Jerusalem. Church of St. Anna

There was one worthy married couple. Husband, Joachim, took place from the descendants of King David; wife, Anna, from the genus of the High Priest Aaron. Everything would be fine, but the righteous people did not have children, and they were very saddened. According to legend, after another visit to the temple, Ioahim left Jerusalem and went to the desert in order to remove from everyone to surrender to the hearer prayer to God. He was an angel who announced him that they would have a predicted virgin, from which the Son of God will happen. Anna prayed at home in Nazareth, where they lived. Near her house, she saw the birds curling the nest, and prayed: "Even poultry have the joy of offspring!". She was the same angel and announced that she needs to go to Jerusalem to meet her husband. After the last time, a child appeared on the light, the girl named Maria, which means "Hope", "Mrs." means. Parents gave vow to give it to the temple for serving God. A few years later, in the 80s, Ioachim died, and his widow, Anna, moved to live in Jerusalem. She bought here two estates: one thing in Gethsemane, and the second – in the Valley of Josafat, where he made a family tomb. Two years after the death of her husband, Anna was stubborn, being 70 years old.

The place on which the church was erected is determined by the tradition of where Anna gave birth to the Virgin. I enter the courtyard of the church, it is difficult to assume that we will meet so well preserved constructions of the period of the Crusaders.

The church was erected in 1142 with the support of Queen Melisanda, which was the initiator of many projects on the Holy Land. This was a lot of contributing to her communication with.Bernard Clervovsky, who was her spiritual mentor. For his earthly acts, Melisanda was awarded to be resting in the chapel of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin (see "walk" number 16 "The Tomb of the Virgin in the Valley of Hosaphate"). After the expulsion of the Crusaders from Jerusalem in 1187, many churches were destroyed, but this "pulled" a lottery ticket – Sallah Ad-Dean turned her in Madrasa. Due to this, it has been preserved in subsequent periods of conquest. In 1856, the church was donated by Napoleon III Turkish Sultan Abdul Madzhid as a sign of gratitude for the support provided in the Crimean War, and the church was transferred in 1878 for the use of "White Fathers" – the brotherhood of monks founded in 1865.

The church was renovated by architect M.Mouse. He restored the style of the Crusader’s era, which has undergone a fair change due to the use of the Muslims building, but in memory of Salla Hed-Dene left the inscription made.

The chief altar was built in 1954 by the French sculptor Philip Keppelen. On his front and on the sides – plots from the life of Mary: the introduction of the Virgin in the Temple, Mary’s Mother’s training, Annunciation, Christmas, Removing from the Cross. From the Basilica, you can go down the stairs to the main shrine of the Church – underground crypt, in which the tradition determined the place marked by the altar, where Maria Virgin Mary was born.

Jerusalem. Church of St. Anna

Coming out of the church, it is absolutely necessary to inspect the excavations of the once reservoir that existed here, called the Bifra font. Before talking about them, let us turn to the quotation from the Gospel "from John" (5: 1-9):

"After this was a Jewish holiday, and Jesus came to Jerusalem. There is also a swimsuit in Jerusalem in a waters, called the Jewish Bifern, at which there were five indoor moves. They lay the great many patients, blind, chrome, withered, waiting for water movement. For the angel of the Lord at times went into the bath and outraged the water; and who was the first to enter her on the perturbation of water, he recovered, he would have been obsessed with a disease. There was a man who was in illness thirty-eight years. Jesus saw his lying and learned that he had been lying for a long time, he says to him: Want to be healthy? The patient answered him: So, Lord; But I do not have anyone in order to put me in the bath, when water is indignant; When I come, the other is already coming down before me. Jesus said to him: Stand, take his bed and go. And he recovered the hour and took his bed, and went. ".

It is here, in the fonts of a sheep gate, in accordance with the story of John, Jesus healed relaxed. In this lowland, there was a reservoir. Plotina collected water flowing through the valley, in a natural lake. It was transformed into an artificial reservoir of 40 x 50 m. and a depth of 6 m. Water from the reservoir was supplied to the temple on the open channel and was used for washing sacrificial animals. And between 150 g. to N.NS. and 70 g. N.NS. To the east of the reservoir, the place of healing was arranged. Font, baths and grotes were used for medical and religious purposes. Many patients directed from the temple expected to get rid of diseases. Excavations opened the dam and reservoirs, the Byzantine Basilica and the font, in which tourists and pilgrims visiting holy place may drop.

Jerusalem. Church of St. Anna

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