John Lennon wall in Prague

John Lennon’s wall in Prague – this is the wall-memorial of the famous musician. Drawings and inscriptions on the wall make the inhabitants of Prague and tourists themselves. At first glance it looks illogical, because John Lennon never happened in Prague. However, for Chekhov, this 30-meter wall is an important symbol of freedom.

In our article, we will tell in detail about the wall, its role in history and what to do here is a simple tourist.

How to get

To go specially watching the wall of Lennon of great sense is not, it is clearly not the top attraction of Prague. It is much easier to view Charles Bridge at first, and then the wall, as it is located just 200 meters. How to get to Karlov Bridge on the Prague Metro, we were told in detail in our article "Charles Bridge in Prague".

Go on Karlov Bridge in the direction of the district of Mala Country, that is, from the pavement tower and towards Prague Castle. Immediately after the Vltava River on the left side there will be going down from the bridge. How to go down, go away from the bridge, 20 meters will turn right, to the street Groznova (HROZNOVA). Go through this street, after 30 meters, the street turns left, then turn right after 20 meters.

Ahead will be the first interesting place – the bridge of love. This bridge is not confused with anything, a giant number of locks are posted on it. Tradition on the day of the wedding hang the castles on the bridges in the Czech Republic exactly the same as we. If you want, you can hang your castle, it does not take place. Still pay attention to the water mill near the bridge and the statue of the smoking water.

Go across the bridge and through the love of 20 meters will find yourself at the Wall Lennon.

If you decide to get there for a taxi with comfort, then you say the driver of the phrase in Czech: "Lennonova Zeta". The cost of the trip can vary greatly depending on the place where we go. Tariffs for travel in a taxi, see our article "Taxi in the Czech Republic".

Price visits

Opening hours

What is the interesting Lennon wall

The wall is painted by portraits of John Lennon, images and inscriptions in the style of hippies, most often the symbol of "Pacific", strings from the Beatles songs. All this is a big artistic value. Some pictures are really beautiful and made masterfully, but it is rather an exception than the rule.

Wall Lennon is more symbol of the fight of Chekhov for freedom and peaceful development course. And the history of this wall is much more interesting than her today’s content.

A bit of history

The history of the Wall of Lennon begins long before the foundation of the Bitles group. From 1948, protests against the communist regime in Czechoslovakia appeared on this wall. Then it was only words, the drawings did not do.

Probably the wall was chosen due to the proximity to the Embassy of France – the ability to show Western countries that the Czechs disagree with communism. In the 60s the wall nicknamed "Cold Wall". The inscriptions became more and more, and the authorities periodically painted the entire surface.

In 1980, after the murder of John Lennon, an unknown artist painted his portrait on the wall and wrote the lyrics of Bitles. The idea quickly "picked up" the Czech youth, drawings and inscriptions became more and more.

John Lennon was a hero for pacifist young people around the world, including in the Czech Republic and the USSR. For young Czechs Wall has become the opportunity to express their protest against the existing regime.

The underground student movement, inspired by the ideas of Lennon, the authorities called "Lennonism", they were called "sociopaths", "mentally ill and" agents "in the communist press. In 1988, collisions between Lennonist students and the police occurred on the Karlovy Bridge. These were the first manifestations of the future velvet revolution in the Czech Republic.

In 1991, the building, which is adjacent to the wall, returned the Order of Maltese knights. Order did not protest against graffiti on the wall.

John Lennon wall in Prague

In 2002, a large flood washed the wall, but it was quickly restored.

On November 17, 2014, a group of students who call themselves "Prague Service", completely painted the wall with white, leaving the inscription "Wall Is Over" ("Wall Completed"). Promotion Students timed to the 25th anniversary of the velvet revolution.

Initially, the Order of the Maltese knights saw in this act of vandalism and filed a police. But after contact with students, the knights refused accusations. Students explained their act like this: "The old era of combating communism ended. Need to free the wall for a new generation and their messages."

In a matter of days, the wall was filled again. The inscription "Wall IS OVER" was redesigned in "War Is Over" ("War Completed"). At the time of publication of this article (2018) and nothing remains from this inscription.

What tourists do here

Take pictures against the background of such a graffiti, read messages, listen to street musicians. Someone remembers youth and your passion for music Beatles. Some special tourist attractions are not here.

Do your drawing or your inscription is not prohibited. Lennon’s wall is constantly changing. By the way, this is the only place in Prague, where the graffiti is officially allowed to do.

It is not even necessary to stock up paint spray. Many tourists take ordinary markers, girls draw and write lipstick. As they say, "who is what is much".

And someone just sits at the wall, enjoying the rest and the can. At the time of publication of this article (2018) on this street publicly not prohibited alcohol. Read details in our article "Alcohol in the Czech Republic".

Pleasant walks in Prague, and read our pages about Czechs and the Czech Republic (List of articles below).

John Lennon wall in Prague

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