Traveling through the southern part of Western Australia: 3300 km in 2 weeks (part 1)

It was interesting for myself to note that there are very few stories about autocouplements in Australia. Perhaps this is due to the remoteness of it from Russia, perhaps most of those who left do not know about the existence of Droma or simply lose touch with the former homeland. No matter how it was, I would like to somehow fix this situation and a little one to open the curtain of the mystery about the Australia, and specifically a separate staff – Western Australia.

My wife and I moved here on permits 2 years ago from New Zealand, where the year lived. For many, I think Australia seems unusual and, probably, even a strange country with its very specific Flora and fauna. Where else in the world you will meet the animal at least remotely resembling kangaroo? In which part of the world, so many poisonous plants and animals are concentrated? Where crocodiles and sharks can be found near the settlements or urban beaches? Here, eucalyptuses of which are used in the baths and saunas, the wavy parrots famous in Russia live in Russia and in many places, including city parks, there are kangguards, ducks, pelicans, ibis and so on.

It is a very hot and dry country, surrounded by the oceans and seas. The average annual temperature is 25 ° C, and the maximum temperature in the shadow can reach 50 ° C. Australia – Very weakly-shaped continent, the overwhelming part of the population lives on the coastal lines in large cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth. All major cities are located on rivers. One of the hottest cities is Perth, and West Australia is the most dry of all in Australia. It is in such a place at my wife and live.

When life more or less settled, we decided to make a long journey first in our life. It took 2 weeks for which we overcame 3300 km. At work reserved holidays in advance, the route was attached. Dates of the departure decided to choose December 27 – between Local Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – to avoid problems on the road and in Karvan Parks. Always stayed only in the tent, they prepared themselves, sometimes snacking in small restaurants and cafes.

Earlier we did only small sacraments from Perth in different places of Western Australia, limited to the distance not more than 500 km. So last year on our list did not have few places and we decided to complete our study of the southern part of Western Australia this big travel. The route was: Perth – Calgohurley, Esperance – Hoptown – Bremer Bay – Denmark – Pemberton – Margaret River – Perth.

Crew: Two in the car, not counting the dog. Nothing was taken with me, only the usual marching skarb: a tent, sleeping bags, adhesive mats, hiking utensils, charging for phones, food and a lot of water. The latter is simply necessary – the distance between the nearest settlements can be 2-3 hours drive. Local, who are often and far away, install kenguryatniki (even on passenger cars) and take a radio. We decided to do without these things, as the plan was to go only on the highway, and the whole beast, which can be dangerous on the road, climbs after 5 pm. Photographed on my Samsung Note 4 and IPhone 5S wives. So readers have the opportunity to travel the quality of photos of both devices.  Such, express test.

Gathered and drove in the morning on Saturday. Until our first point – Calgohurley (Point "B" on the route, 700 km from Perth) – I went to one sitting. Stayed only a couple of times pofotkatsya, but a little to rest.

Museum of cameras. Not to go. Usually in such museums dust and not very interesting.

Many gas stations on the highway on a par with cafes and shops have their own small nurseries.

Pink Cockada or Galah. Meet everywhere in Australia.

Klagoreley is the town of mines, here is the greatest in Australia outdoor quarry, where gold is mined. In general, the town is not bad – clean, but boring. There is some old pub, a gold fever museum, a career excursions are also held – called Super Pit. Very hot and dry. Around the city solid plain.

This is at the same time a monument to the goldfield ..

… and a rider for a tourist.

City market. I wonder whether seafood is selling there ..?

Local "Big Ben". Streets are empty because Sunday, morning.

View of the Calgohurli with the highest point. In the center of the photo you can distinguish the narrow barely noticeable strip "Big Ben".

And so everywhere around Calgohurley – dry and "orange". 🙂

This is not the largest technique that works in a career. But also makes an indelible impression!

Spouse tries good luck in gold. An interesting occupation, but it seems that all gold has already been mined to us.

Here he is, Super Pit – the biggest quarry in Australia! The bottom is not visible. On the tracks you can distinguish Maaalensky career trucks and excavators. The size of such equipment is approximately like a four-storey building.

Having spent over in Calgohli, moved further to the south – to famous and amazingly beautiful beaches Esperance!

