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In addition to vivid impressions of excursions and magnificent beaches, Thailand pleases their guests with amazing gems, precious stones and products of them. Today I want to introduce you to the largest GemS Gallery jewelry factory, one of the 300 leading firms of the world, which is visited by more than 4 million buyers per year. Here you will find the widest selection of gold and silver products with precious and semi-precious stones. Factory consultants speak different languages, including Russian.

History of jewelry factory

Gems Gallery jewelry factory on Phuket opened its doors to everyone 10 October 1998. To date, the Phuket branch is the second largest after Pattaya. In addition to these two places, Gems Gallery is located in Bangkok and Chiang May. For more than 20 years, Gems Gallery has plentless of their customers with jewelry of the highest quality. There are decorations from natural stones: rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds that meet international quality certificates ISO 9002 and ISO 9001: 2000.

Excursion to the factory

At the entrance to the factory you will be visited by friendly staff and carries out a train, from where the trip to the world of Thailand’s stones begins. In Russian, you will learn everything about creating jewelry masterpieces. The kingdom is famous for the whole world with their rubies and sapphires, which are mined in the province of Kanchanaburi. And, of course, pearls, because it is Phuket called the Pearl of the Andaman Sea. But on this assortment of the factory is not limited. Here you will find jewelry with Colombian Emeralds, diagrants from South Africa and Brazilian semi-precious stones: grenade, topaz, amethyst, citrine, chrysolite, tourmaline, opal, jadeite and other.

After a fascinating trip to the world of stones, which lasts only a few minutes, you will be held in an indicative workshop where you will see the workshops at work. Notice how with the help of coarse tools, Thai jewelers create masterpieces. Ready jewelry in Thailand are not venered, and everyone is manufactured in the kingdom. The design of each decoration is unique, inventy by Thai masters and is protected by copyright, so in the store you can not take pictures of the showcases and products. Products with a simpler design are made right on Phuket, and more complex jewelry bridge from Bangkok.

Thai jewelry

In the store you will find decorations with precious and semi-precious stones in gold and silver. In Thailand, only silver mined, and all gold imported. So much more profitable to buy products with precious stones here than purely gold. Although the design of products without stones is sometimes so beautiful that I can not resist. So I bought myself earring-carnations from white gold in the form of a Japanese hieroglyph for 3000 baht. And all gold jewelry are made by European standards.

Thai gold

Sometimes they ask me why Thai gold is so yellow? Because instead of copper in jewelry add silver. The most common test is 750 (18 carats), that is, jewelry, where 75% of gold, 15% silver and 10% of the alloy of metals give extra strength. Also on sale you will find Sample products 585 (14 carats). When buying any jewelry from gold, you will be given a certificate of quality, where the product will be photography and its properties are described: price, name, precious stones and gold cane. You have a lifelong warranty for repair and cleaning decoration. A passport of the most authoritative hemonological institute GIA is issued to products with diameters of 0.3 karat.

Jewelry on James Galery

Gold jewelry differ in the content of gold, quantity, quality and size of stones. So, for example, a ring with sampling of diamonds will cost cheaper than with one big stone. Or 585 products with sapphires will differ from 750 samples price and quality stones. Golden decorations can be with sea or river pearls, while silver – only with river. Remember, I wrote a separate article about the pearls and told what differences? In addition to ordinary precious stones on Gems Gallery, you can find decorations with very rare stones: star sapphire and star ruby.

Jewelry factory Gems Gallery (discount! ) - transfer, prices, gold, silver guide to Phuket

Silver decorations are presented in Gems Gallery with both precious and semi-precious stones and pearls. Especially I would like to note the quality of silver, it is posted on Gems Gallery, that is, they are covered with a thin layer of rhodium, a platinum group metal. Because of this, silver products with stones and pearls do not darken. The lowest prices for silver decorations of simple design, for example, a ring with a zircon in 2 carat costs 500 baht. Products with a complex design and with many stones, of course, cost more. When buying silver products, the certificate is not issued, except for expensive products, but all the decorations have a Hems Gallery stamp, and you can clean it at any time.

In Gems Gallery, you can not only choose an exclusive decoration, which is no longer in the world, but also to do something to order. Thai masters with joy will be happy for the incarnation of the very cheeky of your imagination. In addition, on Gems Gallery, you can change the size of the ring of gold or silver. With an increase in the size of products, they are not rolled, and the metal is added.

In addition to gold and silver jewelry on Gems Gallery, products with pearls are widely represented. You can pick up rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces from river, sea and even natural pearls. At your request, the pearl thread will make a set: necklace and bracelet. Also on Gems Gallery, you can buy separately pearls, precious and semi-precious stones with a minimum markup.

All products and individual stones can be unhindered from Thailand with a certificate (not concerns silver). Rules of importation in your country of residence and the obligation of precious stones declaration. Check separately. All jewelry and souvenirs on Gems Gallery are sold without VAT, so you do not need to return the tax on them.

For men on Gems Gallery all conditions are provided. As everyone knows, most of them bored in the process of shopping their companion. Consider this fact, Gems Gallery provides all visitors free drinks at the bar: tea, coffee, soft drinks, beer, wine and Thai whiskey. At the same time, you can celebrate a good purchase by drinking a glass of wine or something stronger. Or a man I can examine yourself anything interesting in the souvenir department: a wallet from a skate or a belt from the crocodile. Their cute companions also stand there to visit the snake leather handbag, crocodile or a row, natural folk and various souvenirs.

Please note that Gems Gallery has no fakes and artificial stones, as it happens in other jewelry stores. For more than 20 years, Gems Gallery has followed the quality of its products and keeps the brand.

You can order a free transfer on Gems Gallery by phone +66 84 905 6656 (WhatsApp, Viber) and get a guaranteed discount! Visit the factory yourself and get a discount, presenting a coupon (picture clickable). ATTENTION! To activate the discount, if you arrived yourself, you need to call the phone indicated in the coupon and show a coupon consultant for a jewelry factory.

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