Journey of disabled – Flight by Plane, ride in the train

How to prepare for the flight and long-distance person with physical restrictions, what are the benefits, it is important to know when buying a ticket for a plane or a train for disabled – Answers to questions from the portal Tourweek..


Journey disabled on the plane

Good news – People with I, II or III, a group of disability, you can forget about bustle at the airport. At all stages of flight «programs» You will be served out of turn, whether it is check-in for a flight, landing or disembarking.

What you need to know before buying a ticket

  1. On board there may be a strictly limited number of passengers with disabilities. Therefore, before buying, contact the airline to refine the possibility of the flight to the date of interest.
  2. A ticket for a disabled person can be booked at the airline sales office, by phone through the distribution service or on the carrier website. To buy, you need one of the listed documents (to choose from):
    • Individual rehabilitation and abillation program (IPR);
    • Conclusion of a medical and labor expert commission (VTEK);
    • Medical and Social Examination (ITU).
    • A few days before the departure, a medical examination should be taken and make sure that the flight will not harm. Diagnostics certificate Take to the airport.
    • If specific medications are needed for a comfortable flight, do not forget to write a recipe for. Otherwise, medicines will be asked to leave in the inspection area.

    Benefits for travelers with limited physical

    Not everything is so simple with discounts.

    Discount maybe, maybe not be, alas. It all depends not only on the legal norms of the Russian Federation and the airline tariffs, but also from Rosaviation. It is she who claims concessional directions.

    Tariff for one passenger in rubles

    The table presents the most popular destinations and tariffs. Full list of subsidized routes for 2020 will find by reference .

    Tip: Before your trip, contact the Regional Department of the Pension Fund and specify which discount and under what conditions you have the right to get.

    Criteria for issuing benefits:

    • You must fly for treatment or recovery with boiling paper (directions of the doctor, clinic invitation);
    • Take advantage of the right to benefit from once a year;
    • Discounts apply only for flights in economy class.

    Regarding traveling with disabled children, on Russian flights to a common childhood tariff, which can reach up to 50% of the full ticket price, the benefits of 25% are added. Some airlines allow you to issue accompanying under the same conditions.

    Seating in Salon

    During registration on the flight, a disabled can choose a place in the cabin, if it is free, of course. Prohibited – emergency outlet zone with additional foot space. These places are forbidden to occupy people with limited physical abilities.

    Journey of disabled - Flight by Plane, ride in the train

    Flight disabled vision

    You are allowed to take a guide dog in the cabin. It’s free. But the PSA should have a special certificate and a veterinary passport. Read more about the requirements of animal transport in the section «It is important to know: traveling with animals». Perelinka with section

    Flight of the disabled wheelchair

    If you «Tied» to the wheelchair, fly will have to accompany. The requirement is mandatory for execution, otherwise you will not be allowed.

    However, accompanying may not be «your». Almost all airlines provide such a service for a small surcharge: an employee, say Aeroflot, meets at the airport of departure, accompanies for registration, in flight, and says goodbye to the airport of arrival.

    Important! A disabled child aged 12, as well as a hearing and vision disabled person (at the same time), can only fly with the accompanying person.

    Get ready for the wheelchair will be taken from the ladder. She will go to the luggage compartment on the general reasons and returns to you immediately after landing the aircraft. But you should not worry about crutches – allowed to take into the salon.

    Journey disabled by train

    Buy a train ticket can be at the station railway station or in the Mobility Assistance Center (CSM). The latter works without days off and lunch breaks.

    CSM can be:

    • get professional advice;
    • reserve locations in long-distance trains;
    • Leave a request for maintenance and assistance in railway stations.

    To evaluate the TSM service suggest, register at the station railway station or using an online questionnaire.

    Important! During the fill in the online form, you need to download the scan of an individual rehabilitation and agility program (IPR).

    For the placement of the ticket at the station, all the same documents are required: Passport, IPR, VTEK or ITU. You can purchase an electronic ticket only with personal number CSM.

    About discounts

    Speed ​​trains are given a 40% discount.

    On AO trains «FPK» On the territory of Russia, people with disabilities of the first group can count on 50% -Discount when driving in a double coupe after registering in the Railways Bonus Loyalty Program.

    Dog guide rides with you for free.

    Coupe for disabled

    Long-distance trains are equipped with wagons for disabled, where there are landing systems for wheelchairs, special toilets, a scoreboard with visual dubbing messages of the driver, as well as information stands for visually impaired and blind.

    The standard compartment looks like this: one sleeping place for the disabled person, another for the accompanying, a wheelchair unit and a system of communication with a conductor. In trains «Strege» There are compartment with individual bathrooms and shower.

    Full list of trains equipped for disabled people here.

    Who can refuse to travel

    Rules are relevant for all types of transport!


    • in a non-transportable state, when without physicians do not do;
    • with mental disorders threatening the lives of other passengers;
    • with infectious diseases;

    will be denied the provision of passenger transportation services.

    Fate attendants are not accompanying and in their authority does not include the passenger inspection with physical restrictions. If the disabled person, whose rules must be accompanying, travels without him, the company has the right to refuse transportation.

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