Johannesburg – Gateway to South Africa. In 1886, the gold killer from Australia George Harrison discovered the world’s largest golden vein. After a while, the village of gold leaving Johannesburg arose near this appearance. Thousands of people embraced by the Golden Fever, and in three years, Johannesburg became the main city of then South Africa.

Distinctive feature of Johannesburg – Tercons – peculiar historical monuments of the gold mining industry. Special charm has a city center, where old buildings, which preserved the appearance of the age limit, are combined with modern, built of glass, steel and concrete. Here you will see, for example, old mail, acting and understood and located in one of the most beautiful Johannesburg buildings built in 1897., And the watches on it were made in the same workshop as London Big Bain.

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What is interesting to see in Johannesburg?

Top attractions of Johannesburg

Johannesburg: excursions and events

Johannesburg, City Sightseeing Tour
(Daily, duration 3 hours)
A trip through the wealthy Northern suburbs of Sandton and Rosebank, through the districts of Hillbrow and Braamfontein to the city’s business part. You will see the George Harrison Park, who in 1886 first found gold, offices of the Department of Directors and Anglo-American, Modern University Witwatersrand. A visit to the famous souvenir shop, after which the return to the hotel.

Gold Reef City
(Daily, excluding Monday, 4 hours)
Excursion includes visiting the open-air museum Gold Reef City, where you can go down in a real mine to a depth of 226 meters, see the process of casting gold, view the national dances under the accompaniment of tamatov, buy souvenirs and enjoy dizzying attractions.

Pretoria (TSSvan)
(Daily, duration 4 hours)
A visit to the National Monument Monument, built in honor of the Great Track – Resettlement in the middle of the 19th century of the White Population of South Africa to the north, Melrose House Museum Mansion, the House of the first president of the Transvaal Republic of Kruger House, the famous Church Square, Union Building, where the Garden Government and Fragrant Pretoria district Groenkloof.

Lion Park and Miracle Cave
(Daily, duration 4.5 hours)
Visiting the reserve with an area of ​​over 1000 hectares, where, admiring an extraordinary landscape, you will see several lion families and you can watch the life of more than 20 species of wild animals – rhinos, giraffes, buffaloes, zebras and sets of antiflam. Especially impressive in the beauty of the beauty of stalactites and stalagmites in the miracle cave, which has more than 2,200 million years.

Pretoria and diamond mines Premier
(Daily, except Saturday, 8 hours)
A trip to the diamond mine, where the largest diamond in the world was found – Kalinan, 3106 carats, and later sawed by 105 parts, the largest of which were presented to the British Empire. Acquaintance with open developments and diamond mining process in South Africa. After lunch, return to Pretoria with the inspection of all the following attractions (see. Tour of Pretoria).

Ethnographic village «Lessed»
(Daily, duration 6 hours)
A visit to the ethnographic complex will introduce you to the life of the main tribes of South Africa, you will see and take part in the incendiary traditional dances in the light of the night fire, after which, for dinner, taste national dishes.

Sun City – San City
(Daily, duration 10 hours)
Visiting San City – Kingdom of Rest and Entertainment. Whatever you dreamed of, you will find in the fantastic, majestic city of the Sun with its unique entertainment, a variety of restaurants and casinos, stunning tropical parks, swimming pools, lakes with water-truck sports and unforgettable «Valley waves».

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Evening Johannesburg
(Daily, duration 4 hours)
We invite you to feel the pulse of the evening Johannesburg. After a short trip through the night city, dinner in one of the best restaurants where you can enjoy traditional African dishes, drinking them with a famous capsa wine. After dinner – the view in one of the theatrical > halls < Johannesburg .

To meet elephants in the Magalisburg Reserve
(Daily, at 10:00, duration 3.5 hours / daily, at 14:00
Located in the Magaliesberg Mountains, on the territory of the eponymous reserve, the elephant park attracts visitors to rich flora and fauna. Babuines live here, the smallest Antelope Duker, Mountain Ridbak and Hezhi, but, of course, the most important landmark of the park are 5 young wondering, the appearance of which after more than 100 years of lack of elephants on the territory of the Magaliesberg reserve caused great interest among nature lovers. Elephant, all aged 5 to 8 years, are already characterized by character and are so individual that everyone has already given its own name. Excursion passes in the shape of a walk through the forest and wears a teaching and educational character. Watching for «kids» From the observation deck, you are listening to an interesting story of an experienced guide about the life and hablings of elephants. In addition, you will be able to personally «make friends» with each of «Gorgeous» Pyats, touch and even feed.

Zoo in Pretoria
One of the best zoos world. On its territory, with an area of ​​600 hectares, about 3500 varieties of exotic animals live. You can ride on the funicular over the park.

Monuments of architecture and museums of Pretoria
Union Buildings – Government Building, Voortrekker Monument & Museum – Museum-Monument to African (Buras), Kruger House – House of the First President of the Republic Transvaal, Monument to the Crupe.

Parks and reserves
Lion Park, Krugersdorp Game Reserve, Rhino Nature Reserve – Game Drives (Animal Observation).

Soweto – Black District (Township) in the suburbs of Johannesburg. It is inhabit more than two million people. It is interesting to get acquainted with the history and culture of local residents, including traditional Varkharai. Tours are held accompanied by the Black Guide, which will show the local life and customs.

Year-round, since this area is not resort. This is an industrial and financial center, so travel here may be connected, first of all, with business interests or transit.

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