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Japanese cuisine is very popular in Thailand. Sushi and rolls sell even in the markets, however, the quality there is mediocre. This gourmet should go to Japanese restaurants serving the right dishes. A new sushi bar Niji opened on Patong, designed for premium connoisseurs. Boldly, I can call it a real pearl of Japanese cuisine.

Between Bangle and Central

Sushi Bar Niji is located in the heart of Patong, opposite the Dzhang Ceylon complex and near the store Central Patong. Both shopping centers offer parking for cars and motorbikes. The restaurant is conveniently located in the alley between Bangla and Central Street. It is easy to find on panoramic windows and a logo on a black background near the side exit of their central. Niji with Japanese translates as "Rainbow". The owners of the sushi bar just see all the variety of menus and offer you to try the rainbow of Japanese sushi, rolls and sashimi.

Traditional Japanese interior

A small room on 24 places is suitable for dinner together or lunch in the company. The interior of the sushi bar is laconic. Minimalism is created with a tree. Uncomplicated chairs and tables with intentionally untreated surface transmit the atmosphere of the Japanese bistro. Traditional long rack with high chairs shares the hall and kitchen. Waiters are dressed in a strict black and white shape, and massive lamps above the tables and the point light create a common muffled tone of the institution. Nothing in the restaurant distracts from the main thing – sushi, rolls, sashimi. On the other hand, if you sit closer to the window, you can watch the life of the resort.

Quality as in Japan

The accent restaurant is made on popular Japanese dishes: sushi, sashimi, rolls. The menu is small, attention is focused on the quality of these dishes and the originality of taste. The absence of a large stream allows us to focus on the connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine, and not on the mass market. In the sushi bar there is no hot process of cooking dishes, fryer and tempurages. The menu offers warm sushi and rolls prepared by Aburi – firing fish open fire.

Basic Restaurant Policy – Truthfulness. All ingredients of dishes and quantities are prescribed in the menu. In Thailand, the caviar of the fly fish Tobiko is often replaced by a cheapest version of Masago (Icra washing) or ebico – synthetic texture with the addition of color and taste. The difference is easy to see if there are three different rolls nearby. In the sushi bar Niji use only Tobiko and Masago, what to be honest in the menu.

Part of the ingredients are imported straight from Japan: tuna, yard, flounder, caviar of sea hedgehog and salmon, squid, cream cheese, rice, sake and other. And salmon in Norwegian dishes. Other ingredients are distinguished by high quality. Rolls and salads are prepared with fragrant Japanese cucumbers, and not with tasteful Thai. Using Soy Sauce Premium Quality and Savy Japanese Mayonnaise KEWPIE. Best Niji Kitchen Quituine Indicator – Wasabi Cooked from Fresh Root. Such a luxury can afford not every institution. Even avocado take the Spanish.

Perhaps almost everything. Tuna in dishes is represented in two variations: Maguro caught in the Andaman Sea and Blue Tuna Toro straight from Japan. Each part of imported bluphin has its name and value. Toro – slice with a Blue Tuna abdomen – divides on Chu-Toro and more expensive O-Toro. This meat is distinguished by marble and rich taste. Sashimi from O-Toro, the fattest and tender part of the tuna, just melts in the mouth, like butter. The price of the issue in the Sashimi section – from 210 baht for the solution with salmon.

Japanese guests in Niji prefer their classics and delicacies: sashimi from yellow (340 baht), Sushi Chu-Toro (180 baht) or O-Toro (190 BAT). And it is clear why – all the ingredients are perfectly chosen, the fish melts in the mouth, and the rice is moderately soft and sticky. European visitors ordered more familiar rolls of California (250 baht), Philadelphia (320 baht) or Canada (330 baht). They are always juicy, and portions of 8 pieces are just huge.

Section of Sushi, Ginkanov, Rolls and Macs big – their more than 40. For the first dating, take sushi with Hamachvachi yard (65 baht), Norwegian salmon (40 baht), sweet amebi shrimp (50 baht), Rolly Ikura (380 baht) or phytomaki (240 bah). From Sashimi, except for different types of tuna, especially good options with scallop (290 baht) and sweet shrimp AMAEBI (250 baht). Paccorn lovers should stop at sharp rolls and sushi in all possible variations, for example, Crazy Salmon (320 baht). Author’s sauce for sharp dishes Chef is preparing himself. In the corporate roll Rainbow Niji (350 baht) you will be served by Rainbow Assorted: Salmon, Harria, Tuna, Zharmohvost, Shrimp, Avocado, Squid

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From soups in the menu there are two varieties of miso soup – classics and salmon (35 and 45 baht). Salads for a lung start are served with sesame refueling. Total 6 types (from 85 baht). Two options with algae Chuki – Classic and acute, with octopus, with avocado, Kaiso with 4 species of algae. The most win-win version – Salad with a juicy fish trio. And everything is so tasty that wands can be eaten.

As accompaniment to dishes go soft drinks, fruit cakes, green tea match, hot and cold Nespresso coffee. On alcohol, we will not be particularly raised, after all it is a sushi bar. In Arsenal Beer – Thai, Filipino and Japanese KIRIN, several types of sake, Choya plum wine and half a dozen of European alcohol positions. For dessert Take Japanese Sweet Urine with Sakura or Daifuka with Melon. Or give preference to Japanese-style cake: tiramisu, cheesecake and chocolate cake.

For my readers, Sushi Bar Niji prepared a 5% discount. Show the coupon when ordering on a mobile phone or tablet and your day will be even more pleasant. Click on the picture, a larger file opens in a new window.

I am glad that in recent years there are places for real gourmets and connoisseurs of quality, and not Tai-Style appear on Phuket. Sushi Bar Niji on Patong is different from other premium segment facilities available prices. At the same time, the quality of dishes remains at a high level, as in Japan. In general, Niji can not miss.

Sushi Bar Niji

Address: 198/4 Rat-U-Thit 200 Pee Road, Patong Beach
Coordinates: 7.892837, 98.297986
The restaurant is open Tuesday-Sunday from 15:00 to 01:00, on Monday from 17:00 to 24:00.

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