Journey through Mexico – the 20 most memorable places, things and events

Andriusix spent half a year in Mexico. A lot of it or little? To say difficult. On the one hand, we saw only a small part of the country, and mostly it was tourist places.

— And where are we going?
— In Mexico.
— And what is there in Mexico?
— Mexicans…

«From sunset to dawn»

With another – six months was enough to love mexico and penetrate her spirit. You may not even doubt that the country is very colorful, with its inimitable character and charisma.

In any trip, there are things and events that are perceived either as proper, or simply remain unnoticed or do not produce great impressions, but there are those who are engaged in the memory of bright stains, leaving an indelible imprint, and then remember more than once, and maybe and not forgotten.

It turned out that we have such bright Mexican stains. We all remembered them and made up their small «Schindler’s list». What happened? Happened «20 most memorable places, events and things». In the aggregate and there «Our Mexico».

I will describe everything in order, as these most events and places appear in our lives.

1 — Mexican food

Food – This is the first thing I had to meet. Not having time to even understand that we are already in Mexico, wanted to eat)) hunger is not aunt and not a uncle, and in general we are not a relative. I do not remember exactly, but it seems to have figured out quickly: found a place where it is not expensive and eats many local. So I got acquainted S Komidaya-Corrida. It would seem, nothing special: beans, meat, corrugating pellets, yes vegetables – Here is a non-suty basis of most Mexican dishes. But add spices, peppers, salsa, lemon and a good mood of the cook and get, not like food, do not love it is simply impossible. What, what, and Mexican cuisine we will be remembered and we will miss her.

2 – Mexicans

These low, dark, chubby seniors and senory – An integral part of Impressions about Mexico. What are they, Mexicans? Merry, relaxed, little negligent, family, loving holidays and walking, religious, thick, loving and responsive. Yes, they are!

3 – Koyoacan district in Mexico City

Koyoacan district in Mexico City – First place in Mexico, which produced Furore. There for the first time we found those very colorful houses and cozy streets that so wanted to see.

4 – Parade in honor of the Virgin Mary Guadeloop

Have fun, celebrate and relax Mexicans love and know how, especially when it comes to the Virgin Mary. These guys are very religious, and Maria Guadeloopskaya – The main owner of them. So we came once on the march parade in honor of this saint. We have never seen this anywhere else! Especially remembered bright costume characters.

5 – Volcano Popochettel

Natural beauty – Our weakness with Andrews. And if it is a volcano, it is impossible to resist. We never before that volcanoes have not seen, especially in existing. Here is a handsome Popochatt to the truth will remain in mind a bright spot!

6 – The ancient city of Teotihuacan

In Teotihuakan, we met with our first Mexican pyramids. It was after this that finally came to awareness that we are really in Mexico, and not in some other country there. The place is really a sign and memorable, the spirit of antiquity and something mysterious.

7 – Meeting with scorpions

Ohh, well, this is exactly difficult will to forget)) Imagine what it is to detect this creature in your room? Yes, when the local then declare you that it is very, very dangerous. Well, what can you do? So I took Scorpio and fell off the ceiling on the table. Schmeyk!

eight – Multicolored houses

Bright multicolored houses – it’s love to the coffin! Mexico – Color therapy in pure form. Residents are not completely shy in choosing paints for their homes, fences and other buildings. For mexicans bright color – This is a sign of openness and hospitality. Perhaps the most rainbow steel Keretaro, Guanajuato, Campeche, San Miguel and Oaxaca.

nine – Colonial architecture

Colonial architecture is beautiful! These small cozy houses, balconies, arches, courtyards – All this can be admired without tired. Moreover, this good in Mexico is more than enough. Thanks to the Spaniards!

ten – Cacti

For many Mexico is just associated with cacti, and, be sure they are here. Maybe not in such quantities as draws imagination, but if you search, you can find whole cactus thickets. Most of them are focused in the northern part of the country, but who is looking for, he will find everywhere. Funny still plant. We have seen the most cool cactus groves in Teotihuakan and Botanical Garden in San Miguel. Impressed!

eleven – Concerts in arbors

Almost every Mexican town in the center in the square is arbors. At first I thought that they were simply for beauty or for some rare performances, but it turned out that the performances are held every weekend, but not simple, but with real brass orchestras. Imagine how cool just go take a walk and get to the concert! For the first time we were on the speech in Keretaro and just fell in love with these musical arbors.

12 – Week in the Mexican House

Week in the town of Guanajuato will remember for a long time! Why? Because we have fallen a unique opportunity to live in the present Mexican house, which was once part of Assand, built in the 19th century. That’s where we found a real Mexican flavor, supplemented by the Hostess Hospitality and Hospitality.

13 – Ruins in Monte Alban

Still do not quite understand why these pyramids so sealed in the soul, but the fact remains. They produced «Wow»-the effect! Whether it’s all about the surrounding landscapes, or in anticipation, because before that there was only Teotihuacan, and then a great break between antiquities. But they are – The basis of Mexican wealth. Monte Alban was in the right place at the right time, thicker «Pyramido» thirst, for which I remember now with warmth and love.

fourteen – Ierway-El Agua

Magical place! It costs a little mansion, because not every tourist gets there, but the one who finds time and the desire to visit Ierway-El Agua Park is hardly indifferent. This is something! Perhaps for us «Frozen waterfalls» became one of the brightest Mexican impressions. What can be more beautiful than magnificent nature?

Journey through Mexico - the 20 most memorable places, things and events

15 – Waves in Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido – Resort town on the shores of the Pacific. In addition to excellent beaches, he boasted the huge fascinating waves, which flew by the Surfs from around the world. Here’s a breathtaking spectacle, I tell you!

16 – Waterfalls

Mexico – A country that is a unique combination of the wealth of nature and man-made creations. Where else can you find a rattling mix of colonial cities, pyramids, Indian villages, waterfalls, cactus groves, fantastic beaches and other investigations? Like everyone else, the waterfalls of Agua-Asul and Misol-ha were at the height!

17 – iguana

A memorable event for us was a meeting with Iguanami. Why? Yes just very much funny creatures! For the first time we saw them heating in the sun in Ezna. And then it began: whole crowds iguan met almost everywhere on Yucatan Peninsula – in Ushmale, in Chichen Ice, in Tuluma, on the beaches of Playi del Carmen and so on, and so on.

eighteen – Satota

Satota – a completely unusual phenomenon of nature, which except on Yucatan more and you will not see anywhere. Just imagine: cave, underground river with crystal clear water, curious fish, stalactitis, breaking through a small hole – And all this in one bottle. Well, how? Unforgettably! We had a feeling as if we were in the underground kingdom on another planet.

19 – Caribbean Sea

Oh yeah! Caribbean Sea – Dream, and only! Paris is far from the only place to see which you can die)) On this sea, the color of the purest blue topaz can watch the clock, trying to understand how it can be so!

twenty – Ruins Tuluma

Here it is – Apoogy travel – Tandem Mayan Pyramids and Caribbean. Incredible Mexican cocktail who has become a farewell gift for us. Complex Tulum – some iconic place in which the two most vivid impressions of Mexico were awakened.

Here is such a bright and saturated twenty events)) let them say that only the first and last memories are remembered, there are enough space in our hearts for everyone!

Thank you, Mexico, for so many unforgettable emotions, adventures, new places and events! For half a year in this colorful country, no doubt will be included in our piggy bank with Andrews, memories.

We wish you to visit Mexico, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

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Journey through Mexico - the 20 most memorable places, things and events

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