Journey to Pandemic: Probably You Can not forget

Before buying tickets and book a hotel, pay attention to topical rules of travel across Russia and abroad.

Entry permission and departure

Check the restrictions on the Sites of Rospotrebnadzor and Rapurturism . Pay attention to whether flights openly with the country where you are going to go. At the moment, a list of such states is very small. Explore the site of the essential country: Read about the rules of entry, quarantine restrictions, the need for testing on COVID-19, check the temperature and symptoms of the disease at the airport, fines for the lack of mask and violation of the social distance.

Upon return, you will need to fill out the questionnaire, pass the Coronavirus test using the PCR method (it is possible to pass at the airport of arrival) and comply with compulsory self-insulation until the results are obtained.

Booking air tickets and hotel

The situation today is very unstable and there is no guarantee that the journey will take place. Purchase tickets with the ability to complete the cost of the cost. Some airlines offer advanced air ticket renewal conditions and alternative ways of compensation: discounts on subsequent flights, electronic vouchers and T. D.

When ordering at the hotel, please contact the hotel, which offers the most flexible conditions for cancellation of the reservation. It used to be difficult to make cancellation without a serious fine or the loss of the full amount. Now you can cancel the reservation even in 24 hours or postpone a booking for later dates — All information is available on hotels and aggregators sites.

Security Rules at the airport

In the airports of the whole world, different rules, but in one they agree: wear a mask, gloves and observe the social distance.

  • Try to wash your hands as often as possible or process them by sanitizer.
  • Change personal hygiene tools at least once every two hours.
  • Journey to a pandemic to provide forget
  • If possible, as possible, touch various surfaces.

Try to take with you only manual sting to eliminate the search in the queue receiving luggage. But note that some airlines and countries (for example, Turkey) have set new rules of baggage transport: a backpack is not suitable as a hand bag, and only a small handbag is allowed to take into the cabin. Therefore, if you have to take luggage, try to keep the distance at issue.

Most airports in Russia reduced the number of flights and outlets. At the entrance to the terminals of the terminals check the temperature and the presence of SMI symptoms. If you feel bad, cancel the trip so as not to raise yourself and surrounding.

Advanced Medical Insurance Policy

Check with an insurance company that enters your insurance policy. Some insurance companies offer extended insurance traveling abroad, covering treatment of coronavirus infection, staying on quarantine and urgent reverse flight. To the standard insurance policy, you can most often connect additional options, but it will cost more.

The insurance policy is drawn up to the trip: without it you will not be able to get a visa or go to a visa-free country. In case of sudden cancellation of travel due to illness or cancellation of the flight, costs are compensated.

Any insurance policy will save you from unnecessary spending in the following cases:

  • injuries and their processing;
  • emergency care;
  • inspection by a specialist;
  • stay in the hospital;
  • Surgical Help.

Traveling in Russia with Kesbek

If you decide not to risk and go on a trip to Russia, do not forget to get Keshbak for a trip. The cost of the tour must be at least 25 thousand. rubles, and before booking it is necessary to register in the loyalty program «Peace» and pay the tour of the bank card «Peace». KesbEK is 20% of the cost of the trip, but not more than 20 thousand. rubles for one tour. The program has been extended until January 2021.

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