Japan Culture and Art – Top Attractions for Tourist

Assessing the traditions and heritage of the country of the rising sun, you can, having traveled on Japan’s trip.

Japanese culture and art – what a traveler should know?

Japan is an Asian country where culture is distinguished by the originality formed in a thousand years. It seems that globalization did not affect the stability of the Japanese. Arriving here and wanting to get acquainted with the national flavor, the traveler should pay attention to such layers and milestones of Japanese art, like:

  • Japanese literature – Hockey, Haiku, Takkaya poems are known for the whole world;
  • painting – in the pictures you can see a reverent attitude towards nature;
  • Traditions samurai – It is in Japan that samurai are a symbol of the country, in honor of them they open museums and exhibitions;
  • religion – Temples are impressive unusual architecture and decoration, unusual Europeans;
  • Iquiban and Bonsai – prerogative of florists who have turned the preparation of bouquets and growing dwarf plants in the present miracle.

Art of Japan, which can evaluate tourists, it is both a unique design, and numerous theaters, and the search for harmony in detail, and especially the reverent attitude to philosophy. Who knows that it will conquer in the atmosphere of this country stronger?

Japan Culture and Art - Top Attractions for Tourist

Top 5 most famous temples of Japan

For religion in any country, a special place has been trained, and Japan did not exception. The majestic Buddhist temples of Japan are built with the main goal – to preserve spiritual traditions. The sacred architecture has unique parameters, which highlights it on the background of other attractions. The most unique temples include:

  1. Enryak-Dzi – The structure on Mount Hii refers to the 8th century, for a long time, there was a training for the basics of Buddhism, and the monks adhered to strict rules. The rulers of Japan actively supported development, so during the dawn of the empire, the complex included 3,000 (!) Temples. Until our days, only the main building and three halls came;
  2. Rean-Dzhi – This temple is in Kyoto, included in the UNESCO list. Landmark is also a picturesque lake in the territory, and a garden of stones where there is no vegetation. Not necessarily be a Buddhist to visit this place and think about being;
  3. Todai-ji – Located in Nare, in the heart of the city, built of wood. The territory has a huge gate, the figures of local masters, deer park, Buddha Buddha statue;
  4. Kofuku-Dzi – Another temple in Nare, who can not be bypass. Feature The construction is that one building of the Pagoda has a height of a 5-storey building, the other is the height of the 3-storey house;
  5. Kotoku-In – Located in the city of Kamakura, impresses the huge statue of the Buddha, which was once performed in gilding.

Not only of the Buddhist temples of Japan are recommended to visit, but also objects of syntoism, including the Maidzi Temple in Tokyo, the temple of Izukushima on the island of the same name, the sanctuary to Toosg. There are in this country and Orthodox churches – the church of Nicrache – to, Sunday Temple of Hakodate, Preobrazhensky Temple in Sapporo.

Great Heritage of Japan – Interesting Attractions

Natural objects in Japan cause natural objects, for example, Fuji – a business card of the country. But the manual objects of culture and art are interesting to tourists:

  • Castle Himedezi – Complex of 83 structures surrounded by flowering sakura and labyrinths of gardens, the Japanese call him a white heron castle. Excursion here with a visit to the suspension bridge Akasi-Kaik will cost about $ 170;
  • World Memorial in Hiroshima – Object demonstrating the consequences of using nuclear weapons. It was in this exhibition center that the bomb fell in August 1945;
  • Tokyo television tower – the famous heavenly tree, the highest TV tower in the world. Here are the viewing platforms for guests, cafes and souvenir benches. The price of a ticket for each observation platform is up to $ 25, time in line – about an hour;
  • Castle in Osaka – Palace of the 16th century, which is a building in 5 floors – 3 of them are underground, located next to the Osakadze Cohen station, the entrance costs 6 dollars;
  • Imperial Palace Tokyo – Here is the residence of the rulers of Japan, there is a complex with parks and a reservoir. To get into the palace itself can only twice a year. The entrance is free, but in a zaine to be returned. Park operates in the morning, weekend – Monday and Friday.

Interest in Japan also cause sculptures of samurai, for example, Saigo Takamori in Tokyo. Today, the original culture of the country is still developing – in cartoons, games, comics.

Entertainment in Japan – where to get acquainted with Asian art?

Measured life, peace and calm is all about the Japanese, but also national entertainment here too. Where to go tourist who wants to explore the local flavor?

  • Theater dolls in Japan – The largest of the institutions is Bunrap, based over a thousand years ago. Located in Osaka, the price of a ticket – 20-50 dollars;
  • Excursion to the ethnographic village of Mitokina or Okinawa – historical place of the country, the ticket will cost $ 10;
  • Tokyo Disneyland – It is focused not only for children, but also adults, which allows you to feel the atmosphere of Japan, throw out adrenaline, to see a little Venice. The entrance costs 60 dollars for the whole day of entertainment;
  • Museum of Science – Located in Nagoya, in the center of the city, where the numerous exhibits of the country that glorified by modern inventions will be able to see. Here you can see how robots play football, visit the world’s largest planetarium, and in the ice room enjoy artificial polar shine. Input – 3 dollars;
  • American Village Mihama in Okinawa, To get acquainted with Japanese culture here, it will not be possible, but among parks, rides and restaurants you can feel like in the USA 1980s.

Special culture, amazing life, riches of history, extraordinary art – the country of the rising sun can surprise each tourist. Arriving here, it is certainly worth visiting the main temples, the dolls theater in Japan, exhibitions and, of course, countless parks, because nature is the main heritage, which is honored by the people of this country.

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