Jaffa District in Tel Aviv

Jaffa is the southern part of Tel Aviv and the most ancient part. The port of Jaffa is mentioned in the Egyptian texts of the Pharaoh of Tutamos III from the 18th dynasty (1479-1425 DNE). On the Palestinian coast of the Mediterranean Sea there are only a few natural harbors for comfortable and safe parking of ships. Jaffa city was located just about one of them, which is obliged to his prosperity in antiquity.

When Russians hear the name "Jaffa", then something familiar immediately feels, but they cannot remember exactly. We will remind, look at this photo. Learned?

Around Jaffa always grew by oranges, and now they collect a rich harvest and deliver to many countries, including Russia. These Israeli oranges are frequent guests in Russian supermarkets.

Jaffa became famous for the whole world of the form of dessert, look at this photo. Biscuit, and on it on top of the jam, covered with a layer of chocolate glaze – this is called "Jaffa Cupcake". Cookies of such a form first made from Jaffa oranges from Jama, and the name "stuck".

But tourists Jaffa are interesting to their markets, restaurants, parks and landmarks. However, there are no bright attractions here, nothing of grand or ancient tourists here is not found. Landmarks are many but all of them small. Jaffa rather "takes" the number of interesting places than their quality.

How to get from other areas of Tel Aviv

First way – by taxi. The price will depend on your location. Read about the rates in our article "Taxi in Israel".

Second option – by bus. Ideal if somewhere there is a bus number 10 somewhere – this is a long route through the entire Tel Aviv from the north to south along the coast. Fare price – 6.5 Israeli shekels. Bus number 10 comes directly to the Jaffa area, go out in the port area.

If the 10th bus next does not stop, then you can get to Jerusalem Boulevard (Sderot Yerushalayim) and from there walk on foot. Buses: 1, 11, 18, 25, 40, 41, 42, 125, 142. Or ask the reception list of your hotel about what bus is better to get there.

What’s the cover charge

Is free. This is the area of ​​the city, money for his visit does not take.

Opening hours

Round the clock. In Jaffa there are clubs and restaurants with evening and night entertainment programs.

How much time plan to visit

Here you can spend a few days if you look at all stores, antique shops, art galleries and parks.

If you want to see only the most remarkable, then you should plan half the day.

What to watch – Clock Tower

The Jaffa Clock Tower is considered the boundary area. All that south is Jaffa, north – the rest of Tel Aviv. The tower stands on the street of Jaffa, who received its name by the name of Yafeta – the son of Noah, who founded Jaffu according to legend.

The clock tower was built in 1903 in honor of the anniversary (25 years) of the Board of the Ottoman Empire by Sultan Abd Al-Hamid II.

In total, more than one hundred such steensions were built in the Ottoman Empire, and seven of them in Israel – in the cities of Jaffa, Nazareth, Nablus, Haifa, Akko, Safed and Jerusalem.

In 1965, the tower was reconstructed. It was replaced with a clock mechanism and the tower was decorated with mosaics, talking about the history of Jaffa.

The hour tower is very helpful to tourists as a reference point. South from her there is a flea market, to the west – port and old town. In general, some strong impressions of the hour tower tourists get difficult. Towers generally glorify it hard, if it is not a pisan tower or not Burj Khalif.

Next to the tower is the information center for tourists. Here you can take a guide and map. Also in the information center there is a free toilet. Look for entry with the Latin letter "I" in a circle.

What to watch – flea market

What is not selling here – from simple souvenirs to the real antiques.

The market looks pretty "wilderly" – it represents a narrow street with trays, and sometimes the goods just lay out on the tablecloth right on the street.

Meaninglessly to list that you can buy here, there is almost everything. If you are seriously reflecting that bring from Israel as a gift, then the place is to start purchased. But there is a negative moment – good things are rare, large often the goods on the shelves – just an old trash.

You can also bargain with merchants, you can "reset" in two or three times, and it happens that ten.

Jaffa District in Tel Aviv

The market is open all days except Shabbat. That is, from Sunday to Thursday – from 10-00 to 18-00. On Friday, a short day – from 10-00 to 14-00. On Saturday, the market does not work.

What to look – Old Town

Narrow streets, houses in the old style and an interesting atmosphere – this is the old town. There are cafes and souvenir shops, but most of all here are artistic studios and painting shops. It is interesting here a little wander, but no more.

What to look – port jaffa

Sometime, ships made from Europe with pilgrims or crusaders on board. Then this port was the largest in Palestine, and now the port is more like the parking lot of yachts. Here are boats fishermen. Tourists walk along the embankment and enter local cafes.

Archaeological excavations

In Jaffa, excavations are constantly carried out, but the dense development interferes. Large artifacts that would be interesting to tourists, they did not find here. If you are interested in antiquity, then you should go to Caesara, there is something to see.

What to try

Here are a huge number of restaurants, cafes, fast foods and just trays with food. It is recommended to try local "Burkas". This is a copy of the Turkish Bureca, the difference is only in the title. Burkes is delicious and inexpensive.

A few more tips

– prices in cafes, restaurants and in general the problem of food prices were discussed in detail in the article "How much money to take to Israel";

– If you decided to buy any ancient artifacts, then you only need to do this in official stores, where they will give an extract from the registry, then you can make a permit for the export of artifact from the country. In detail about the procedure for the export of antiquities, we told in the article "What can not and can be removed from Israel";

– on Fridays from 9-00 to 14-00 a farm market works in the port. For tourists, first of all, fruits are interesting, they can be purchased cheaper here than in supermarkets. Read our detailed article "Fruits in Israel".

Good walks on Tel Aviv, and read our other articles about Israel (Links below).

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