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If the resort of Netanya, in which we lived, look like other seaside resorts, then Jerusalem is impossible to compare anything. Jerusalem is the whole world!

I’m still impressed by this city. Jerusalem for me is no longer a legend, but the most "alive" city from those where I happened to visit.

From the guides, I could not know anything about the emergence of Jerusalem. There are no reliable information about how this city arose in the middle of the desert. Some refer to the presence of water sources, others on transport roads. But neither Bethlehem nor Jerusalem is founded by Jews, and not the Arabs.

Jerusalem is considered the spiritual capital of the world. This is the center of the world. Erushalim – from the word Era helmem – fear elevated.

Jerusalem is the image of the world, controversial and united, the world of love and peace of hostility, the world of holiness and sin, the world of the incessant struggle of the highest with the lower.

I personally went to Israel with longing in the world, I wanted to rise to Jerusalem Spiritual – Heavenly Jerusalem!

In Jerusalem, you need not to enter, in Jerusalem you need, as before, "climb".

The famous song performed by Boris Grebenshchikova would have to begin with words not "under the sky blue, but" over the sky blue there is a Golden city, "because we are talking about Heavenly Jerusalem!

It is significant that on the way to Jerusalem, buses with tourists make a stop in the fan cafe King Rock-n-Rola Elvis Presley. There you will be offered to drink a mug of coffee and get this mug with photos of Elvis as a gift.

Some trade Elvis, others with their created idols. And Christian souvenirs traded most of the Muslim.

Jerusalem – Earth Holy and for Jews, and for Christians, and for Muslims. Buy here the land for money is just so impossible. There is a competition of religions!

In the old town, which is the center of Jerusalem, the four quarters are neighboring: Armenian, Muslim, Christian and Jewish. Christians seek to the temple of the coffin of the Lord, Judea are sent to the western wall – the wall of crying, and Muslims – to the Omar mosque.

Here everyone prays to God – but her! Here everyone takes care of the salvation of the soul, but in its own way. And everyone here is right.

Curiously at the same time hear the call on Muslim prayer, see how Jews are in a hurry to the synagogue, and how Christians carry a cross on Via Dolorosa, hear the ringing of bells and the noise of merchants.

And everyone live together, and somehow suffer each other. I saw the Jews (Hasidi), sent to the wing wall in the evening, turned away from the Muslims returned from the mosque.

Jerusalem – the city that would have to unite people, in fact disconnects. And the wall – in the heads of people!

Jerusalem caused contradictory feelings in me: I liked the outside, but the feeling of confrontation, the incessant battle for Jerusalem.

What I like Jerusalem? Holiness? Or a large number of people seeking holiness?

Many come to repent in sins, as President Yeltsin did.

Believers need to come to Jerusalem not on one day and without an excursion.

In general, Jerusalem is the city of myths.

I suppose all pilgrims seeking in Jerusalem and now, and in the past, they wanted to see not so much ordinary city, how much holy place.

With all the volume, Jerusalem city of living people. We lived in the European part of the new city, where stores for Europeans are located. And the so-called old city is something completely different.

I did not leave the feeling of anxiety when we walked around the old town, as if we were on a powder warehouse. But the euphoria novelty dulled the feeling of fear.

Personally, I liked the Armenian Quarter. The quietest and most pure quarter. There are no shops there.

But the Arab quarter is filled with shopping beds, decorated with the illumination, the most dirty and most alive. We plotted the Arab Quarter’s banks (remembering Andrei Mironova in the film "Diamond Hand"), until the boys told us "Stop. No Exit ». Israeli patrols, which are many in this part of the city, warned about danger and advised to return.

Military and police patrols here are a lot. And, probably, not in vain.

Famous sorrowful path of Christ on Calvary – Via Dolorosa – passes through the Arab quarter. When I walked around Via Dolorosa, the Arab boy, looking at my guide, told me – "Crezy", and twisted my finger at the temple.

Arabs earn everything. They are even a premises where the pretoria was previously located and kept the last night in the dungeon of Christ before execution, (now there is an Arab school), turned into place of income – sell tickets for viewing.

For me, Jerusalem is primarily a place where Jesus Christ was crucified. Therefore, it was so important to visit all the places where he was, spending the night in the Greater Garden, to pass the sorrowful way to Calvary, – because I described it in my novel "A strange strange incomprehensible extraordinary stranger".

Tours of Israel do not recognize the divine origin of Jesus Christ. For Jews Jews Jesus is a false propeller.

But the connection of Christianity with Judaism is much deeper than to think. Any Jewish festive trapes begins with bread and wines. So the Eucharist (communion) is not something new. In Jerusalem, during the Easter holiday, it was customary to take guests. Therefore, the instruction of Jesus students, where exactly they will find a place to celebrate Easter, is quite natural.

Jerusalem is the whole world! Jerusalem, Israel Blogs and travel notes of tourists in Jerusalem on

In the morning in the church of the Holy Sepulcher, a completely different atmosphere, like in the evening before closing. Do not want to leave. Place, of course, nasty. Pure high vibrations. Although there are a lot of bustle.

Pray, beating their heads in the temple of the Holy Sepulcher and immediately sin. Someone called a mobile phone, someone drank coffee. ****************** Fire turn:

– Woman, you are without turn.

– And you will quickly set up candles, and then you have how much ..

I want to believe that someone visits the temple in such an environment makes it better, helps to create love and welcome. Only this can serve as an excuse to be worn inside.

Holiness places is not in this. Here just thousand-year experience.

Surprised that I had to hear on the approach to the cry of crying. "Bad they take care of the wall …", "And toilet here is free?"," What do you need to write in the notebook in the cry of crying?".

What is distinguished by the Jews, so this is unquestionless respect and adherence to tradition.

The place of the temple is the place of the concentration of spiritual strength, the place of holiness. Despite the fact that the temple is in his heart.

When I approached the wall of crying, the rabbi came to me and began to ask where I was called my name, the names of the relatives. When I replied, he began to pray at the wall, and after prayer began to explain what you need to give money to the synagogue. I had no money with me, and I involuntarily thought if this prayer would be heard then. In the synagogue, I was offered the same services from which I refused. There, too, for prayer asked money. I thought: why write notes and stuff them in the village of crying, if you believe that your prayer words will be heard?

Prayer This is not what is written in the prayer book, but what is written in the human heart, please give power to correct, the desire to bring knowledge about the highest strength to this world, the desire of absolute love and complete return.

Prayer comes from the depths of the heart, which you feel in my heart, without prayerbooks and priests, and without words. This appeal to the highest strength!

Prayer is a request for correction. We must ask for the power that will raise us from this world to the spiritual world.

Genuine prayer can be only one, only one prayer reaches the highest temple – it is a prayer for connecting all people in love.

Jerusalem is a city in which, probably, like in any other, love to create the need!

Love Create a need – this is the main conclusion of my Roman-Fireman "Wanderer" (Mystery) – read on the site

Jerusalem is the whole world! Jerusalem, Israel Blogs and travel notes of tourists in Jerusalem on

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