Japan: We change clothes to the geisha and eat sushi from the conveyor

If you think Japan is an inaccessible country – throw these thoughts! In this article, tell you what to admire in Japan, what to ride with the breeze and how to communicate with the local, if you do not understand Japanese. Geisha, Kimono, Fuji – all inclusive! In addition, the visa is free and is made 4-5 days *. Associary.

And the route is: Tokyo – Fuji – Osaka – Kyoto – Nara – Prick – Hiroshima – Izukusima – Tokyo

What is necessary to do in Japan: Ride on Panasonic Electricels, a whole day to look at the volcano, go back and feed the deer acorns, make origami, walk in kimono, swim from beauty, eat sushi from the conveyor, smile in full mouth. It briefly, and now in order.

Upon arrival:

  • Buy travel Jr Pass on 7/14/20 days to economically ride on trains between cities. For 7 days – 17 000 rubles. Oily, yes, but you can travel all Japan several times.
  • Rent a Wi-Fi router to always be with the Internet. For 20 days it will cost 7,000 rubles.
  • Exchange Money – Japanese love cash.

Where to go and look in Tokyo

Plan a lot to walk a lot, not sitting in the hotel? Then the capsule hotel is the appropriate option. In Nine Hours Takebashi, men and women live on different floors, and you will be given legs and a diving to sleep, and the location of the hotel is almost perfect.

If your trip hits December 23 or January 2, then you have a chance to see the emperor of Japan and visit the Imperial Palace. The people these days are unthinkable many, but the country is famous for the culture of queues, so everything goes without chaos and crowns.

Well, if you visit the country at another time, there are other entertainment. For example, take a walk on the very moving Tokyo district Shibiy – famous crossroads with a diagonal zebra and a monument to Hachico exactly there.

Then go to the park of the Wen. Waiting there National Museum of Western Art , designed by the French architect Le Corbuse. And near – Concert Hall Tokyo Bunka Kaikan .

Get to the oldest temple of Tokyo Senseodji, and do not forget to throw coins there to return. If I want to look at the architecture unusual for Japan, go to the Slimbashi Quarter (Shimbashi) – Notice Nakagin Capsule Tower . But on the building headquarters of the brewing company Asakha in the Quarter of Asakus, an unusual gold. As they just did not call, but it is better to see once than hear and imagine a hundred times, agree?

And look at the city from a height of 600 meters you want? Then running to the Tokyo Skytree tower, even Fujiima can be seen in good weather. Tokyo Skytree The highest television in the world, it is even higher Berge Califa! We recommend not to go before visiting, because on the top you will deliver the elevator in just one minute. 600 meters. For 1 minute. Just imagine!

What about shopping?

If you want unusual souvenirs, the original kimono or just it is interesting to lay up to the range, go to the Ginza area – there a bunch of shops, boutiques and uniqlo in 12 floors! And in the 1197 store – many Japanese backpacks.

Interest and TOkyo City Flea Market – flea market, where you will find hundreds of kinds of kimono, wild things and all sorts of cool little things. Works on weekends from 9:00 to 15:00.

And if I wanted to be unrealistic, go to the Shinjuku Golden Gai Quarter – all night parties here.

Hi Fuji!

With a powerful pass Jr Pass sin not ride around the country, and even on a high-speed train. It’s time to go to Fuji! Go out at the station Mt. Fuji Station, And be sure to walk to Lake Kawaguchiko – it’s great from it. From the station to go for about an hour, but if there is little free time, sit down for the train – 6 minutes before the station Kawaguchiko Station – and there before the lake two steps.

On the way to the foot of the mountain, delay on the Herb Jardin observation platform – there are delicious tea. Great place to translate the spirit, restore forces, come up with hockey.

Oh, Osaka

The city does not have enough one day to meet him measured and without a rush. Delicious bells are sold on the streets – it will already delay you for a while. And in Cafa Siba Inu, you can spend half a day – so delicious that you want to eat lips, and dogs under sidelines.

In the city you can eat not only in restaurants and cafes. In the market they sell decent sets of 16 rolls – wands lick! For a snack, still try takaki – these are bunches of wheat flour and octopus pieces, refilled by mayonnaise and sprinkled with fish chips.

On the other day, go to the suburbs to look at the Shiba Ryotaro Memorial Museum memorial in memory of the Japanese writer, who gathered 20,000 books for his life. But it is impossible to photograph there, you have to remember.

Japan change clothes to the geisha and eat sushi from the conveyor


Here at every step of the temple, but to pay attention to the Temple of Fukushima Inari and its 10,000 gates. Tourists there are the same, if not more, but if you do not turn there, you will retire with the gate, forest, cane and good view of the city. There you can try the cost of geisha and eat Udon.

City of deer

Going on. Nara – a cute town with a huge park of Nara Park, in which about one and a half thousand deer. They can be fed and stroking, but first feed better. Animals are accustomed to people and food that they bring, so sometimes they behave very persistently – push the face in a barrel and sniff pockets.

Go back in Nara Visitor Center&Inn – There you will be taught to make origami and stripes with calligraphic brush at 90 degrees.

Island Naosima

Little island near Okayama: From the port of UNO, ferries walk, 20 minutes and you are in place. Island Very small: Area 14 square kilometers, width 2 kilometer. It can be accessed, but to drive around with a cheerful. Take the electric bike Panasonic – 1 000 rubles for 2 days, And forward!

While you are driving around the city, you will not once again meet small pumpkins – this is a symbol of the island drawn by the Japanese artist Yoya Kusama. This Madame is generally unusual creativity, which is more than once will come to the eyes.

Here very much like the connoisseurs of architecture, because it is very diverse. For example, a wooden center, like a house of culture, Naoshima Hal L, Ando Museum or six art houses BENESSE HOUSE designed Tadao Ando.


The memorial park in Hiroshima is located in the area that was completely destroyed during the atomic bombing, one building survived, and it is protected by UNESCO. Get ready, there will be exciting and sad.

And near the small park Shukkeien, there you can retire and think about what they saw. This is an amazing calming place with carp, birds, cane, flowering sakura, tea houses and art museum. And then complete the day in the sushi conveyor Nonta Suchi (2F) . The system is this: there is a conveyor from sushi around you, and you take yourself on a plate what you wish. Convenient!


Little island 40 minutes from Hiroshima: at first 30 minutes by train station to the station Hiroden-MiyaJimaguchi Station or MiyaJimaguchi Station, and from there 10 minutes on the ferry. Near the islands are famous Great Thoria – Gate, which because of the tides and sings are then half in the water, then on Earth.

Here, too, there is a park with deer, but they are not so persistent as in Nara Park. If you find oak, pouter acorn, and forward, on the conquest of deer hearts!

Eh, guys! Japan Unusual Country. There traffic lights are pawed as birds, everywhere amenities for disabled people and blind, music played in the toilets, they are spacious and clean. If you drag you, then you can take the umbrella in the hotel for free, and in stores you need to wear special packages on your head so as not to get used goods in cosmetics and fat. And in this country there is a culture of queues! On the floor or asphalt even marked the scale as far from each other people should stand. That’s what it means to respect your and someone else’s space. Do not robet, friends, go to Japan next holiday!

More photos here.

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