Journey to Bali

Bali – Eastern fairy tale. This Indonesian island has gained fame due to excellent climate, magnificent beaches and various natural landscapes. Here are neighboring Beach and Mountains, Lakes and Volcanoes, Forests and Cities, and Ancient temples and ultra-modern architectural forms. This province of the exotic Eastern country visits many tourists from all continents every year. And they all remain satisfied, and many are returned here again and again.


Bali &# 8211; not the biggest island Indonesia, Total 5623 kv. KM Square. It has a complex configuration, and stretched from west to east about 145 km, its biggest width – about 80 km. In the central part there are active volcanoes, the peak of the most powerful one is located at an altitude of more than 3 km above sea level. Southern areas of Bali represent hilly lowlands, very fertile due to volcanic ash, which fertures the soil during eruptions. Population of the island Basically engaged in agriculture – grows rice and breed plantations of sugar, oil and coconut palm trees.

Denpasar – the capital of the island, with the population of almost 860 thousand people, Located in the south of the island and looks like a conventional provincial city. On his streets you can meet Brahmin’s houses next to the palaces and rice fields, temples near villas and gardens. but "Quiet place" The island is difficult to call, the population is more 3.5 million, In addition, there are several other cities on Bali, which determine the development of this region. True, these settlements have a clearly pronounced specialization, for example, the former capital of the province – the city Singaraja, &# 8211; He is an industrial center, Kuta – Resort and tourist, Ubud – Center for the religious and cultural life of Balinese. Every year, the island visits several millions of foreign tourists, and experts suggest that in a few years their number will exceed 10 million. All this contributes to the turbulent economic development of the region, which causes local residents to create most favorable conditions for tourists.


On Bali there are many spa places for every taste. For surf lovers it Kuta, Ulwatat and Legian. For rest with children &# 8211; Sanur, Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua and many more resort villages equipped specifically for tourist reception.

Kuta, City near S Denpasar &# 8211; The most crowded place on Bali, since the main flow of tourists focuses precisely in this place. This is a beach resort, located on the shore Indian Ocean In the immediate vicinity of the province. Kuta developed as a tourist center for a long time, the first hotels were built by the Americans in the first half of the last century. True, in the development of this place and unfavorable moments, but today Kut is experiencing Real tourist boom. And suggest travelers the inhabitants of the city can a lot, but most Beach Kutya attract lovers Extreme water recreation. Big waves, clean, stony bottom are a good bait for Surfer from many countries in the world. Newbies have the opportunity to hire an experienced surfist instructor, and at night you can visit many clubs. A little further are more solid and calm beaches &# 8211; Seminyak and Legian. Here the ocean is quieter, you can rent Sun loungers, umbrellas and other beach inventory. Numerous cafes, located almost everywhere, will not allow anyone, and prices here are quite moderate.

The most fashionable place of Bali – Nusa Dua, Located near the airport located on the peninsula Bukit. Before him from the capital is only 10 minutes by car. Several five-star hotels are fenced off from the outside world, and only their guests can relax here. Stunning beauty Beaches with magnificent and clean sand, picturesque landscapes and high level of service &# 8211; Rest with children in this place is a pleasure.

For family holidays with children, it will also be good and Jimbaran. The beach in this place is huge, stretches along the coast almost 5 km, big waves almost never happening, so there is no beach fuss here. This spa zone is famous for its Fish restaurants and is also close to the airport.

In the northern part of Bali is very beloved by some tourists Beach Lovina. He is perfect for those who want to relax from the city noise and fuss. Tourists in this place are not enough due to the fact that the road to this part of the coast of the island is long and confusing. V Lovina village There are no nightclubs and shopping centers, but you can go on a boat into the ocean and swim on the beach with an unusual volcanic black sand.

Candidas – This is another place for a solitary rest. In addition to the beach with volcanic sand on the coast there are and Beach with snow-white coral sand. There are only a few cheap hotels and inexpensive villas overlooking the ocean for holidaymakers, but visiting this place is worth any cost and domestic inconvenience.

In the east, Bali is Amide district. There are several villages, all of them are in a picturesque valley. Observation of dolphins from the boat, diving &# 8211; These are the main classes of vacationers in Amede. In addition, it is very interesting to observe the life of local residents, who has changed little for many centuries, although they know how to manage mobile phones and satellite antennas.

Natural attractions.

It would be a very big mistake to visit Bali and restrict ourselves to one beach rest. There is a huge number of different wonders on this island. Volcano Agung &# 8211; one of these wonders. His grudge towers over the eastern part of the island more than on Three kilometers. From any part of the province, a wonderful look opens. On the representation of local residents through the mountain passes Axle of the Universe.

Willing Gunung Battur &# 8211; the second acting volcano on Bali, it is slightly smaller in size than Agung, but no less remarkable. Height of it &# 8211; 1717 Meters above sea level. At the foot of the volcano Battur there is a crater lake, and it is considered the biggest in the world.

Northeast of Denpasar is "Park of birds and lizards". In the park live more 250 species of birds, Hand held on the central playground Parrots, Other animals live in aviaries. Here also live Warana, Pythons, Turtles and Crocodiles.

V Ubud There is a protected area that spread around three large temples is called Wood Monkey. These animals are considered sacred on Bali, and It is impossible to touch them. In turn, small peasants use this and stick to tourists, facing food.

Journey to Bali

On Bali Very much waterfalls. Beautiful of them can be called Semipal. Water in it falls from height 75 meters and consists of two threads originating from different sources, so in the rainy season, when the waterfall increases significantly in size, one part of the waterfall is painted in a brown color, and the other remains transparent.

Cultural attractions.

The painting of the island will be incomplete without architecture. In contrast to the rest Indonesia, Professional Islam, the main part of the Balinese (almost 85%) are Hindus. This is due to this Exterior of buildings, who were erected on the island at different times. Among them allocated Temple Pura Tanah Lot, It is located in the tidal zone of the ocean, and you can go to it only during the low tide. Although tourists are not allowed inside, the temple can be photographing from the shore.

Temple Pura Besaky &# 8211; this is the biggest temple on the island. Complex of the temple length 3 kilometers It was built volcanic lava. This is the most important temple for Balinese, he is on the sacred volcano Agung. During religious holidays here you can watch Rituals and rites, who do not meet anywhere else.

Last ruler Bali &# 8211; Raja Karangasame &# 8211; With the help of the Dutch, which by the middle of the last century owned Indonesia, built two unique palace complex on the island &# 8211; Udjung and Tirta Ganges. These palaces are structurally irrigation pools, and at the same time &# 8211; labyrinths, they are equipped with picturesque fountains, on their territory there are extraordinary beauty of the building.

Pura Ulong Dan – this is one of 9 chramms, Erected by Balinese in honor of the gods of agriculture. This temple is dedicated to the goddess Devi Dan, which is considered the patronage of the water element known as the name Mother moisture. Is he on the lake Branch. Water, in the territory of which the temple is located, formed in the crater of ancient volcano. Ulong Dan attacked during the tide and the impression is created "Temple on the water", So the construction and got its unofficial name.

Church of Pura Lukhur Ulwatat, dedicated to the marine gods Sang Han and Vida Wasa, Located in the southwestern part of the peninsula Bukit, in town Print, On the top of the top 90-meter cliff. Before the beginning of the last century, only members of the royal family prayed in it, and now it is open to all.


It is only a small part of the places on Bali, which should be traveler. On the island peculiar lifestyle, unusual painting. It takes place here Many festivals and holidays. And what are the dancing! All in all, Bali is worth choosing the journey to this place from all other options!

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