Japan. What you need to know before traveling

Mysterious, seductive, exotic .. Japan fascinates with its uniqueness, especially in culturally. How to prepare for the trip and what you need to know about Japan?
&# 8211; One of those countries that are so different from reality known from Europe, What many are waiting for a crazy cultural shock!

Formal questions and money

For trips B Japan Visa is not needed. 90-day Stay B Japan for Business or Tourism Available on the base Acting passport (It must be valid not less 6 months from the date of Departure from Japan). This is great convenience and saving. If you plan to stay on more long term Or are going to Japan on study, You need to visit consulate and apply for Visa Before your arrival.
Take with you cash. Although it may seem that Japan as one of the greatest innovators in the field of electronics uses The most advanced technological solutions, Here people are tied to Traditions. Therefore, in many places (especially in the province, but not only) you need to pay only Cash. It is worth having with you Japanese yen. They can be exchanged in exchange paragraph (they are in Airports, and in cities &# 8211; infrequently; When exchanging you need to present passport), v Bank Or remove B ATM. Remember: ATMs can also be Problem. Not everyone is accepted European maps. Moreover, most of them closes after 22:00.
Payment card can be Problematic: Russian credit and Debit cards not everywhere accepted, and if accepted, then the Bank charges High commissions at the level 2-6% Transaction Summit. Where then to exchange Currency? Best to buy Yen in Russia.
Get ready to pay more than in South-East Asia. Japan dear? Hide it is impossible: Japan &# 8211; Not one of the cheapest countries in the world. This does not mean that here will have to spend a whole condition. Prices for tourists you are interested in mainly at the level of Russian. It all depends on, how do you want to spend a trip: In exclusive conditions or cheaper. The last option is also possible. In addition to Luxury hotels, There are many here Hostels and legendary Capsule Hotels. Some of them take only Japanese or only one floor &# 8211; only women or only Men. You might think about Room rental hourly &# 8211; This is a good solution if you know what you need several hours sleep at night and you are going to move on.

Safety for health

Do not be afraid Hygienic masks on faces Japanese. On crowded streets of Japanese cities, you can often see People in masks &# 8211; For example, doctors during Treatment. This does not mean an increased risk of disease. Explanation is much simpler: People who have a cold or other infection, carry them out of politeness &# 8211; not to infect others. V Tokyo Masks also use smog.
Confirmation Vaccinations At the entrance is not required, but vaccination is recommended from diphtheria, Tetannika, Copllow, hepatitis A and B, Japanese encephalitis and tickry Encephalitis &# 8211; The last two, if you travel to the regions where there is a risk of such diseases.
Japan &# 8211; not the country where you can worry about your health. The Japanese themselves take care of Hygiene (for example, wearing masks on the face, so as not to infect other colds, is Standard). There are also no concerns about Food poisoning.


Tips are not welcome. V Japan No culture Charity. On the contrary, tips are considered offensive. This does not mean that Restaurants, especially in High-class restaurants, Not charged additional fee per service, which you get, you want it or not.
So if you want give thanks for exceptionally good service? You can do small present. It must be necessary Keep, Like money, Both hands.
In restaurants most waiters Called button. No need to wave your hand. In some traditional institutions, such as Japanese houses or traditional hotels (Ryokan), at the entrance may be asked Remove shoes.
V Japanese sushi – King. Being here, you should definitely try Ramen. he is different grades and tastes great. In addition, it is extremely satisfying &# 8211; energizing for many hours a day of sightseeing and cheap.
necessarily know Japanese, to know what to choose from the menu. Almost every restaurant is "dummy"From the already ready meals, virtually identical to the present. All you need to make to order, &# 8211; this is indicate to the waiter to the desired dish.
smart way get enough and not have to pay exorbitant amounts for each meal &# 8211; is to use so-called "convenience stores". There are not only hotdogs, but also a wide range of finished lunch dishes, which are heated on the spot. Noodles with side dishes, sushi set for dinner, or a triangular onigiri rice stuffed with seaweed on breakfast &# 8211; it really is a great solution.


