Jamaican Rom

Jamaican Rum – an integral part of life on Jamaica. Yamaica consider rum panacea from all troubles. The number of so-called "bars" or glass ranks first in the world.

In antiquity, Jamaica inhabited Indians. The island was opened by Christofore Columbus in 1494. He called him in honor of the royal couple Ferdinand and Isabella Island. This name did not stick, the island has retained the local name – Jamaica. The first settlement on the island of the Spaniards founded in 1509.

The number of indigenous people of Jamaica in the Spaniards rapidly fell. Therefore, the Spaniards at the beginning of the XVI century began to import black-slaves from Africa to Jamaica. But the Spanish domination lasted not long, Jamaica was not considered a promising colony and in 1655 it was captured by the British (officially Jamaica was announced by the British colony in 1670). The British turned into a large "sugar" colony – on Jamaica, the plantations of sugar cane were intensively developed. Industry of Jamaica produced sugar and famous Jamaican rum. Roma’s success in this country is primarily associated with sugar, and therefore cheap raw materials for the production of Jamaica Roma. It is from here on most Yamaican Romes English-speaking names.

As an independent drink, Rum got his spread in the XVII century – during the times of flibusers, slave traders, treasures and colonizers. In those days, people tried not to use fresh water, t.To. she caused fatal diseases. Flibusters consumed a huge amount of this drink. To this day, the best Roma varieties make just where the gentlemen of good luck, and the names of some Roma brands wear the names of famous flibusers. The most famous of them – "Captain Morgan"

Rum "Captain Morgan "carries the name of the famous Pirate of the XVII century and part-time Governor of Jamaica Sir Henry Morgana. Henry Morgan forever entered the story not only as a famous pirate, Jamaica governor, but also as a big connoisseur of the real Jamaican Roma. He was the first one who introduced rum to the mandatory diet of his team – a rule that later became the tradition of all English fleet.

In the production of sugar, the cane is crushed and press juice from it. Juice is subject to long boiling. As a result, the liquid evaporates and the cane sugar is obtained. However, the blown of the Patok remains, T.N. Black Patok (Melassa). It is she who serves the raw material for the production of Jamaica Roma. Distilled water and yeast add to melassia. Now the mixture is left for fermentation by 15-20 days.

This is followed by distillation, which can be carried out in a distillation column or in distilted Cuba. Jamaican Rom will be much varied by properties depending on the used equipment used. In a copper cube, a drink retains his caramel smell, it remains bouquette, natural, has a pleasant sunny shade. Rectified by Jamaica Rom is cleaner, transparent, but loses most of his flavor. One-time distillation makes both types of Jamaici Rom cheaper, and a pleasant shade of caramel liking provided him with great popularity in the times of pirates and planters.

Then, however, Jamaican Rum began to change to more noble brethren – brandy, whiskey and t.D. Because the manufacturers of the Jamaican Roma decided to rise in prices, but also the improvement of the taste and varietal qualities of the drink. Rum began to exposure, like more expensive drinks. In addition, a silent caramel was added to it so that he would acquire even greater cane bouquet. It has increased interest in the Yamaican Roma, and he stepped from the colonies to the continent.

In 1962, Jamaica became an independent state. Sugar industry is in a deplorable state. From all the country’s GDP, it is less than 2%. Most country diamonds are under sugar factories, which allows the latter to remain afloat and will preserve such the necessary work places. The Jamaicie Style Roma is different from most others, it does not have in most cases the fashionable now lightness and sweets, but on the contrary, fasteners and mighty and, accordingly, more rich in aromas. Some of the most famous brands of Roma Yamai is Morgan, Rum Captain Morgan and Rum Epton Appleton. Appleton rum can be safely considered one of the best Caribbean Romes. On Jamaica 70% of the market occupies white rum. One of the most popular Roma brands on Jamaica is Wray & Nephew White Overproof.

Jamaican Rom

It is very fragrant, oily, strong and tart rum, obtained by the old technology adopted on the Islands of the Caribbean Sea belonging to the British Empire. Jamaican Rom and in our days, often send by the sea in England, where it is kept in oak barrels, bathe, spill on bottles in warehouses of such port cities like London or Liverpool. Hence the name – "London Dock Ram" ("London Dock Rum"). The most traditional varieties of the Yamaici Roma are subjected to double cleaning in distillation cubes, and the characteristic features of the drink depend on the addition of the production of the so-called Dunder at one or another stage. Dunder is a part of the victorious wort, which remained from the previous distillation, which is added to fresh wort to strengthen the process of natural fermentation. Something similar can be found in the manufacture of sour wort for whiskey and the production of some special varieties of beer. It may very well be that from here there is an old English curse of Danderhead (Dunderhead) – "Upper", a person whose brains are always blurred by alcohol. A variety of heavy Roma produced using a dandaster-process is known on Jamaica as a "Plammer" rum ("Plummer"), and even more severe Roma variety is called "Vudderburn" ("Wedderburn").

The material is old and spread – Appleton. There is also the same plant for the production of Jamaican Roma, equipped with tasting rooms, shop and restaurant. Rum on Jamaica Truly amazing, fragrant with a rich bouquet, deep taste. This effect is achieved by the fact that the Jamaican rum of good blood is stirred with wine and again the resulting mixture is distilled. Now the resulting drink is waiting in the hour in barrels. The scatter of quality and price will now be connected directly with exposure (up to 30 years!). But production at the factory does not end. It also produces liqueurs with various additives, cream-rum and local Viagra – Witonik Drink.

Appleton Roma Classification: Appleton VX: Exposure 5-10 years; Appleton Reserv: Exposure of 8-15 years, yellow; Appleton Extra: Exposure of 12-18 years old, black color; Appleton: Exposure 21-30 years, blue, the most elite.

Naturally, the secret of cooking Jamaica Roma is stored in the strictest mystery. All the same, no wonder for so many centuries loved his pirates, and sailors, and slave traders and writers. One knows it reliably that 1-H from the components of the Roma – Patok. It is said that Ernst Hemingway was so loved by Rum with Jamaica, which could not start Write 1st line without a cup of good Jamaica Roma.

How they drink rump? – More often undiluted. But in Europe, it is preferred to taste together with Coca-Cola. You need to drink Jamaica Rom from thick-walled glasses with pieces of ice. Lyme slice will only add aestheticism. For the preparation of cocktails, it is mixed with juices (lemon better), syrup and sirovaki, with cinnamon, sugar and hot water. Such a cocktail will be necessarily decorated with an umbrella, luxurious orchid, or by Bengal fire.

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