Jamaica: Pure Rggie, pure rum

In the middle of a warm and warm sea, there is a green-green island for the Atlantic Ocean, where the mango joins and eat shrimps all year round, Rggie and drink rum. There, under the flag, very similar to pirate, black-black inhabitants live, who never believe in life that Jesus (he is Ja) was not a black, but a new year without snow is not a holiday.

With Jamaica, the relationship is also folded as with Rggie music. Either fall in love without memory, or begin to dislike, and the feeling is made right along the way from the airport. The causes of love or dislike the same: the heat, on the roads – the wretched houses with cardboard walls, the Jamaica frivates the meat and the fruits of the breadwinner on the views of the brazier and are tested under the sounds of the local Raggi radio station IRIE. IRIE ("Ire") – the name of the Jamaici dialect, but in general, Yamaica and in English speak perfectly. And when you have nothing to say to Yamaitsa, they sow something in the style of Rggie. They sing ingeniously, no worse than Bob Marley – and the beach cleaner, and the guide, and the waiter bringing the eggs in Benedictine, and Uncle with sad eyes, which glories you on a raft from bamboo bars on a mountain river.

And they look like Bob Marley – probably because of the trees. Without dres (what it is, see. Below) I saw, in my opinion, only a couple of people – one of them was our Guide Mitchell, and he ended up turned out to be the so-called Rastafari (see. below) in the shower, and not at all "Black gentleman". So at the time when Jamaica began the struggle for independence, contemptuously called Jamaians who rushed into civilized worlds and did the form that they had nothing to do with their roots and brothers-Rastafari.

Jamaica People are peculiar: it seems that they live one day and exist in special, only by their understandable rhythm. I was somehow in the morning in the sea, in the area of ​​coral reef, meters in two hundredth of the shore. Led on my back, watching white sails yachts and green mountains. Terrible early morning, but because of the eight-hour difference in time compared to Moscow from the clinical owls you add to the lark. There is a palatal black fisherman.

– How Are You, Sweety Early Dolphin? ("How are you, cute early dolphin?")

– Oh, Great! ("Fabulous")

– NO Problem in Jamaica? ("No problems on Jamaica?")

That’s all the dry rest of the conversation, which lasted an hour. Fisherman scored fishing and gate. I am something bouffroal in response – with a feeling of unfortunate happiness.

Reservations for white

Between Jamaica People’s and Jamaica of Luxury Tourism – Fence. In the literal sense. Outside – Rastafari, political passions, poor villages and average salary 30 US dollars. Inside – luxury, gardens, pools and well-kept villas. You can fly with respect, British Airways, then take a helicopter transfer from the airport and fit in a wonderful secluded bungalow room overlooking the sea and mountains. Play golf and tennis, revive the beauty of your physical body in spa centers, play giant chess on the banks of the Caribbean Sea. By the way, Chess on Jamaica is pure fitness, all the figures are almost in human growth, so that while you play, not only your head you think, but also you do.

Celebrities of all kinds and masters behave.

They complain of the Ocho Rios area in the north of Jamaica, where the best of shelters – Neighbors Sans-Souci and Jamaica Inn.

The secluded five-star SANS-SOUCI hotel is not enough of the fact that it is organized in a cozy microstrum within one idyllic bay, but also stands on the mineral source. Water from the source and the corresponding mineral mud – the main "Magic chopsticks" Cosmetologists of the Local Charly Spa. Day subscription for four procedures in the Spa gives each guest of the hotel. Then people are already drawn into the process of recovery: in the walls of mass-cosmetic cabinets-bungalows, woven from bamboo shoots, I will inform you, with tired bodies and persons there is something divine happening.

Maybe because of Charlie?

Fifty years ago, on the sea, the turtle sailed and settled in the mineral source. It was called Charlie, turned into a corporate totem and called it a spa name. The old woman of Charlie splash in the healing font, at this time, and the SanS-Souci guests are invariably returned from Jamaica very cold.Jamaitsa with their mysticism tend to bind these two facts.

The neighboring cove from Sans-Souci is occupied by the Jamaica Inn’s small hotel, where he received his dose of tropical happiness Winston Churchill, there was even a sweat of Churchill (oh, I recommend, very stylish asylum!). Yes, and Ian Fleming loved to swim for a long time in Jamaica Inn, until he bought himself nearby on Mount Villa, where he wrote the first book about James Bond.

By the way, you will probably like the excursion in the footsteps of the Spy Glory Agent 007 – Remember in the first film Bondian scene with cascading waterfalls? It’s here two steps where the Danns River flows into the Caribbean Sea. I like it terribly liked working around the boulders towards the invigorating streams of fresh water.

Strawberry Hills SPA departs after nervous depletion of Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow, making all sorts of cane sugar peelings, improving the body with a special massage in four hands, and the soul – an incredible view of the Caribbean Sea and the mountain jungle Blue Mountains with the famous Coffee Variety Plants.

