Jerusalem. Anglican Church in Jerusalem

At the end of the twentieth century, there were 470 million fantastic protestants in the world. Protestantism is a combination of independent churches (20.000 flows and sects!) conjected only by its origin. The appearance of it is associated with the reformation – a powerful anticatolic movement in Europe of the XVI century. In 1526, Speir Reichstag at the request of German princes-Lutheran adopted a resolution on the right of each to choose religion for himself and its subjects. The second Speir Reichstag in 1529 canceled this ruling. In response, followed by a protest from five princes and a number of cities. From here and the term happened: Protestantism. At the beginning of the essay, a huge number of flows and sects was named, the largest of which are in.v.: Lutherans – 85 million., British – 70 million., Baptists – 48 million., Methodists – 40 million., Calvinists – 35 million. and T.D. In 1948, the World Council of Protestant Churches was created, which created the soil for their cooperation and the development of uniform approaches to different concepts. We will now call only those conceptual differences that exist between Protestantism, Catholicism and Orthodoxy: the refusal of the hierarchy; Simplified cult; lack of monastics; Cults of the Virgin, Saints, Angels, Icons; The number of sacraments is reduced to two: baptism and communion. The main source of the creed – Sacred Scripture. In addition to general information, it gives us the opportunity to better understand the atmosphere of Protestant churches that we have to visit.

English Episcopal Church

The English Episcopal Church was formed in 1536 by King Heinrich VIII. With the support of parliament, he declared himself head of church and confiscated monastic lands. English Faith Symbol is an Anglicism as the middle way (Via Media) between Catholicism and Lutheranism. Such a compromise nature of the doctrine and organization allows AET to enter into ecumenical contacts (ecumenism – the cooperation of churches of various religions, the purpose of which is the rapprochement of all directions of Christianity), both with Catholics and Protestants and Orthodox. The Anglican Church proclaims the cofolican and apostolic faith based on the symbols of faith and the Scripture, interpreted in the light of the Christian tradition, theological study and reason. The center of worship for Anglican is the commitment of the Eucharist. In this offer of prayer and praise, the memory of the life, death and resurrection of Christ is carried out through the proclamation of the word and the commission of the sacrament. The control structure reminds Catholic. At the head of AET, there is a bishop of Canterberian, as Primas of All England and the first Par of the Kingdom. 21 episcoplary. He is given the prerogative of the coronation of kings. The lower clergy is divided into the cathedral and parish. At the head of the first – stands Dean (Dean), behind him Archdiacon (Archdeacon). Parish clergy (Clergy) is divided into a parish priest (Incumbent), Vicaris (CURATE) and Capellanov (Chaplein). In N.v. There are about 70 million in the world. Anglican, united in 36 autonomous dioceses operating in 164 countries of the world. Autonomy combined into an organization called Anglican Commonwealth (Anglican Communion). All of them are in unity with the Canterbury Diocese, headed by.v. Archbishop Canterbury Rowen Williams.

Aetse’s feature was always working in a society in which she lived: in schools and prisons, social institutions and management bodies. Revived in the XIX century interest in the holy land could not not intensify the Anglican Church. The Anglican Missionary Society founded in 1809 the London Society for the spread of Christianity among the Jews, named "Christian Shepherd – Jews". In 1841, the British Parliament approved the Anglican bishop of Jerusalem, and next year the first English bishop arrives here. Initially, he acted in the Union with the German Protestant mission, but by the 80s, the Union broke up and in 1887, the Jerusalem Anglican Mission establishes, with the beginning of the activity of which the new Aetz life page in Palestine opens. The object of our visiting is.

Saint George Church

The cathedral was erected by architect George Jeffrey and named after St.George, Heavenly Patron of England. St.George (in English Saint George) lived at the beginning of the IV century. He was born in Cappadocia, grew up in a religious christian family. His father took the martyrdom for faith when George was still a child. Mother moved after her husband’s death on her homeland in Palestine. Georgy entered the service in the Roman army. The brave warrior noted the emperor Diocletian. George has achieved great success, but languished by the fact that the emperor was a persecutor of Christians. Having decided, he called Diocletian to stop their torture. For this, the angry mask threw a petitioner to the dungeon, causing it to the pads and exposing tortured. Georgy Straightly transferred them, and after the secondary circulation was a wheelchair. It seemed that the hero would have to die but. From the sky there was a voice: "Georgy, do not be afraid. I’m with you!". Angel appeared, laid his hand on George, and he came down from the wheel, Slavs Lord. Shocked emperor ordered to fall asleep George Lime – did not help, he was survivors, in spite of any attempts to kill him. Feats and miracles Georgy multiplied the number believers in it, but. Diocletian ordered ultimately cut off his head, and George took death named the Lord on the mouth.

Jerusalem. Anglican Church in Jerusalem

Of the many feats of the Holy, the most famous is the following: in his homeland, the city of Beirut, there was a lake in which a huge snake lived. He devoured people and devastated the district, daily demanded people to sacrifice. Reached the queen’s daughter. She was waiting for its o’clock when suddenly on a white horse with a spear appeared Georgy. Having mastered himself with a cross, he rushed to the snake and struck him. For victories and courage in the suffering.George began to call the victorious. Holy Great Martyr George is considered a patron and defender of warriors. It is familiar with his image on the coat of arms of Moscow, from his behalf, the English name of Georgia occurs, and in our case – he became the patron saint of England. So, St. George Church.

Work on the construction of the entire Anglican Center, which included in addition to college and the church, the residence of the bishop, the library, a stable house and premises for clergymen, ended in 1899, and the bell tower, determined the drawing of the complex, was attached only in 1912. At the request of Queen Alexandra, she began to be called the bell tower Edward VII, in honor of her husband, the king of England. All buildings are made in a new style, causing associations with their analogues in England: Oxford Madeleine College and London Parliament in Miniature.

The style of internal registration of the church does not leave doubt in his English origin. Possible glass stained glass windows, the plots of which are taken from the life of John the Baptist (St. John). They are established in memory of the outstanding American missionary archaeologist James Barclay (James Thomas Barclay) and his wife Julia with.Barclay, who worked in Palestine in the period from 1851 to 1861.G. This is evidenced by a memorable plate hanging in the hall. You can see the Baptistery, presented by the Queen Victoria, Capella, dedicated to Archangel Mikhail, Elegant Gothic Arches, Decorated with Threaded Truck Organ. And coming out of the hall, you can see the small botanical garden with plants mentioned in the tanya located to the right of the building. In the yard, the entrance to which decorates the placement of the gatekeeper in the Lzhettyudor style is located those of the Dean and Bishop, a stimple house, a school for boys, and recently and college for adults belonging to the branch of the Protestant Bishopal US Church.

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