Japanese Bekpecking

My train arrived in Osaka late Saturday night . In Japan, there are practically no night trains, which meant that up to 6 am I should pass somewhere while waiting for the next train. As it turned out the day before, on the weekend to book a hotel room almost unreal – all hotels and hostels were sold out long ahead. Free rooms remained only in the most expensive hotels with price tag from 17,000 rubles. On the railway station, it was not possible to wait – it was closed for the night. It rained outside. M-D. The situation was not the best. But, as they say, there will always be any output from each hopeless situation. And he, of course, was found! 🙂

I stood under the drizzling rain, looking around. District railway station Shin Osaka – rather respectable place. There are no eaters and shops to you – only the parking area and highlights, visible away. "Well. Hold the course at the altitude, I thought, – Surely there is some 24-hour "McDonalds", to pass time ". I wrapped a backpack on my back and threw the puddles. Literally 100 meters from the station, under the bridge, some kind of guy distributed passers-by leaflets. On the leaflet, of course, nothing was disassembled, some hieroglyphs. And only one word in English Internet. And then I remembered that I heard somewhere that in Japan there are a 24-hour Internet cafe, where you can even dwell on the night. "Excellent opportunity to check this information!", – flashed in my head! The guy practically did not speak English. Gestures I showed him that I want to sleep: "Internet cafe. Sleep. OK?»« Ok, ok, "the Japanese rose to the Japanese affirmatively, it turned out not long. Five minutes later I already stood at the entrance.

Inside everything looked pretty presentable. On the usual Internet cafe in my understanding was like. I approached the rack, similar to those that are at the hotel at the reception. The situation with the tongue was repeated, but gestures got out: "Sleep. OK?»The guy showed the scheme of premises and a large sheet with photos of the rooms:" What do you wish?"In the photo, I realized that all the rooms of different sizes are equipped with computers and offered with chairs and without. Those that without chairs have a footcloth on the floor (mattress) from the leatherette. All rooms have prices were different. "OK, I am this, with a mattress!"- I pointed to the room that the photo looked more. – "Unfortunately, such no longer left. Weekend, you know. But there is the same smaller ". – "OK, I take". I still have no other options. It was required to fill out some form and get a membership card. According to the price list, the room could be rented for three, five, ten o’clock. I approached a five-hour option for 500 rubles., that in Japanese standards is almost a task. Having closed my big backpack into a free automatic storage chamber, located right there in the lobby, the guy spent me "in the numbers".

Confess, did not expect to see such! The spacious Space Design Hall was similar to the nightclub, not the library 🙂

Rooms were such cells without ceiling, with a meter height of one and a half. A total of them there were, probably 100-200.

Welcome to my number! 🙂 To go into the booth, you need to remove shoes (with each "number" there are leather slippers). The total size, probably, the meter is one and a half, a shelf with a computer, headphones, a lamp, a hanger and a glass door-sliding. What else is needed for a person for overnight? 😉

True, on my rising, the cabin was obviously poor. Even diagonally, I was not placed in the whole growth, I had to somehow hesitate and curl up.

Japanese Bekpecking

I managed to sleep a little, use the Internet with a Japanese keyboard – too. But I walked around the cafe and made this report. By the way, it was forbidden to take pictures in the Internet cafe, everywhere there are camcorders, so this report can be said, exclusive 🙂

Internet cafes for the most part are really used by the Japanese to just spend the night. Think ourselves: Internet cafe? in Japan? Yes, who needs them in the country of solid electronics, where everyone, including old people and children, several smartphones and tablets.

In recent days, in conversations with familiar Japanese, I learned a lot about the country of the Rising Sun. I also heard about local corporate culture, but did not know that it comes to such extremes. Work for the benefit of the company overtime hours – in the order of things and is perceived by the employer and society as a whole as due. But I did not think that overtime is, as a rule, up to 10 pm, and often to one o’clock or two nights. And what if the last train has already gone? Go home by taxi for several thousand rubles? But after about a few hours in the morning again to work. You can, of course, screw right in the workplace. But sleep in the chair or on the hard floor is uncomfortable. Hotel room for several hours? In office areas only expensive hotels. So there was a subculture of an Internet cafe.

I walked around the hall. With my height from above the edge of the eye could be seen than the people are busy. For the most part, people just slept, someone played in the game, someone watched porn 🙂 It’s amazing, but with such a number of computers here very quietly, there were only hears of swords here, then there. Use headphones – mandatory requirement. You can also choose for free and watch movies on disks, play games, read any magazines or comics.

Japanese Bekpecking

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