Journey to Chicago

Once in a small village Chicago There are only a few families. Today it is one of the main economic centers USA. He is on the shore of the lake Michigan, along which the beaches stretch, and is a very attractive place for many tourists.

To Chicago, you can fully apply the saying: ;There would be no happiness, but misfortune helped ;. In 1871, a terrible fire was happening in the city, which is called &# 8211; Great Chicago Fire. Most of Chicago burned down on fire. And the city subsequently had to rebuild. Thanks to this Chicago, he got a comfortable breakdown of streets and a unique architecture with famous Chicago skyscrapers. The only building that survived after the fire &# 8211; this is Water tower.

In chicago a lot of sights.
110-storey skyscraper ; Sears Tower ; Long time was one of the highest world buildings. However, this is not just a tower &# 8211; This is a building consisting of 9 towers, which are connected to one complex.

Business Center Chicago The Loop Running railway. His name is translated &# 8211; A loop. Here you can walk on shopping street State Street, as well as visit the concerts of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and performances Urban opera.

Central Streets in Chicago two. Second &# 8211; Michigan&# 8211;Avenue. She rests on the lake Michigan. Lowering her skyscrapers in which boutiques and department stores are located. Here you can buy a lot of useful and interesting things: for example, buy household appliances, gold products, souvenirs and much more. And on the street there are a lot of food counters with fruit, beer and other goods. True, they are not real at all, but doubly. But next to them you can make a photo for memory. And on the 95th floor of one of the skyscrapers is located John Hancock Observatory.

But on Stite Street Chicago minorities gather. Here you can meet very colorful personalities. Attracts tourists and magic miles &# 8211; Street with gallery, shops, restaurants.

Name Chicago closely related to the name Al Capone. There is even an excursion to places "Combat Glory" famous gangster of the 20s of the last century. Tourists offer to see the weapons of those times at the police center, show Saint Cathedral, where Al Capone Made two murders. Then on Cemetery Carmel You can visit the grave of the famous Chicago Gangster.

On the shore of the lake Michigan located Millennuim Park. Here you can find a lot of entertainment. For example, just take a walk along paths and admire floral gardens. The air is clean here and, of course, will benefit and adults, and children, so that their sleep will be strong.

Here you can see a unique fountain Crown Fountain, which consists of two fifteen meter towers on which the LED screen is located. On him &# 8211; Persons of Chicago residents, whose lips periodically fold into the tube, and begins to pour water.

Or you can see one of the most popular Chicago sculptures &# 8211; Cloud Gate, which looks like a drop of mercury. In the mirror surface of the 110-ton design, the city and visitors of the park are reflected.

In the Millennium Park there is a concert hall "Symphony Hall"Where famous musical festivals are held.

Journey to Chicago

In the Grand Park there is another fountain, Buckingham. He claims to be one of the largest in the world. Here visitors can see light music show.

And also in the Grand Park are located Art Museum, Museum of Science and Industry, Museum of Natural History of Field, and the famous Maritime Museum-aquarium. Aquarium Shedda &# 8211; This is an indoor water park that goes to Michigan Lake. Here is a huge collection of sea fauna and flora. It enjoys great popularity as citizens and tourists.

Chicago Zoo &# 8211; Also very interesting place for tourists. Here all the time exhibitions and presentations are held with the participation of animals. And there are several restaurants and shopping centers.

V Chicago Very many parks, theaters, museums, here and lovers of sightseeing programs, and fans of theaters and concerts. Can go to the famous Waterfall Niagara &# 8211; From the American cities of Chicago is located closest to him.

Will not be displeased in Chicago and beach lovers. 28 beaches stretched along the coast of Lake Michigan.

In general, there are many surprises in Chicago tourists. Such as the skeleton of Brachiosaurus in the central terminal Chicago Airport.

Journey to Chicago

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