Japanese restaurants Fuji and Zen on Phuket

A serious secret struggle in Thailand leads between two Japanese restaurants in Thailand – Zen and Fuji. The whole world, like the fans of Canon and Nikon, is divided into zondoists and Fujiists. Some praise the advantages of Fuji while others are silently enjoy the kitchen in Xen. It’s time and you decide on whose side you will be in this battle. I like both restaurants, each has a kind of special highlight, which makes it today to choose this particular restaurant. But let’s figure it out in order.

Where to find restaurants on Phuket?

The restaurant is located at the main entrance in the CENTRAL Festival shopping center on the 1st floor.

There are three Fuji restaurants on Phuket: in the Central Festival shopping center on the 3rd floor, in the JUNG CEYLON in the Silang complex, in the Tesco Lotus Thalan shopping complex and Tesco Lotus in Phuket Town.

How is lunch or dinner?

The design of the Japanese restaurant ZEN is made with the comfort for all visitors. Someone is more convenient, traditional European tables located in the air-conditioned room, soft sofas are provided for lovers in the outdoor air, and traditional style fans will be able to enjoy the meal at the lowest tables of Kotatsa on comfortable baffics. Each guest is provided with individual comfort and truly quality Japanese-style service.

Fuji’s restaurant is conveniently dinner or dinner both alone and in a large company. Comfortable traditional tables for two, four and six people are fend off by translucent walls at the level of growth of a sitting person, so do not worry about a funny company nearby if you decide to dine together.

What to order in restaurants?

Great variety of menu in the restaurant Zen pleasantly surprises. Separately, ready-made dishes, sets, sushi and sashimi. Thin plastic plasties from the red sea perch Suzuki usuzukuri or tuna tuna usuzukuri? Fish Sashi Aji Tataki or Mixed Sushi Bou Maki? Sashi with Tuna Donburi Sushi tuna or Salmon Don Set Salmon Don Set? However, you still have to break your head, choosing one of the dishes in a special tuna menu. And also to think over the preservation of algae salad Hiyashi Wakame or the soup from the red beans Oshiruko. Babies like Chicken Teriyaki chicken, Japanese gyoza dumplings and ice cream. Drinks in the Zen restaurant are traditional – fruit cakes, black tea and non-alcoholic drinks are listed in the main menu, for alcoholic cocktails and drinks you will be given separate. Green tea is not listed in the menu, but it is served is free Each client. For vegetarians prepared special rolls, fryer vegetables, noodles with mushrooms and a few more dishes.

In the Fuji restaurant, a great choice of sets: Salmon Tartar Sauce Fry Set with salmon in deep grilled seafood, Roll Sushi Set with incredible crispy rolls, Salmon Teriyaki Set with salmon and huge Fuji Steak Set with seafood for especially hungry. Girls can enjoy a special Lady’s set, Trying the spicy medama yaki salad,. For young visitors offer special children’s sets, shrimp balls in Ebi Croquette fryer and Japanese Onomiyaki Pizza. The drinks menu features fruit cakes, alcohol and tea. Fuji manufactures a special green tea of ​​three types that can also be purchased in supermarkets – traditional Green Tea Natural without sugar, Green Tea Tasty with the addition of sugar and Green Tea Fit with Gingo Extract Bilobo. Vegetarians will find special rolls in the menu, all sorts of mushrooms, kimchi, noodles with tofu, algae with sesame and other dishes.

Japanese restaurants Fuji and Zen on Phuket - comparison, menu, prices, photos, reviews Travel guide

What are the prices and which average check?

In both restaurants, prices are approximately the same, the average account per person is 300-400 baht. The price of dishes in the menu does not include the municipal tax of 7% and service 10%. Restaurants There is a system of accumulative discounts on the map. You can learn details from the waiters. In the menu you will find special sets, which are similar to a full dinner, and if you order all the dishes separately, the cost will be more expensive.

Japanese restaurant yayoi

Not so long ago, the Japanese restaurant of the MK Corporation was opened in the Cental Festival shopping center on the 3rd floor – Yayoi. Pleasant interior and inexpensive prices attract visitors there every day. This restaurant will incorrectly compare with the rest, because the concept of dishes is different, and the menu coincides with interest on 20. Here, as in the restaurant ZEN, is free Submit an unlimited amount of green tea.

Pleasant tasting of Japanese dishes in Yayoi restaurants, Zen and Fuji!

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