Jerusalem, Florentine and Paris tourist syndromes

There are places on the map, which are more than others, make tourists survive nervous shocks. Instead of unforgettable impressions from the trip, they bring a mental disorder. It is curious that after a certain time, the disease disappears. The story knows many such facts, in particular, after trips to Jerusalem, Florence and Paris. It turns out that visit them can lead travelers to unhealthy ecstasy or despondency. With symptoms of mania, depression or painful anxiety, they later fall on the reception to a psychiatrist. What is the point?

Jerusalem syndrome

Every year, this city is visited by many travelers. Some of them are striving to study the basics of their own religion, the second admire that the admirers of three religions coexist here: Christians, Jews and Muslims. All these tourists may become victims of religious dependence. In another way, it is impossible to explain the phenomenon that Smolensky wrote in the cycle of articles "Israel no longer flies"? He was a high, beautiful, bright young man of twenty years. Nothing first indicated that he will do. Somehow he donated in white clothes, he hung over a big cross and began to walk along the alleys of the old part of the city. He had the feeling that he was the Savior, appeared in a sacred city, where there is the beginning of everything to save the world. He was not violent, did not imagine danger. Read poems from the sacred books.

It is narrated by OB Jerusalem syndrome, about the disorder that has been valid from the eighties of the last century. The script is almost always the same. Tour in this city redeems a completely healthy traveler. Come to sacred places, Tourist begins to behave unusual. It is accompanied by anxiety, it begins to constantly wash, cut the nails and always prays, imagining itself by biblical heroes.

For the first time, a similar incident was given in the magazine "Russian Psychiatry". Doctors drew attention to the patient brought to the Institute of Neurology and Psychiatry in the capital of Poland. The woman was given there straight from the plane after visiting Israel and Egypt. Spouse decided to reduce leave due to wife’s illness. The woman could not fall asleep, began to obsessively clean and even started licking parquet in the hotel. And also showed strange behavior during sightseeing. Got, gives all clean water. Claimed that this is not water, and wine. I did not want to get away from the church, prayed furiously, tried to separate from the excursion. Declared his desire to become the adept order. Applied to you beat the fists, said that she was crazy. In her family there was no one with mental disabilities, and a woman recovered in 20 days. After this incident began to avoid cities related to religious places.

Florentine syndrome

There are even more such cases. This strange syndrome was recorded from travelers in Italy. Standal syndrome (Florentine), it is about him here it says, manifests itself with a strong heartbeat, an ambiguity of consciousness, dizziness and even visions. And all this when visiting the artifacts that this old Italian city is famous for.

The name of the syndrome is on behalf of the Great Writer Henri – Marie Standal. He After watching the Uffizi Gallery and visit in the Dante’s tombstone, Michelangelo’s diplocity began to suffer from heartbeat. Writer lay a week in bed with fever. After the amendment again decided to visit these sights, but the symptoms returned. Several time, the Italian psychiatrist Magerini psychiatrist met with exactly such reactions from his patients. Three years later, the syndrome was first diagnosed and he was given a name. Psychiatrists say that such signs appear when making purchases, for example, in trade ranks, in response to a wide choice.

Jerusalem, Florentine and Paris tourist syndromes

Paris syndrome

Paris – the capital of a couple loving each other, eating in many films and books. City of art with small streets and historical quarters. Every year, France is visited more than thirty million travelers. If anyone has not been in the French capital, he is definitely the plans to do. Most guests are air illusions about Paris, popular with their literature and history, but, coming, feel a bitter feeling. Why it happens? The city did not meet their expectations.

He is littered and dirty, the inhabitants of the city do not want to talk in English, and the Parisians do not have phenomenal beauty at all. Tourist Encompose the feeling of fear, devastation, severe heartbeat, headache. Most, are subject to the Paris syndrome Tourists from Japan, which the embassy even created a hot telephone line so that they can call support for support.

One of the answers to these phenomena is possible that these cities have ancient religious, cultural, historical attractions that are so unusually affected on individual tourists.

Jerusalem, Florentine and Paris tourist syndromes

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