On the way to Esperance, we drove into an abandoned town. Neither houses, nor any signs of life we ​​found. Only a sign with a brief history of the city. The feeling was interesting – as if the spirits of people who lived here were still fading.

Yes, there were still streets with pointers ..

Some more ghostly roads.

So the scorched red earth of Australia looks like.

And these are forest hives with wild bees. Honey is very tasty!

Esperance – a small town of resort type at 8 o’clock ride from Perth. Famous in the first of its beaches. However, also in the XIX century, hunters for whales and seal. What probably shows a monument on the embankment (it looks very modern!). After opening gold deposits in Calgohurli, Esperance turned into a transshipment point for prospectors and adventurers.

Next will be a lot of pictures.

Monument or Kitoboy, or to China. It looks unusual and beautiful, organically fits into the architecture of the modern embankment.

Hob! How do you, and? 🙂 In the middle "Nowhere", where Russians hardly seen Russian Matryshki!

Monument, apparently, marshmalks.

Here they are! Wonderful beaches Esperance!

With some reason, at the expense of attempts, this guy still managed to break away from the ground. 🙂 True, not for a long time: literally after a minute he had to land again.

Journey through the southern part of Western Australia 3300 km in 2 weeks (part 1)

A few Australian Livingness.

Twilight Beach. Not so long ago, he was recognized as the best beach of Australia. People slowly arrive, an hour later there were already a lot of bathing.

Staircase cool go down to the beach.

Beacherly, deserted beaches of Esperance ..

This is what caravan parks look in Western Australia. There are places for the tent, there are static Campersans, there are more comfortable houses. In the center of Karvan Parks are placed showers, toilets, kitchen. Prepare everything for themselves. As a rule, caravan parks are clean and very comfortable with a minimum required. Do you need a traveler??

Modest walking dinner.

People come to Australia from different parts of the planet.

Worried – went to watch the surroundings.

The same chicken farm from the distance.

After excursion to local beaches. We returned again to Esperance, where they jar. In total, we spent 3 nights here. We wanted to go to the Caper Arid National Park and Cape Le Grand, but could not find temporary refuge for our dog. So I had to postpone the trip the other time. But people who have been in those parks, they say that there is insanely beautiful! But it is difficult for us to imagine how even the beaches can be??

Decided to have a snack before bedtime. In such cafes, people are particularly trying to cook delicious, as the competition is new, and seasonal tourist flows. So you can eat cheap, a lot and very tasty! We ate twice. Have not poisoned. 🙂

Well! Who is on us on the tank??

Going further along the route. On the way "City of Hope", in English for some reason with a mistake: hopetoun (dot "D" on the map). This is a small provincial town, with a single unit department store and supermarket. In the department store there is a tiny cafe, where we ordered Fish & Chips and coffee. It was very tasty! And one portion would be enough for 1.5 people. There is also a hotel and in the same building bar. There, in Hoptown, we decided to celebrate the New Year. Talking with one saleswoman-Irish, with surprise they learned that their store works all days except Christmas on December 25. This is due to the fact that the community in the city is very small, tourists are of infrequent guests here, in view of the provinciality of the town, and I want to live. Here are the locals in all available ways to attract the attention of tourists to their town.

And see in these places really have something – right under the side is the striking beauty Fitzherald River National Park. The place is very unusual, as this is one of the few places in Western Australia, where there are fitting mountains. Weird? No – Near Perth in an hour ride to the West there is only a hills glda, a maximum of 500 meters, called Darling Scarp. In addition, Hoptown is notable for its very leisurely life, the purest air and beautiful views of the National Park and the South Ocean. In general, come to Hoptown! 🙂

The southern coast of Australia and West, among other things, is one of the oldest landscapes. What is evidenced by numerous fossil roots of ancient plants and moves in the land remaining after decomposition of vegetation. From here, millions of years ago soldered and sailed to the southern Pole of Antarctica.

Further, pictures made on the way to Hoptown and the town.

Here is such a living nature sometimes found on the road. Unfortunately, some drivers move it. We decided to stop and save the lush. Although she probably did not understand our intentions.

Journey through the southern part of Western Australia 3300 km in 2 weeks (part 1)

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