Japan city

Japan, Magic Country. Only there you can meet in the middle of the city of the Buddhist temple, and right, because the Japanese one of the most devout people in the world. Here are a few cities that you should visit during a trip to Japan.


Tokyo, the capital of the country of the rising sun, is the prefecture. Located on flat locality ; Kanto ;, by the Pacific Ocean, on the coast of the island ; Honshu ;. Square of the country itself – 610 kV. kilometers. Population of 12-13 million. human. This The city is one of the most unique capitals of the whole of Asia, several things are connected in it – old traditions and modern culture. The main beauty is Emperor Palace and Garden, located in the city center, you can say in ; heart ;. In Japan, in addition to Tokyo, there are still many unique cities such as Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka and T. D.


Some historical facts about Osaka: was the main trading city of Japan, however, unfortunately In the days of the Last World War, 1939. was almost completely destroyed. Now Osaka is one of the main center of the industry and the largest port. Attacks it is located at a distance of half a kilometer from the capital of Japan and is also located on one land with him. Recalling the indigenous people of Osaka immediately climb thoughts about good fun and energetic people. Some call this city ; Japanese Italy ;. What to see, being in Osaka, so it A copy of the five-story Osaksky Samurai Castle, which miraculously was able to restore after destruction as a result of war. Next to the castle there is a stadium on which the best musicians of the world are.


In Japan, Kyoto is considered the main cultural center. During the war, it was also raised, but most monuments and attractions were not affected. Same way famous for his quarter geish.

Most often, people choose Kyoto because of their simplicity, because only there you can find such an abundance of Buddhist and synthosist temples, tea houses, palaces and various castles. Perhaps the best choice for peace and gaining peace of mind Temple Reangi, or ; garden stones ;, ; philosophical garden ;. This place has a lot of titles, but they all mean only, what exactly is there everyone gains peace of mind. Feature of this ; Garden stones ; that there are only 15 stones, however, with any passage of the garden, just fourteen visible.

Japan city


Up to the 20th century it was a couple of different cities, one was the port, the second was with the castle. Now This is one of their biggest port cities in the southwest of Japan. This island has a couple of allocated cities, but this, perhaps, the most. Almost the most popular, among the Japanese, the temple in the city is Buddhist . Which was built above the burial site of the Great Japanese figure Sugavar Mitidzan. After death, he became the deity of the teachings and sciences. Him almost always come students during the passing of various exams. And not only students, even adults come to the temple to increase the likelihood of passing something related to science.

Japan is famous not only to the temples and places for finding a spiritual equilibrium, but also by its entertainment.

The Japanese love karaoke very much, which is why in Japan one of the best karaoke bars in the world. Tokyo also has its own Disneyland. Kyoto is famous for its filmmaker, it is Hollywood and Disneyland in one. There is a fascinating Museum of Science. Well, and how Japan, if there is no anime, lovers of these cartoons can visit Anime Museum in Tokyo. So Japan will suit absolutely for everyone.

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