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Jordan’s visa is quite simple. Russian citizens can receive her by arrival, paying 20 Jordanian dinars ($ 28) of the service. And if you enter the country by the sea through Aqabu (or register in Aqaba within 48 hours after arrival), visa will be free. Required condition — The presence of a passport with a period of at least six months, it is desirable to have a stay of your or voucher on your hands.

If there is no desire to stand in line at the airport, you can open a visa in advance at the Jordan Embassy in Moscow. In this case, the visa is drawn up for one to three days, and it requires a small set of documents: a passport and its photocopy, a questionnaire, filled in English or Arabic, voucher or hotel reservation and one photo. You can be in the country on a tourist visa within 30 days.

If a short visit to Jordan is planned, you can use the Jordan Pass card. A tourist who bought it before the trip is freed from the payment of visa collection when staying in the country less than three nights. In addition, this single ticket gives the right to travel to Peter, free visit to 40 attractions of the country and free electronic brochures with information about the most interesting places of Jordan. More details about Jordan Pass — On the site Jordanpass.JO.

How to get

You can get from Russia to Jordan by plane. Direct flights Moscow — Amman is performed several times a week, you can also fly with transfers in other countries, for example in Turkey. Another option — Numerous flights to Israel from Moscow or St. Petersburg. Buses walk from Israel to Jordan, travel time — three to four hours. You can get to Jordan from Egypt — On the ferry, which connects the Egyptian city of Nuweiba and the Jordanian port of Aqaba and goes three to four hours.

customs control

Customs rules of Jordan do not limit the importation of national or foreign currency. At the same time, it is necessary to fill the declaration into which all information about the import costs is made. As for the export of money, there are no restrictions on foreign currency, and the national allowed to export only within 300 Jordanian dinars.

The country is allowed to import duty free: up to 200 g of tobacco or 25 cigars, or 200 cigarettes; no more bottle of strong alcohol; no more than two open perfume bottles; Gifts and souvenirs total up to $ 150. Prohibited import of weapons (including sports) and drugs. Special rules apply to antiques and luxury items.


Country: — Jordanian Dinar (JOD). At the rate of October 2016 1 Dinar is $ 1,41 or 89 rubles. Exchange currency in Jordan can be in banks, exchange offices, airport, hotels. It is best to exchange money in banks of large cities, in hotels course less profitable. Banks work from Saturday to Thursday from 8:30 to 15:00 / 17:00 (during Ramadan — until 10:00), ATMs are easiest to find in major cities. Credit cards are accepted in hotels, restaurants and large stores, in small shops and cafes are easier to pay in cash.


Motor transport is best suited for traveling around the country: roads are in excellent condition, and the distance is small. The main internal transport of Jordan — Long-distance buses, in cities Passenger transportation are carried out buses and minibuses. But the most convenient way of movement — Taxi of two types: Route (white color, follow fixed routes) and ordinary (yellow). Machines of a regular taxi are equipped with meters, but it is better to agree on the cost of the passage. The cost of 1 km of the path is an average of 0.3–0.4 dinar, a trip from the center of Amman to the airport — About 10 dinars.

Car rent

You can rent a car in all major cities of Jordan. Cheaper and more reliable to book a car through large online agencies. For renting a car, the driver’s license of the international sample and a credit card on which a certain amount is blocked — from $ 150 to $ 500. This is a deposit that will be returned when returning the car. The average cost of car rental of the simplest class — $ 45 per day. When receiving a car, it is recommended to very carefully check its technical condition.


Subtropical Mediterranean climate prevails in the north-west of Jordan. On the Dead Sea and in Aqaba usually warm, you can swim all year round — The temperature of the water in the Red and Dead Seas is not lowered below +21 °C. But 90% of the country’s territory — deserts with a sharp-continental climate and temperature drops, so warm clothes come in handy even in the summer. The hottest month in Jordan — August: In the desert areas, day heat reaches +42 °C, and at night the temperature drops to +16 °C. Winter in Jordania — Time of rains and piercing winds. So the best time to travel to this country — Spring or autumn.


Jordanian cuisine is based on Arabic culinary traditions and is similar to the kitchens of other countries of the Middle East, but has a number of characteristic features. Dishes are not too sharp and spinning, but in them they often add mint, diverse greens and herbs, lemons, onions, pickled olives, cedar nuts. Popular dishes: Mansaf — lamb in sour cream with rice, Shish-kebab — Meat fried on coals, Mashavi — Meat Assorted, Adans — Lental chowder with chicken, onion and lemon juice. Jordanian sweets are considered one of the best in the Arab world. This is a Canada of sweet vermicelli with cheese, pashlava from pistachios and honey, sesame cookies (SIM-SIM), candied fruits and delicious ice cream. More about Jordanian cuisine — in the article «My planet».

Jordan Information about the region

What to see

The most famous and popular attraction of Jordan — The ancient city of Peter carved in the rocks of red sandstone. Palaces, residential buildings, public buildings, cobbled streets, amphitheater — In total, there are more than 800 architectural objects, entirely carved in rock. Among the ancient structures, the Bedouinsky market was spread, on which you can buy shards of ancient dishes, ancient coins, souvenirs from stone and wood. To Peter leads picturesque Canyon Sik. Previously, this gorge served as the main entrance to the city and was used by royal caravans.

On the way from Petra to Aqaba — Wadi-frames desert with her amazing landscapes. During the millennium, the wind and the Sun changed the local landscape, as a result, unique rocks, arches, canyons and wells were formed here. And the age of some rock paintings on the territory of the Vadi Rama Reserve — over 4000 years.

The capital of Jordan deserves attention — Amman, as well as the castles of the desert, antique cities and biblical places: «Mozaic city» Madaba, Moses Memorial on Mount Sky and the Baptism of Jesus in Tel al-Harrar.

And the main thing — In Jordan, you can swim in hot springs and two seas: red and dead, and the latter’s water is also therapeutic. Read more about Attractions Jordan — in the article «My planet».

Useful phones

Embassy of Jordan in Russia: 103001, Mamonovsky Per., 3. Tel.: +7 (495) 699-1242, 699-2845, 699-4344, 699-9564.

Russian Embassy in Jordan (Jordan.MID.RU): Amman, Dzhabal-Amman district, 3rd circle, ul. Zaran, 22. Tel.: (+9626) 464-11-58 / 464-25-32.

Consular Embassy Department: Amman, Dzhabal-Amman district, 4th round, ul. Ahmad Tukan, 9. Tel: (+9626) 568-25-09.

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