Japanese cuisine beats on the defeat European mind

In the consciousness of most of us, Japanese cuisine is as mysterious and exotic, like Japan itself. One list of dishes from many varieties of fish, shrimp, mollusks, crabs, octopus, squid and algae excise.

Japanese cuisine is different from other one hundred percent freshness products and the minimum volume of their frying cooking. It seems that there are simply no refrigerators in Japan – no one will simply eat food yesterday, but even more so cook.

One of the main achievements of Japanese cuisine is, of course, sushi. (The Japanese themselves call it a dish "sucy", But in European countries it gothes like "sushi"). The first sushi appeared in the VI century. And at first it was just a way to keep crude fish – wrapped in rice, she could not spit for several years. When hunger forced the owners of sushi to disturb stocks, they eaten fish, and the rice were thrown. By the XVI century, the Japanese finally realized that the economy should be economical, and began to eat and rice too. But only in the XIX century, modern sushi appeared – the fish was put on the roulettes from rice impregnated with vinegar and wrapped in nori sea cape, a bit of vitamins and minerals. The most common sushi – with caviar of squid, octopus, shrimps, seabed caviar, and flying fish. Sushi is served most often with couples and eat with soy sauce, Japanese very sharp fucking Vasabi and pickled ginger. Sushi should easily and easily cling to wooden chopsticks and scatter into a bowl with sauce. Sauce should emphasize the taste of every kind of sushi, and very sharp fuck makes tiny sushi slightly more sharp and spicy. Ginger should eat between different sushi so that their tastes are not stirred.

In the last century, European cuisine tried to impose their taste to the Japanese – to convince the rice and fish and start eating meat of all kinds of wild and pets. It did not come out: in addition to red meat in the country of seafood, nothing gothes. But the Japanese’s simple meat refused, they decided to indulge their own stomachs marble meat. To get this supervaliable product, from the very birth of young bulls keep in close pens, not allowing them to move and spaling beer. As a result, meat turns gentle and soft. And so that poor animals have no deposits and swords, they make a special massage.

Believe me, a compatisfied reader, pity for innocently killed and who did not know the real free life of a bull as hand shoots, if in the restaurant you will order Kaba and you will watch how a cook with you in a separate room of Tepan-Yaki on specially equipped with plates, the tables will fire marble meat on the open Surfaces, considering all your wishes. Impressions you will have the deepest and will not be able to leave your memory for many years.

Consistently fresh foods turn into dishes only immediately after your order. Another plus – each portion is preparing individually.

Japanese cuisine beats on the defeat European mind

A whole evening in the Japanese restaurant can be given to the wonderful dish Truub Tyuba. Prepare His guests independently on the gas tile, mounted in the table. For a start on slow fire, they bring to a boil saucepan with algae broth. Then the saucepan is sent vegetables and rice noodles. Varyat. In ready "Supcha" Sleep out for a few seconds thin layers of marble meat, make it in the sauce and enjoy the original and spicy taste. Cooked vegetables follow meat. In the remains of the branch, there are incredibly caloric wheat noodles, capable of killing any remnants of hunger.

Japanese cuisine for its healing properties can be equated to the medical on the road Mediterranean resort – very expensive, unforgettable and useful both for the soul and body.

Japanese cuisine puts a whole number of unsolvable questions in front of Europeans – why the inhabitants of the rising sun of the soul do not have a raw fish, fresh rice and algae and how from not such a large range of products Japanese chefs can prepare a great many delicious food. In Japanese restaurants in Moscow, surprise will surprise delight. Cooks from Japan to each season offer guests new dishes. In the country itself it is believed that both on the walls one and the same picture can not hang in winter, both in summer and on the table every season should be presented their specific dishes.

Japanese cuisine beats on the defeat European mind

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