Jiping in the Canyon River Psaho

A small river Psaho proceeds in the village of Sla Galitsino in the Adler district. The trip on her canyons is one of the most beautiful Sochi routes. He became known for only a few years ago, when Sochi National Park equipped canyons for mass visits. And before the gorge could only penetrate the climbers ..

Now you can easily find this route near all excursion agents under the heading "Jiping". Those who want to go to the psaho a lot, so do not have to wait for the car. We have agreed without problems with the driver the next day, at 9 am.

The trip lasts five to six hours and includes two canyons of the psaho – dry and "wet", Ivanovo waterfall, the Trinity-Georgievsky Women’s Monastery at the village of Forest and "Stop on demand", that is, in agreement with the driver.

Nothing special to take. Remember only that you have to walk on stones and water – and consider how your legs will be treated for this. In general, any convenient non-slip shoes are suitable, which is easy to remove-wear or not pity to wet. At the end of the route it will be good (though it is not suiced) to eat, and if you forget the water – go in a waterfall 🙂

Probably you already know that "jeep" in the Caucasian mountains is just a comfortable word. In fact, tourist routes on mountain roads ride our native gases and UAZ: large with benches for 12-16 people or small with seats on 4-6. It is said that no other cars will pass in place. It is hardly so – just the owners of expensive SUVs keep them away from tourists 🙂

Whatever it was, we got a small, six-bedned UAZ. Ride it fun: shaking and smelly exhaust create a romantic mood and feeling of extreme. But this is just a feeling: the route is safe. Moving through the rivers, jumping over the stones and splashing the dirt – the balletness of drivers for the sharpness of passenger sensations, no more 🙂 With us and in the next car, couples with two-year-old children were driving, and both workers felt perfectly well.

Those who were in those places before preparation for the Olympics may not even know. For example, I in 2000 did most of the way from Adler to the Red Polyana on the Uzpeler and Scary Serpentine. And now there is a wide speed highway, straight to disgrace. And on it that old UAZ is that the racing car is all, by and large, equal. Go yourself and go.

From Adler to the first stop of the route – approximately 20 km. On the left in the course of the movement, Skybridge’s suspended bridge is visible – the main attraction of Skhaipark, open in 2014. About Squa Park You can find out the mass of everything interesting on their official website http: // www.ajhackett.COM / SOCHI /. As it turned out, we drove past just a birthday Park – July 5. On this day there were launched a whole series of new attractions. But we had a different interest – we wanted wildlife and mountain landscapes.

The top of our car was closed until we collected all the participants of the trip. The latter was brought to a well-known observation platform with a "all-wheel drive" donkey – immediately after it ends the track and the rise begins. There the driver rolled the roof, and we moved to the top seats. For photographing in the way these places are perfect. You can, without getting up, look ahead, back and on the sides, and even sometimes hold the camera with two hands. If the technique allows, you can make this snapshot at a speed of 50 km / h 🙂

And from behind a lot of space on the floor, and we have a great photo storyplay with a recentified tripod. Might fit two more such!

So, the first stop: Ivanovo waterfall.

Like the canyons, this is the object of the Sochi National Park. They are protected, so the entrance to their territory is paid. Since we went with the excursion, the driver paid for everyone. The whole trip at that time cost 1300 rubles from the passenger directly to the driver plus 300 rubles to travel agency. Without a mediator, it is quite possible to do, but the experienced driver does not hurt at all, especially if you want to just go and see, but make good pictures.

Machines stop on a small platform, from where you need to go down to the waterfall on the stairs. It is located in a thick deciduous forest: mostly beech, linden, maple and many lian. Liana and air roots of grass hang from the walls of the canyon, forming a natural curtain. It is like an ancient castle’s walls of an ancient lock, only much more beautiful 🙂

Waterfall height – 10 meters. Under it is formed a small bowl with water. Here you can swim, if not afraid of cold. Sunlight penetrates here for an hour and a half per day, so the water temperature does not rise above 15 degrees even in the hottest days. During our trip, it was clearly less than eight.

We tried very hard that people did not fall into the frame: as you can see, there is enough one person here to overlap the whole picture. At the same time, the parking lot on the waterfall was very short, so it was not enough to remove it: (But we will definitely return and fill this omission!

Second Stop: Trinity-Georgievsky Women’s Monastery.

Probably, he enters the route because it is located on the way – a few kilometers away from the waterfall. Quite cute, but there is no big interest. The monastery was founded in 1999 – respectively, the architecture there is modern. Construction continues on the territory.

