Jerusalem – This is the Holy City for all Christians, Muslims and Jews of the most different sense, a hint of the pilgrimage of numerous believers around the world. Note that this is the only city in a world with more than semesey names, and its age is more than 3,500 years.In addition, such an unimaginable mixing of monuments of the history and peoples, cultures and various traditions, where the churches, mosques and synagogues are at the same time, you will not meet anywhere else.

As if by hand, the brilliant masters are condensed together fragments of a wonderful picture that adds right on your eyes. Here and boys with paisas, proud men in black clothes, in the synagogue, shouting Arabs, calling you to buy some trifle, silent soldiers with mating machines, numerous tourists and pilgrims from all corners of the earth, melodic chistle church bells, The loud voice of Muzzin, collecting Orthodoxes on weekly prayer. All this is contradictory and at the same time harmoniously. And you can only contemplate and enjoy, frozen in a wordless admiration from the seen ingenious masterpiece, whose name is Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is located on the watershed between the Mediterranean and the Dead Seas, at a height of about 650-840 meters. Modern Jerusalem is divided into two parts: new and old town. The new city, originated in 1860 in the form of the first Jewish outskirts in the West, has long surpassed old both in size and population. However, the heart of Jerusalem — it’s still an old town, which is historically divided into 4 blocks, namely – «Jewish», «Christian», «Armenian» and «Muslim».

Video from Jerusalem

What is interesting to see in Jerusalem?

Top attractions of Jerusalem

Temple of the coffin of the Lord

Via Doloros

Wall of Tears

Dome of the rock

Ascension Temple on Eleon Mount

Walls and gates of old ..

The tomb of the Virgin

Oil hydrocarbon

Burning the secret evening

Kubbat al-Miraj

Jerusalem: excursions and events

The most interesting for tourists in Jerusalem is considered to be the Rockefeller Museum, the Museum of the Bible Countries, the Extensive Assembly of the Museum of Islamic Art, Museum-Assembly of Musical Instruments, Mandelbaum Museum, Mishkanot-A Roise Museum (i.e. Bedouin Museum), Museum of Natural Sciences, Armenian Museum, Home -Musey Quiet, Islamic Museum on Temple Mountain, Museum «Last day», The Archaeological Museum of Wali, Museum of Old Ishuva (or Jewish Community), Museum of the Watchtop in the House of Turzheman, Tax Museum, Unique Museum of the Funic’s and Studio Museum of Antiquity of Ein-Yale.

Recomonging tourists excursions in Jerusalem (on average they cost from $ 50 to $ 75 with a group version, and from $ 200 to $ 500 with individual):