Queen Elizabeth loves to stay in Half Moon (where, by the way, the best golf courses on the island) – this is half an hour from Montego Bay, the second largest city of Jamaica.

And Negril, the resort in the south-east of Jamaica, is famous for the most dislocid. About the Nudist Hotel Hedonism-2 and Tamnory Free Love have been held all sorts of spicy legends in the genre of sex tourism. I went to Hedonism-2 and disappointed. And the hotel itself is so worn, and the public is not the first youth, and no special holiday of life. (True, they say that here is Hedonism-3, which is at the other end of the island, in Port Antonio, this is yes, there is a degree of entertainment higher.) Especially fled from the alleged "Disted" Parties in Hedonism-2 and thought that maybe I do not understand something in life. After all, what is a hedonism in Yamai? This is when you drink as much roma punch in Moscow, how much in Moscow – tea (and everything is weathered in Moscow, the climate is). And when you wake up in the morning – a balcony of a car, and the sea is still touching as a giant clumsy baby under the mature sun. So every morning!

Black, red, golden

Similar to wet mouse American hung on a buoyan and was very located to the morning light chatter.

– Have you ever been to the USA? – No.

– So this is your first visit?

And how they have everything running here! Why are the US citizens consider Jamaica with their 52nd state – it is rather that in the last ten decades the whole Hollywood has settled tightly here and that tourists are mainly American, respectively, in uniform jeans and Ti-Sikhotes, and which is mainly on US money here is treated luxurious tourism?

Jamaica purely Rggie, pure rum

But by and large here and does not smell america (or Babylon – so called her Rastafari).

Guess what can smell on Jamaica.

Ganges, understandable. This feature of the Jamaican mentality was discovered in London.

Passengers of the airline Jamaica Airlines were seen from afar – in the middle of the European sterile business public of Heathrow airport, they looked as unexpectedly, as if a rabid green bread was growing in a taiga among Karelian birch. Who neither take a character. And the missing sweet marijuana.

Ganja, marijuana, "Grass wisdom". Marijuana leaf – favorite symbol of rastafari. Still the grass on the local dialect called "Kaya" (remembered the same album of the Classic Raggy Bob Marley?).

Raggi. Ruggie’s music was born from Burra, the ancient Jamaica musical form of African origin. Rastafari adapted Burra for their ritual ceremonies in the late 1940s. Before Rggie is born from chants, Rastafari must plunge into meditative state. The initial, unmandant pop music Rggie is called "Vibration roots", This direct comprehension of the essence of being, affordable only Rastafari.

Bob Marley – Legendary Rastafari, Singer of Freedom, Musician and Hero of Jamaica.

Rastafarianism. It is difficult to determine what rastafarianism after the era of Bob Marli: whether the messianic sect, whether the people’s religious movement for cultural identity, whether the political anti-ray movement, and maybe pop religion or youth fashion. 70 years ago Rastafarianism originated on Jamaica as a sect, deifying Rasa Tefari Mekonnyna, the last emperor of Ethiopia, crowned on November 2, 1930 under the name High Selessis I. Hail Selassy was proclaimed living God, the last incarnation of Ja (JA is from Jegova, that is, Jehovah). Rastafari consider themselves the new embodiment of the ancient Jews, which they exist for sins to Babylon (meaning USA).

Black, Red, Golden – the traditional color color of Rastafari, these are the colors of the National Flag of Ethiopia.

DRDD – Long matted braid, the most characteristic external sign of Rastafari. It is supposedly an ancient Efiopian hairstyle who made her owner look like a lion of the Jewish, the prophet Rastafari. Civilized citizens of Jamaica in the 40s were shocked by Rastafarian hairstyles and called them "Dread Locks" ("Terrible panels"), and then – and just "Dreads" (DRDD).

Greate – Modern Yamaican youth, which copies all the external signs of Rastafarian rituals, not penetrating into their essence.

To the flight to the Motherland, Yamaitsa are preparing as a carnival. All in Drands or sophisticated braid braids, in yellow-red-black turbans and motley clothes. Especially struck a huge black woman with hairstyle in the genre "a pineapple". I think she has closed two hours with gel and hair iron.

Dama-pineapple All eight hours of flight sat in String, as if on the Nobel ceremony, and his appearance had a scary. Then I turned around and found that I was gone with blankets and pillows, and in the neighborhood Rastaman with Drands snaps sweetly at once on two pillows and under two blankets. But I did not sleep fashion show – in the aisles between the seats suddenly staged a defile, the flight attendants changed clothes to the Balahona of the national brand of Reggy-to-Wear and with the brands of mannequins at home fashion "Kuznetsky Most" Pashed over passengers. And when we have been sharpened to the Caribbean archipelago, a mass charging has begun. With serious physiognomies, all three hundred Yamaican passengers fucked with hands and kneading feet. In the porthole, in the meantime, a bright orange sunset was formed over a riot green highlastic island. The island was similar to hallucination. It seemed that in the moment he would dissolve and the plane would land on some other island from the seven thousand Caribbean Islands, the pilot will apologize.

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