Unfortunately, we did not stop there, from where the monastery is visible from above on the background of the mountains. If you have such an opportunity, use. Near it looks much prosaic.

There is an internal decoration, especially stained glass windows and carved lime iconostasis in the Temple of the Icons of the Mother of the Peschanskaya Mother. But during our visit there was a service … In general, if you want to consider and walk in the monastery in the mountains – it is better to visit such a place separately from mountain gorges. For this you need other clothes with shoes, other equipment, other time.

Going on.
On both sides of the road – meadows and pastures. Cows, horses, goats on the background of the mountains look like on advertising postcards.

Even a herd of buffaloes embraced in one of the lower valleys. Our driver told that their livestock in Krasnaya Polyana was recently restored after a complete extermination. Consider rare animals failed – too high.

Passage "Wavy" meadows – here used to have vineyards. Beautiful and sad picture, especially for those who have been here to the Gorbachev anti-alcohol company. Our driver was far from the elderly, but he and he was sad and offended by these cemeteries of a ruined vine and commented on their origin.

Third Stop: Blue Clay Deposit.

A small stop that different conductors pay various stake. If you see the name of the "Dirty Dancing" in the route – it’s just about clay. The duration of the parking depends on how much you or your companions want to smear 🙂 If a serious cosmetic procedure has been conceived – you will wash off a natural mask under the weapon of water from the shower. The river goes here, but for swimming and washing it is too small. In addition, the water constantly contains the suspension of the same blue clay.

There is nothing to rent here, except for yourself loved ones (and dirty).

Fourth Stop: Dry Canyon River Psaho.

The most impressive – what’s there, just a stunning – an object on this route. No words describe unique paintings that can be seen there.

Tectonic Rift, and simply speaking – a huge crack in the stone was formed instantly as a result of the earthquake. Since then, more than seventy millions of years have passed since. These limestones remember the last dinosaurs, and the first people.

Jiping in the Canyon River Psaho

They say that there are even caves on the bottom of the break, in which our ancestors lived, but we have not seen such. Only closer to the end of the route looked into several grottoes. Nothing interesting there was found. Including garbage and extraneous smells – to the honor of tourists or, rather, the owners of the object.

It is worth noting that in the dry canyon there are almost no traces of human intervention. Wooden stairs are built for descent – and all. Over the canyon there is no cafe, shops and other joys of civilization.

Multicolored layers and ledges cliffs, huge boulders and small pebbles, lively and dead trees, ferns, moss and lichen keep their age-old secrets in relative peace and pristine.

It is very offensive that our travelers did not want to spend more time at the bottom of the gorge, and we also hurried to return to the top not to delay the trip. If you want to shoot the canyon, as he deserves it – go, of course, you need to go outside the ordinary tourist route.

Or pay the jeep completely, or look for travelers with similar interests. We hope that our story will cause someone desire to shoot these places with us 🙂

Another important point: Do not go down to the canyon in the rain or immediately after the rain without special shoes. Dry it is not called because really dry – just does not pass the river bed. In truth, the moisture in the gorge is always increased, and the feeling below is almost like a walk in the fog. In crude weather there is probably even more beautiful, but also much more dangerous because the stones are becoming very slippery.

Fifth Stop: "Wet" Canyon Psaho River

This is the final item of the route, and the parking lot here is quite long: you can order a kebab in a cafe at the top, and then go down to the canyon. We managed to swim and make enough pictures.

The place is very similar to the Ivanovo waterfall, only without a waterfall 🙂 In the photo, it can be judged, what the walls of canyons and vegetation look like on the psaho in general. Canyon deeper than a waterfall, but a little lighter and therefore warmer. However, water in it is very brown.

In the canyon recently there was a collapse, the river bed changed and the place of entry for tourists – also. For some time, it was impossible to bathe for our visit, so keep in mind: it can be very different. Mountains are so movable 🙂

About the trip as a whole: Recommended! Psaho River is very picturesque and relatively easily available. The trip is not tedious, does not require physical training and even relaxes.

We really want to visit there again, and here’s what conclusions made themselves for the future. I need to call directly to the driver. Go to the company of people who need the same as us – that is, photographers. And plan the appropriate route.

On this so far.

Soon we will write and show how we climbed on the tops of the Big Caucasus, walked around the ancient forest and played in proudly solving a petrel.

Jiping in the Canyon River Psaho

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