Jordan: Water in the Desert

On the territory of Jordan there are several natural "Salons" SPA: Dead Sea Region, Thermal Sources Hammamat Main, Aqaba Resort town, located on the Red Sea coast, and the main Christian healing landmark – Jordan River. Of course, in addition to natural sources of Wellness procedures, SPA-salons are open at resort hotels, where various procedures are offered both based on well-known international cosmetology lines and products from local mud, salts and thermal waters.

River Jordan

The Dead Sea

Another special attraction is the dead sea dirt. Employees of the beaches are laundered along the coast and bring to the beach in buckets – use how much you want, and completely free. There is a mirror on the beach, so you can come to business creatively – because you will certainly want to make a photo of which you look like a resident of Chunga-Changa. In general, at staring at this thick dark brown substance, twenty minutes can be with a health benefit to spin in front of the camera, after which it is sent to "washing" in the sea.

Therapeutic effect of the Dead Sea is so widely known that it is unlikely to need comments. Let’s just say briefly: local dirt has a positive effect on the skin and treat many skin diseases, including psoriasis, regenerating the effect, relieve fatigue, restore the body’s tone, improve blood microcirculation; Mud is especially good to combat cellulite.

However, the natural SPA course can be added "Cabinet" – Anantara Spa Hotel Kempinski Ishtar. Here are the procedures with such traditional to jordan with components, like Patchouli, Mandarin, Lavender, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Bergamot, as well as with grains of thai coffee, volcanic pumice, yogurts, and even fresh cucumbers who remove tension, create excellent well-being and, by the way, , 90% consist of water.

Jordan water in the desert

Hammamat Ma’in

The sources of Main are known since the time of the Roman Empire – scientists claim that even then people were healed by them. By the way, these sources nourish the Dead Sea. The water temperature ranges from 35 ° C to 55 ° C, and the power of water drop in some of them is comparable to the effect of quite intensive massage. So, entering such "the fountain", involuntarily remember the fairy tale about Prince Gvidon – the sensation when you beats a strong jet of very hot water, remember for a long time. By the way, such procedures are very useful for those who are contraindicated by hot baths for medical reasons. Sources contain a large amount of hydrogen sulfide – such water is especially useful in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, bones and joints. Local residents say that other tourists are literally entering waterfalls, and after a week they are cheerfully so much from here on their two. In addition, hydrogen sulfide baths improve the memory and condition of the skin, possess anti-inflammatory effect.

SPA-CENTER EVASON MA’IN HOT SPRINGS deserves separate attention & Six Senses Spa. Here work, naturally, on local mineral water, as well as on cosmetics of its own line Six Senses (translated – "Six feelings"). It is noteworthy that the procedures are called here "SPA-journey", which is pretty close to the truth, because thoughtful rituals really make you commit immersion in our own feelings and remember the most pleasant associations from this (or maybe last?) Life. There are many types of massage: holisttic, Swedish, oriental fusion, energy, Thai with herbal bags, hot stones, etc. Salon’s branded procedure – Sensory Journey, massage that are performed simultaneously two therapists. Start from stop, then make an unconventional aromatic body massage with two long sticks, then the anti-stress massage head.

In addition, here you can develop an individual SPA program and a program with a coach, which will deal with you fitness, yoga and meditation. And the excellent background for all this is the falling water, behind which, as it seems, you can observe the whole eternity.

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