Journey through holy places

Late in the evening, a busing bus rod to sparkling thousand lights airport "Sheremetyevo-2". Long time I was not here, and change immediately rushed into the eyes. Particularly changed the appearance of passengers. Early prevailed self-satisfied commoded, timid tourists and trembling emigrants. Now the main mass was "Chelovela", All conceivable places for recreation, and arrogant holidaymakers, traveling with the whole family, – they began to relaxation before border control, where, by the way, harsh soldiers changed the pretty girls.

After the fierce customs inspection, I had to withstand another exam, which was conducted by airline workers. Questions were and ordinary – for example, do not you bring objects, letters and t. D. To transfer to another person? And completely unexpected – when the last time you repaired your electric razor? When the last time you shaved? Have anyone attended with your toilet? Strange questions, is not true? But they were asked by the Security Service of the country, which is panicly afraid of terrorism and has extensive experience in combating it. State is Israel.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that Israel is the most huge historical open-air museum. Its territory is relatively small, less than the Moscow region, but at the concentration of cultural monuments, it has no equal. Romans and Byzantines, Crusaders and Turks left here. Here, the history of the three largest religions – Christianity, Muslim and Judaism began.

Whoever you are – a truly believer or a convinced atheist, you can not not pierce the thought: now I am in place, where Christ was born about 2,000 years ago; So I touched my hand to Yaspel, where I lay a ripe baby. The place of Christmas is under the Orthodox throne and marked with a silver star with the inscription: "Here from the Virgin Mary was born Jesus Christ". A large church in the shape of a cross was built over the Christmas cave of Christ.

To get into it, you need to squeeze through the gates of humility height of just 1.2 meters. The person entering the church, as if the light place is closed, a narrow and low passage was made yet and then to the Turks, in the Middle Ages who conquered Palestine, could not desecrate the temple driving into the basilica. The interior of the church shakes with its monumentality and greatness. Grandity is achieved at the expense of five naves, divided by four rows of Corinthian columns from red limestone.

Nativity Basilica – Center for Contemporary Bethlehem – located 18 kilometers south of Jerusalem, in which the earth’s path ended "Son of man". Already at the entrance to the temple of the Holy Sepulcher you will experience a huge emotional lift close to shock. And there are vision inspired by the Bible and Bulgarian Book "The Master and Margarita".Here you can climb on the wooden stairs on Calvary and even stand around the cross, and then, descending, see the place where Christ lay after execution. Nearby – a small cave, where his body was listed, closing the entrance huge stone.

For my life I happened to see a lot of wonderful cult monuments. Shock imagination cathedral. Peter in Rome or Milan Cathedral, Notre Dame de Paris and St. Cathedral. Witt in Prague, but, contemplating them, experience morethetically, first of all thinking about human genius, able to create such an architectural miracle. In appearance, the temple of the Holy Sepulcher does not produce a grand impression, as it, located in the old part of the city, will be clamped from all sides by other buildings.

However, the degree of experience here is different. Even the most chatty were silent, they switched to whisper the most vigorous, all plunged into themselves – some baptized, others whispering the prayer, the third lit and sanctified the candles. The feeling of consent to the eternal does not leave the traveler for a minute during the visit of the promised.

The trip program was saturated, the moving is quite tedious, but is it possible to take advantage of a free minute and trichnom in the bus if you hear the words of a guide translator: "Pay attention – to the left of the Bliss Mountain, here Jesus Christ said his Nagorny Sermon, but Kana Galilee. Here Christ made his first miracle, turning water in wine". Or: "Now we will focus in the city of Jericho, the ancient city of the Earth – he was 6 thousand years old by assessing archaeologists.

Pay attention to the Church of Fish and Breads, where, according to legend, Jesus fed 5000 people. And here is the Jordan River, the Baptism of Jesus Christ John the Baptist". Plates in all languages ​​warn that it is forbidden to swim here, but will it stop "ours" – Several people from the group in clothes are already splashing in green water, rushing "in memory" Walking leaves.

Stone around the streets of the Old Town in Jerusalem and inspecting the national shrines Christians, Muslims (Great Mosque El-Aksa) or Jews (Wedache wall), which are located literally on one penchant, I involuntarily thought why people who were forced to live in one communal apartment, so intolerant to each other why the religion close in the spirit can not be reconciled. After all, God himself ordered them to be brothers.

