James Bond Island and Phang Nga Bay

Bay of Phang Nga, one of the wonders of Thailand, spread his expanses of the little east of Phuket Island. Due to the beauty of their grottoes and caves, it has long been known as the popular attraction of Phuket. In my opinion, every guest of the island should at least once to visit the Bay of Phang Nga, to see her picturesque beauty, to admire bizarre stalactites, to touch the untouched civilization nature.

History of the bay of Phang-Nga

Millions of years ago, the landscape of the Bay of Phang Nga, which received the status of the National Park in 1981. In those ancient times, it was possible to walk from Phuket Island to Province. Marine National Park Phang Nga consists of 42 large and small islands. When you travel on a boat, the islands seems much more. Locals call this place Thai Halong – by the name of the famous Maritime National Park in Vietnam.

The main version of the formation of the islands is the movement of lithospheric plates. Once upon a time, Phuket was part of the mainland, but due to the change of the structure of the earth’s crust, it was separated from the mainland, and islands appeared in Phang Nga Bay.

Interesting Islands with Lagunas

Going on a tour, you transplancing a large two-storey ship, which is lucky to gigantic giganis – the most famous islands Hong, Panak and Tapu. Some Islands of the Phang Nga Bay are fantastic lagows, surrounded by cliffs from all sides. Purchase here can only be on canoe.

Panak Island in Phang Nga Bay

Panak Island Caves connecting the lagoons and the open sea are available for visiting according to the schedule of tides and ties only a few hours a day. Saving stalactites affect the imagination, sparkling salts, who form a year after year, cause associations with frozen diameters, which is why one of the caves is called diamond.

You transplane on canoe, capturing with you only a camera and a video camera. Do not worry about their safety, you will be given special waterproof bags. Each inflatable boat accompanies experienced rower, which knows these places like its five fingers. But if you have a desire to steer yourself, the Tapet will gladly give you the paddle and will enjoy the role of the passenger.

The program of visiting Lagun, depending on the tides and sings, is carefully thought out every morning, you can not worry that you can not swim into the caves. And there is something to see! It is here that you have the opportunity to feel like tiny grain grain compared to these huge giants! Giant stalactites hang up to the edge of the water. Elegant mangrove trees with huge roots worst all the bottom of the lagoon. You can take pictures in the roots of these fantastic trees. And if you carefully look closely, you can see small animals that resemble a lizard, nor then a frog – or the jumpers. Thais call them Walking Fish or walking fish. You will not believe, but it really is fish. They can be in air to the opening within a few hours. And if you’re lucky, you can see how they jump, or even fight.

Another animals you can see on Panak Island, – Monkeys. But do not rush to take bananas for feeding – it is prohibited. Yes, and special addictions to the vegetarian food of the Monkey Island Panak do not differ, they eat crabs. According to one of the versions of the monkey, the Islands of the Islands of the Bay of Phang Nga Long before the bay was formed here. Fruit trees on the islands are absent, and the only alternative to survive for monkeys became crabs and other marine animals. Long-tailed painted macales perfectly float, perhaps you can see their morning swimming.

Another representatives of the fauna islands of the Bay of Phang NGA are bats. One of the caves of the island of Panak and is called the cave of bats. But it is not necessary to remember the legends about vampires and bloodsuckers, small bats magnitudes with your palm and feed on fruits and insects, and the time of their wakefulness is a deep night, during the day they will arouse sleep and rest on the cave cave.

Hong Island in Phangrong Bay

James Bond Island (Phuket) and Phang Nga Bay - Excursion, Price, Description, Photo Guide on Phuket

Another famous Island of the Bay of Phang Nga – Hong Island, his calling from Thai is translated as "Room". And really he resembles a room. In ancient times, fishermen were covered here from storms and rains. You can even see the rope attached to the stalactams, which still serve as a kind of anchor for fishermen. Caves leading to the lagoon of Hong Island are almost always filled with water, so it’s not so easy to get into it. But if you still visited the inner lagoon, according to legend, this means a big luck that will accompany you in the following years. If the water level is high enough, do not be discouraged. You will definitely show in one of the grottoes deposition from rock, very reminiscent of the Buddha statue. Clean the desire, and it will surely come true!

James Bond Island

Perhaps the most famous island of the Bay of Phang Nga, which rushes thousands of tourists from all over the world, is the tap, he translates from the Thai language as "nail". It was him that you saw in the epopea about James Bond "Man with a golden pistol". It is impossible to step on this island, it looks like an inverted bottle. The rock is magnifyingly towers from the water, pleaseing the views of numerous tourists, hurrying to take pictures on her background.

Two hundred meters from the cliff, the island of Ping Kan was spread, who also appeared in "Bondiada", From here you can take a picture on the background of the island in the form of an inverted bottle. It is conveniently located market of sea gypsies, where you can buy souvenirs, fridge magnets, T-shirts at low prices. Sea gypsies willingly trade on decorations and interior items. But remember that products from pearls sold on the market, low quality, there is an irregularity of pearls and low quality clasp from metal, it is impossible to call them jewelry. Here you can buy beautiful shells and seashell souvenirs. In addition to the market on the island there are some attractions: caves, bats and a fallen rock.

Sea Gypsy Village on Pan Island

In the bay of Phang NGA there is another famous island – Pan, where the community of marine gypsies lives. The village is completely on the water, on the piles, only the cemetery of sea gypsies occupies the small block of land of the island of the Panya, the locals bury the dead standing, so that they occupied less. The village is fully equipped for the life of the community: there are at home and school, and the mosque. For tourists is offered a restaurant where you can dine. However, the entrance to the village is also open. You can walk around the narrow streets and souvenir shops, look at school and mosque. Since ancient times, the village lived due to fishing, but recently the tourist area of ​​business is increasingly developing. Here you can buy souvenirs made by wood masters, and imported with mainland. In large quantities of food: dried coconut chips, seafood and other. It should be noted that not in all excursions in the bay of Phang Nga you drive to the island of Panya.

Amazing sea landscapes accompanying you for a whole day will remain in memory. And colorful photos against the background of massive ancient stalactites will affect your loved ones and friends. Excursions on a high-speed boat or a slower ship are available for booking. Choose one of the options below. Have a good trip!

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