English can be useful, but not always. Though Japanese Know English, they rarely admit it. They fear, what make mistakes in conversation, and due to the specific culture of this country is not welcome. Therefore, you may experience difficulties communicating on Language Shakespeare. There can not be found everywhere subtitles on English language. But even the language barrier It should not be a problem. A broad smile and sign language do their job. It is also worth to take a phrasebook or learn a few phrases in Japanese.
Beware tattoos. Subject tattoos Japan enough slippery. In this culture they are considered taboo and in many places are perceived negatively. Of course, no problems will not have to wait, but it may happen that tattoo do not allow to use some traditional Japanese baths (called Onsen).
Be careful not to offend the Japanese. Japanese culture and moral rules much stricter than in Europe. Food in public transport (And even on the street), talking on the phone in the bus, train or subway, and blowing your nose in public place considered offensive. when you visit Japanese house, good to bring the owner present &# 8211; It may be small thing, for example, a souvenir from another country. It is worth remembering that it should not be watch (Countdown to death) and that the gift is to be aesthetically packed.
can not show finger people &# 8211; it is considered very rough.

How to travel around Japan?

Japan. What you need to know before traveling

Public communication here it works phenomenally. incredible punctuality (Accurate to the second!). Clean and frequency docking let you move through the country public transport. The best solution &# 8211; buy Travel JR Pass, which, inter alia, it gives access to the fastest railway in the world &# 8211; rocket train Shinkansen. He develops a dizzying speed 405 km / h. If lose JR Pass, you can not get a duplicate, have to buy new. A good idea to travel and study Japan shorter distances within the city will underground, local buses or trams.
Important note when trip v Tokyo: Metro is not staffed. The last train leaves around in the morning. Later, there is not very accessible Taxi.
Take the subway in the capital Japan You can use ticket 24, 48 or 72 hours. It allows you to ride on this form of transport, without restrictions on the number of trips.

Access to the Internet in Japan

need Internet? Do not expect easy access to Wi-Fi. Traveling in Japan, The Internet can be useful to find the correct address (Single European system of streets and the numbers do not work here) or use the translator. Wi-Fi available in many places, but outside of the city can be problem. So it’s best armed with a prepaid card or rent portable Wi-Fi router (This can be done, for example, Airport). Last can rent several people, and costs can be divided.

Japan &# 8211; what else is worth knowing? Other useful tips

Sockets in Japan have another form, than Russian, and another voltage (100 W, 60 Hz). Can buy suitable adapter for example, the arrival in the country, in Airport (more expensive option) or in Tokyo near Akihabara (more cheap option).
If you Kurite, remember, that In Japan, smoking is prohibited outside &# 8211; outside the designated zones (most often near bus stops, large office buildings and t.D.). However, such a limitation does not apply to Some restaurants. Before as Get a pack of cigarettes, Be sure to, where allowed and where there is no.
You will not find here Many garbage tanks. Why? For two reasons. First B 1995 year in Tokyo occurred Terrorist attacks, during which explosive was laid in Urban urns. Secondly, because Japanese attach great importance to the question Sorting garbage. All that "produce»In the afternoon, they take with them and throw out in Homework. So what to do with packaging and other waste during the day? You can throw them into trash can near larger shops.
Beware left-sided movement. Japan belongs to 1/3 countries of the world, Where acts Left side traffic, including England. Remember this for Security, Especially when moving the road or search for a bus stop.
The weather is capricious. Of course, it depends on what time of year you will arrive in Japan. Nevertheless, it is always worth having a warmer coat, something Indimbate, and Light and Air clothing. Concerning shoes &# 8211; Take the one that is convenient, and it will be easy Remove and wear (will not take off more than once &# 8211; So the socks are decent). Refuse from Fitting clothes, With a large neckline and thin straps (in Japan, thin straps are characteristic of underwear). Tracksuits, Very wide pants and slippers There will be no better idea.

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