In a large geographic map, the state of Israel is depicted as a small circle with a number. Write the full name of the country does not allow scale. Therefore, many of our fellow citizens, good knowing that Israel is somewhere in the Middle East, not very well represent his location.

So, Israel is a state of four seas located in several hours away from each other. On the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea there are such major cities like labor haifa (here are the most high-tech production, electronics and t. NS.), careless and cheerful natanya, very similar by the atmosphere for Odessa, and finally – Tel Aviv, economic and business center of the country.

In the lowest point of the globe, an amazing for beauty is the Dead Sea with water unique azure color. It is called the dead because there is no life in it because of the high concentration of salts and minerals, but the healing water has a beneficial effect on those who suffer from skin diseases.

Not far from the Dead Sea stretched the lake Kineriet (or, as it is also called, the Galilee Sea). This only fresh reservoir in Israel is also closely associated with biblical legends. It was here that Christ walked around the water, caught fish and met several fishermen who became his students.

And finally, there is nothing comparable to beauty sea, called red, although the water in it is blue-blue. The Israelites got a small bay, but they used it at full capacity – there are many such fabulous hotels here that there are no words for their description. One of them – "Princess". Magnificent structure, outlines resembling ship, one edge as if an ingrown in the rock, others – aspired to the sea. From the windows overlooking the rocks, you can observe how the mountain goats frolic.

Walking around an endless sparkling hill, trimmed with a dark green marble, listening to the clogs of crystal jets of fountains and waterfalls, admiring the wonderful interior, pool, bars and t. D., you feel if not a prince, then at least his distant relative.In addition to the seas, throughout our seven-day travel, met the most diverse landscape. It was a genuine holiday for the eyes – then dunes, as in the Baltic States, Mountains, very similar to Caucasian, then rocky deserts resembling Central Asian. That’s just a palm grove planted by the hands of a man, stretching along the road, before that I did not have to see. Just like a huge number of five-star hotels. It has been a feeling that a real hotel boom reigns in the country. Moreover, the organizers of the tourist business are clearly not afraid of competition (new hotels grow like mushrooms).

Of course, in a short note about everything you will not tell – it must be seen with my own eyes. And the oil hora, and the Garden of Garden, and the wall of crying, where the traditions leave notes with requests to the Most High, and the tomb of the Tsar David, and the Last Supper Room, and the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth, where the stained-glass windows were collected on biblical topics – gifts from the whole Christian world , and AKKO – the city of the Crusaders, at one time they went to free the coffin of the Lord.

Missing the tourist will not be allowed after excursions: to its open air disco, saunas and swimming pools, simulators. If you get to Eilat, spreading on the shores of the Red Sea, you will be offered safaris and camels on the desert (though, in a 40-degree heat these adventures are available only to a young and healthy) and a special program for scuba diving lovers in coral reefs. Or, as a last resort, you will admire the beauty of the underwater kingdom, visiting the oceanarium.

Remember the song where these words were: "Share with another"? So I decided to share if not happiness, then information. So, if you have money, hurry to buy trips to Israel. His nature does not happen bad weather. If you have no money, take. Impressions are more expensive. If you are a Jew, take a ticket. I am ashamed to not be on your historical homeland. And if you are Russian, and even Orthodox, immediately order the tour, for you just need to visit holy places. If you are a Muslim, go to Israel, look at the shrines and talk to your coarsens, there are a lot of them there. If you have a lot of money, but little time, go to Israel, rent a cell phone and led from there with your business. I saw men lying on the edge of the pool and in the pure Russian interested weather in Moscow: "Really minus 5?".

I am sure that there are no more people traveling for emotions and impressions, for the knowledge of someone else’s life and the expansion of their own horizon, for introducing to the beautiful, wishing to learn knowledge from the cultural treasury of mankind.

Believe that Israel is a wonderful reason to go on the road!

Local time. Time in Israel is consistent with Eastern European.

Airfare. It must be remembered that all flights arriving in Israel and departing from here pass on a special safety check and the entire luggage is carefully checked. Therefore, it is necessary to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before departure, and as if tiring it, remember that such a mode is observed primarily in the interests of your safety.

Climate and clothing. In Israel, several climatic zones are presented, with the predominance of the Mediterranean climate. The sun shines all year round, which guarantees a wonderful stay. In winter, there are cool nights, so we recommend stocking of a jacket or a cloak. In the south of Israel, in Eilat, the water temperature even in winter does not fall below 22 degrees Celsius. For evenings enough to take a sweater or light jacket. Only light summer clothes and, of course, sunglasses are needed in the summer months.