    Jerusalem, Israel Recreation, reviews, hotels in Jerusalem Turprom travel guide
  1. Jerusalem Review – This is a pedestrian tour of the old town.
    Pedestrian walk through the old town, which included: Tsar David’s street, Walk through the Christian Quarter. Visit to the Temple of the Holy Sepulcher. Passage by Via Doloroz. Visiting the wall of crying, complex.Mary, Walls of Ezekia. Passage down the street top cardo. Inspection of the Zion Gate. Visiting Abbey Dorming, Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary, Highlights of the secret evening and the grave of King David.
  2. Jerusalem – Treated City of Religions
    Inspection of the Panorama of Jerusalem from the Overview. Visit the Jewish, Christian, Armenian and Muslim Quarters of the Old Town. Visiting the Watch Wall – the main Jewish shrine of Jerusalem. Visiting Mount Sion, approach to the tomb of the king of David, visiting the famine of the secret evening. Excursion to the last stops of the Cross Way of Jesus Christ. Visiting Calvary, Temple of the Holy Sepulcher. Inspection of the Muslim shrine of the Temple Mountain – the famous Mosque of El Aksa and the magnificent mosque of Omar (with the consent of the administration).
  3. Jerusalem Christian
    Inspection of the Panorama of Jerusalem Ancient and Modern. A visit to the Gefsemic Garden, Oilseed Mountain. Visiting the Church of the Passion of the Lord, the Temple of the Assumption of the Virgin. Mount Zion and visiting the famine. Making a transpression path (5 last stops). Visiting the temple of the coffin of the Lord and Calvary – the burial places of Jesus. Stop at the wall crying.
  4. Bethlehem and Jerusalem Russian
    Excursion to the most important city of Bethlehem, the birthplace of Tsar David and Jesus Christ, here tourists visit the christmas church of Christ. Then the tourists go to Jerusalem and attend the Gongne Monastery, as well as remarkable Russian monasteries in Elyon Mountain – Spaso Voznesensky and Mary Magdalene. In the presence of time in excavation, a visit to the Russian compound.
  5. Bethlehem and Old TownJerusalem
    Excursion to the most important Christian cities of Judea: first visiting the Bethlehem, the birthplace of Tsar David and Jesus Christ, visiting the christmas christmas christmas. Then tourists depart in Jerusalem, where the temple of the Mernel is visited by the Temple, pass through Via Dollaoz and complete the excursion at the Wall of crying.
  6. Jerusalem underground
    Visiting Archaeological Park "Center Davidson" – Excavations in the southern wall of the temple mountain, where traces of the destruction of the II Temple are preserved, watching the movie «Pilgrims in the temple.». Stop at the wall crying. Visit to the city of David – Elderngo Jerusalem, the capital of the united Israeli kingdom; Inspection of the most ancient water pipeline; Inspection of the Siliala Funky – Wonderful Wonderland Creation Places. View the film in the 3rd image. Inspection of the Panorama of the Kedron Valley and Stairs Hasmaneyev.
  7. Jerusalem Judea
    Walk through the old town: a visit to the Jewish quarter, the beautiful street of Cardo, excavations of the ancient Jerusalem, the approach to the wall of crying, visiting the big synagogue, the Irodian quarter – the city of Period of the Board of Great. Visiting Yad Your Museum of European Jewry Catastrophe.
  8. Jerusalem Panoramic + Poison Your
    Walk through the Old Town: Visit the Jewish, Armenian Quarters, Roman Street Cardo, inspection of the walls of crying, the church of the Mernel of the Lord, Calvary, making a godway (5 last stops). Inspection of the Panorama of Jerusalem, a visit to Jewish and Christian shrines. Poison Vashem: Visit the Museum of Catastrophe and Heroism of European Jewry. Climbing the Zion Mountain, visit the grave of King David.
  9. Caves, monasteries in the vicinity of Jerusalem, Latrun
    Latrun – this monastery of silence, from it and starts the tour. Tasting of monastery wines, an advent of the appearance of Jesus after resurrection, Park «Canada», Stalakty caves, the graves of the prophet Samuel. A visit to Ein-Kerema – the place of birth of John the Baptist, the Women’s Gorensky Monastery (with the consent of the administration of the monastery).
  10. Caves. Monasteries
    Emaus – a meeting place for the resurrected Jesus Christ with students, hence the journey begins. Ein Kerm is an estimated place of birth of John the Baptist. A visit to the Church of the Crusaders Abu Gosh, the women’s Orthodox Gongno Monastery. Fascinating walk along the unique cave of stalactites and stalagmites called Sortes.

History of Jerusalem

Climate in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem climate is extremely similar to the climate of other parts of Israel and Jordan; year here is divided strictly for two seasons – Rainy (i.e. winter) and dry (summer). Since Jerusalem is located on the elevation, the maximum and minimum temperatures in the city above, and the weather change occurs significantly faster than in other parts of this region. Rain in Jerusalem starts in October or in November and continue until March-April. For these 7 months, the city receives almost the entire rate of precipitation, which is about 560 mm per year. In the period from May to September rains almost never.

The average temperature in January (the coldest month) in Jerusalem is about 7°C in July (the warmest month) – about 23°WITH. In winter, the temperature frequently drops below zero, and sometimes even in Jerusalem snows. In the summer the maximum temperatures within the range 32-38 and°C, sometimes reaching the level of 44°WITH. The prevailing winds are north-westerly, though in the summer desert of often blowing northwest wind Khamsin, which brings the city dry heat.

Jerusalem: Entertainment and Activities

-Lyubitelyam tourists enjoying the outdoors will love Jerusalem, because of its many gardens and parks are the most important sights of the city. For long walks as the Bet National Park is the best suited Guvrin. The most picturesque sceneries of Jerusalem are Liberty Bell Park and the Wohl Rose Garden vechnotsvetuschy.

Tourists with children should be sure to include in your excursion program, visiting the local zoo Biblical Zoo. He will surprise visitors not only a variety of a variety of animals presented here, but also very beautiful design territory, because each enclosure in the zoo is in the special style of the natural conditions of animal habitats.

And the tourists who come to Israel to improve their health, should pomnit that the most famous in Jerusalem health center is the center of Jerusalem International YMCA, which offers its clients a wide range of integrated programs and all kinds of beauty treatments.

Transport characteristics of Jerusalem

The basis of the movement in Jerusalem up cars, as well as tourist sightseeing buses.

Jerusalem, Israel Recreation, reviews, hotels in Jerusalem Turprom travel guide

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