this in the city where cheaper, but better – at the airport, where for a little longer amount ($$ 35-65 per day – for a passenger cabriolet or sedan, $$ 45-60 – for a jeep) you will be given a decent car, and not collapsed Rydvan. If income or ambitions do not allow you to use a comfortable machine, try to ride on two wheels: you will have a scooter, moped or motorcycle, and all pleasure – from $ 10 to $ 40 per day.

So, you got to the hotel, clutchly snacks, plunged into the Mediterranean Sea. And running to the city, in the old part of it, where in any of the numerous cafes you can get a flyer – an invitation to one of the clubs, with a specific Party program, giving the right to a discount when buying a ticket. On the island 87 (not typo) clubs, and they very remotely resemble Moscow. The criminal pan is absent at all, and people are fulfilled by consciousness.

Let us dwell on the most interesting clubs. One of the largest – Pacha club, based quarter a century ago. It is located in a kilometer from the port, accommodates 5.000 people, inside – 20 bars, 4 dance floors, restaurants, boutiques. There are most popular DJs: Robert Miles, Joy Di, Tony de Vit. Do not look there at least once it would be an unforgivable mistake. But the secondary visit to Pacha is hardly enough time: for 8 days, for which the tour is designed, you have to have time to see the maximum and dance everywhere. Say, in the club Privilege. Music there – Garage & Uplifting Hous. In the club stylish interiors and a giant pool.

At six in the morning clubs mostly closed until the evening. In the same case, if your forces are not on the outcome, you are always welcome in most popular on the island of Space Club. It is called: After-Party Club – a club after a party, it works from half the morning to nine in the evening and is located on the waterfront Dchhen Boss. The action in it is built on contrast "day Night": inside – darkness pitch, plays a heavy trance, and if the long-term corridor gets into the street – the people under an awning having fun under a light melodic house that does not interfere with drinking cocktails, eat their tropical fruits and enjoy the sun.

Ivisa - Dancing Island

The music on the island is the most different. You like Hard Trance – please, you want drum & Bass – for God’s sake, and it is. Music lovers more exotic will surely find GOA-Trance for themselves. (The name comes from the Indian city of Goa, who at one time so loved hippie. However, he is now the place of pilgrimage of adherents of various youth currents.)

In those rare moments, when you still decide to sleep for an hour or other, in order to accumulate strength, you go to the hotel. Hotels on Island 297. In the peak of the season, which falls on August, they are all filled. Most of them, including those that the MMS offers, are located on the southern coast of the island. Here, for example, Fiesta Hotel Algarb. Located on the first line of Playa Dshn Boss, a ten minute walk from the city center. Great rooms with all amenities: telephone, satellite TV, balcony. There is a pool, solarium, tennis court, buffet. The Fiesta Don Toni hotel, located a little further from the center, is attached to the entire sports club, and in Fiesta Hotel Playa Daryn Bossa – an additional restaurant, boutique and hairdresser. Rooms in the latter – exclusively double. View from the window will not disappoint you – the hotel is located just opposite the water park and the Space Club. Five club hotels are added to all listed establishments, the main difference between which is that the rooms are in them, with a rare exception – suite, each balcony – without a view of the sea, there is a mini-golf course and all kinds of scuba diving equipment.

However, water entertainment there can be done, living in any hotel without exception. On the island there are scuba diving schools, water bikes, boats. If all of the listed woke up in you the taste of luxury, give yourself a pleasure – take a yacht for rent, with a guide or without, ride under the sail around Ivisa or to the neighboring island. And then you taste Palela in one of the local restaurants – True delight for gourmet.

However, Ivis is not exactly the perfect place to relax family. That is, there is enough entertainment for children – one water park is worth it, but for this kind of pastime there are places more comfortable – enough to get to the neighboring Mallorca. In the case, if you are attracted by such an overwhelming life, which is practiced on Ivice, but there are children who are not left for, do not be afraid: in any self-respecting hotel there is a special children’s room, where baby-sitter will take place for a small fee. The child is entertained and feed until parents are delayed, and the children will be paid for the accommodation.

If you were afraid that Ivisa – the place superdor, you did it in vain. Prices there, of course, are not the lowest and quite consistent with the average European level, but not astronomical, as in some San City or St. Morice. Tickets to clubs are not more expensive than $ 40, the exception is only a superstar speech. If you consider a discount on the flyer, and inexpensively will come out. Prices in restaurants are also not insane, especially if we compare with Moscow. Moreover, a two-time meal is included in the tour price, which, including air ticket and medical insurance, hardly exceeds a thousand dollars – at least, if you do not stop in a luxurious suite and not go in August, but, say, in June, July or September. The exhausting heat is not observed even in the height of the summer. And there is always music.

Ivisa - Dancing Island

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