Journey through holy places

Transport. Bus message is well developed, with buses It is not difficult to get to any country area. Taxi: relatively expensive, but gives greater freedom of movement, you can also use common transport (sery), which is much cheaper. Car rental: Most world-famous car rental firms are represented in Israel, such as "Herz", "Avis", "Eurochar", "Budget". Rental companies take either international driver’s license, or a national certificate printed in English or French.

Language. The most common language in the country is Hebrew, and official languages ​​- Hebrew and Arabic. English is quite common, and thanks to a large number of Russian-speaking people, you will not have problems and with Russian.

Weekends and holidays. Day off in Israel – Saturday (Sabbath), begins on Friday night and ends on Saturday night. All stores, commercial enterprises, organizations, institutions and sites of public entertainment, with the exception of some restaurants and clubs, especially in Tel Aviv and Eilat, are closed, and public transport does not basically work; However, this does not apply to a taxi.

Kitchen. It must be remembered that the rule in Israel is kosher kitchen. In Hebrew Word "kosher" means products corresponding to the Jewish laws of nutrition; Pork, some kinds of fish and mollusks are prohibited, and meat and dairy products can not be mixed. Nevertheless, many restaurants and cafes do not adhere to this rule. In general, the Israeli cuisine combines both east and European features.

Sport. The Mediterranean coast and the Red Sea coast is ideal for water sports, swimming, surfing, water skiing. Eilat is famous for its coral reefs and therefore is considered to be for scuba diving.

Purchases. Israeli stores offer a wide selection of goods and gifts. Thanks to a well-developed jewelry industry, you can buy very interesting products from gold and diamonds at good prices, and on the branches of the diamond exchange you can get significant additional discounts. In addition, we recommend looking at leather products, furs, fashionable women’s clothing, oriental carpets, ceramics, silver and copper products, as well as religious products. Many shops are recommended by the Ministry of Tourism, on shop windows stores you will see the emblem depicting two scouts carrying a grape brush (a symbol of quality product).

Natural Medicine – Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, with its surrounding primitive desert landscape, is unsuitable for the life of even the simplest organisms, but those who come here know that there will be a first-class therapeutic treatment like which does not exist all over the world for a thousand years dead sea attracted those who I was looking for ways of rejuvenation and relaxation, cure from soased ailments. Aristotle, Herod Great and Cleopatra – Perhaps the most famous visitors to this lifeless natural reservoir, who believed in its miraculous healing properties.

The concentration of salts and minerals in the waters of the Dead Sea, located at the lowest point of the earth’s surface (390 meters below sea level), is 33 percent.

Due to its unique location, the Dead Sea is a unique microworld with extremely specific characteristics: atmospheric, temperature, chemical and optical. Such a combination of the factors listed above are not found in one another point in the world. Due to such a unique set of qualities, the Dead Sea has become a place where the so-called bioclimatic treatment can be carried out, allowing to heal a variety of diseases (primarily skin diseases and arthritis).

Therapeutic treatment on the Dead Sea allows you to fully or partially heal such diseases such as psoriasis, dermatitis, psoriatic arthritis and various types of rheumatic disorders. Of course, treatment is not in closed rooms or hospitals, but in comfortable resort centers, from the windows of which are opening unique natural landscapes.

What is the reason for such a unique, truly magical combination of atmospheric, chemical and other properties of the Dead Sea, providing such a beneficial effect on the human body? First of all, the chemical composition of the sea. Once combined with the ocean, the dead sea about a million years ago, as a result of the shear of the earth’s crust, was cut off from it and turned into a giant water-closed. Here is the greatest, compared to other water pools, salt concentration and minerals. The Dead Sea contains 80 times more bromine, 35 times more magnesium and 10 times more salts than in the ocean.

The unusually high qualities of hydrogen sulphides and other useful minerals led to the fact that the dead sea turned into a healing source created by nature itself. Broma promotes the relaxation of the nervous system, magnesium increases the tone and refreshes the skin. In addition, in the Dead Sea it is impossible to drown, it pushes a person to the surface as a traffic jam. Staying a person in a relaxed state in such a healing source – not just fun. It is also a beneficial effect on the human body – his body, skin, nervous system – procedure.

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