Japan: Zanri and Contemporary

First of all people conquered me. Benevolent; polite; ready to accompany the trajectory of 15 minutes from the place where we asked them the road; Slender and stylish.

Men who sitting in a mask in the subway can see the look at the whole way only through eyes; restrained and closed, causing the desire to solve them; Decent and noble. With a magnificent posture and an internal rod.

Milestone children, giggling and charming girls, statute women, colorful old men. Their faces all the time wanted to look at!

Stylish Images: Skirts-Putching with Kedy and Pearl Thread, Magnificent Sewy Suits Troika, Cane, Toys Instead of Backpacks and Accessories, Pink Blushes under Eyes instead of Skull, Masks, Hats, Selfie Cameras, Abundance Hallow Kity. This cycle can be continued infinite. And on this background for us bright and harsh outfits, each of them still strives something to stand out!

I did not get ready for the trip, I did not collect information, I did not read and did not watch anything. I was ready to be surprised!

What struck me is:

1. Technique and gadgets. Tsar toilet. His magnificence musical and heated-functional. And the sink near may be old, the toilet tiny, the walls are shabby, but it will be great. Deploying seats in the direction of train movement, devices for pulling the second chin, glasses to increase and moisturize the eyes, electronic locks in ordinary homes, terminals and devices for paying everything, cold and hot drinks in one street boxing.

2. Serving people. The desire coming out of the heart. They are not serviced, not serving – they serve. Sit down, look from under eyelashes in the eyes, respond to all requests, do not accept tip, sincerely worry, if you do not understand the language.

4. Bath. Joint. Probably, this is the most raw adventure for the whole trip. The abundance of the naked body of both sexes, which the Japanese neither drops are shy. These are their culture, these are their rules. Can be covered with a towel, but the eyes all the time stay there will not work. Swimwear are not welcome, welcome not staring around with very wild eyes . There are also separate onsen, but it is rather relaxes than Japanese color.

5. Lack of central heating and pensions. Traditional Japanese houses cold. The only place, in addition to the bed, where you can warm up – Kotatsu. True, our long legs under the table are intertwined, but this is still warmer.

Japan Zamri and contemplation

6. Sex. Whole stands of magazines, comic floors of various directions, million video games, porn channels, TV show, festival of membees, huge sex shops, costumes sold services from street girls to geish, short skirts of schoolgirls, oil with the smell of "women’s stocking" (and Believe me, it is a calamine chaste). I do not know how often they do, but they look and think a lot about it.

7. Silence in public transport: subway, trains, buses. Silence. Listen to music, read books, leafing social network ribbons. Conversations on the phone are considered indecent! And also the maximum accuracy of trains and subway. I do not know, this is a fact or urban legend: "If the train is delayed for a minute, an attempt to inform the account with life!"

eight. Sushi and Sashie melting in the mouth. I will answer the queue to stand in a queue of one of the tiny cafes in the fish market, to defend it in this queue 40 minutes and enjoy the gentle, the freshest sushi. Mmmm. Prepare before your eyes, put straight on the counter onto the sheet, scold for a pour liter of soy sauce! And what are the Hinks there! And rolls are an American dish, not Japanese.

nine. Tokyo flea market is a whole universe. This is the opportunity to find a treasure, merry the mountain of absolute things, buy real gifts to loved ones and choose yourself a unique thing for a penny. Icons, vintage bags, kimono, paintings, shoes, comics, glasses and helmets. Kaleidoscope surprising!

ten. Well, in fact, for which it was all stood. Sakura blossom. Tender, sensual, awakening from sleep. We found the very beginning of this reverent process. Tried dessert with Sakura for a cup of coffee at the height of the Tokyo Telbashni; rolled on the train, covering huge space of bloom; walked around the parks, where thousands of Japanese contemplate blossoms and slowly drink, arranging entire tent cities and leaving this time on vacation)

I drove to start opening too. It is amazing, in such beauty to start listening to their feelings and thoughts. Allow the first to take the top. Dug, admire, wonder and feel that you live! That the world is huge, that we are different, unique and such similar at the same time.

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