Journey to the closed country in the world. Diamond Mountains and how I ate a dog

Diamond Mountains are mountains in which there are no diamonds. The name is more metaphorical – beautiful, they say, like diamonds, so called. The maximum height of the mountains is 1638 meters, the length of the mountain area is 80 kilometers. The geographical name of the mountains – Kymgansan is also called the area of ​​the hotel where we lived.

A distinctive feature of the mountains is an unusual relief formed by erosion, combined with several lakes and waterfalls. Mountains are covered with forest, and they are especially beautiful in the fall, when the leaves change their color to yellow and crimson. His beauty of the mountain is obliged to geological composition. They almost completely consist of granite and diorita, which for many centuries of weathelation created interesting forms. (c) Wikipedia

Kymgansan – a shrine for Koreans, a huge number of songs are dedicated to them. Before in these mountains there were monks in wonderful monasteries, but the war did not spare them and their forests burned after bombing by American aircraft. Now it is a protected area. End point of our walk – Kuren Waterfall.

Place worthy to stay here a couple of days. Lunch in a cafe, as always, everything was very tasty. Again drank our favorite beer. I was seriously configured to import him to Russia.

Spanted only animals near the cafe 🙂

The return route was long, we admired the wonderful sea and beaches.

And this is a picture with a local Coca-Koloy – Like an advertising card.

Such beauty will not spoil even barbed wire under voltage.

The path was long, I talked with a guide to various topics, somehow I recorded a few words on the recorder, so as not to forget some fact about the country, Pak Ungently noticed that I had a voice recorder on the iPhone, and seriously sorted, What I wrote there that there is? Of course, I was accompanied by such inspiration and antish science skills. I was seriously afraid that when you leaving everything will be taken away, delete all the photos, we will erase my memory and make a tattoo on the whole back with a portrait of Kim Chen Ira.

Guide showed money that can not be taken even as a souvenir.

I asked her plate made in North Korea. And you say – there is no technology and backward country. Smartphone she was also the local production.

All the way we sang songs from the movies, read poetry and played games. Were all sorts of ratings on "The most beloved Soviet film" or "Where do you like the most". The North Koreans are very fond of our films and, to my shame, know about them more than me. In our group, the people were very pumped in terms of travel, all sharing stories about Gabon, Iraq, Bhutan. In this company, I felt her, we discussed the same place in Tanzania, Svalbard, Argentina. Anybody in the DPRK not be buried, that’s for sure.

In the evening, we made a list of those who will have a dog. Our tables are divided into two parts: the dog-eaters and normal people. We signed up with Nikita in the first group. Now I’ll tell you how I was eating dog.

First, we brought cold appetizer. Opinion split at the table, someone said that the meat as meat, someone said that it is the taste smells dog fur. Immediately scatter a myth that dogs in Korea eat tons – a delicacy meat expensive. I seemed to taste like a stew, on the Yamal Peninsula, we are selling reindeer stew, something like this, but sweeter. In South Korea, for example, I did not find it. The dish is seasonal and is only a few restaurants in the form of soup. Dogs do not eat all, but only a special feed breed Chow.

Feed dogs – the same animals, like cows or pigs. They do not play, do not play well, they just are bred on the farm. I really do not understand people who say that there is terrible dog and yourself eat a cow. The cow is worse than a dog? In some countries, the cow is sacred. I tried to oppress themselves with thoughts of morality, but quickly drove them, because it’s stupid. Either you’re a meat-eater or a vegan. there is no third.

Nikita tries Chow:

Journey to the closed country in the world. Diamond Mountains and how I ate a dog

The DPRK in the diet of local resident sobachatiny no tourists eat dogs are much more local. Yearling go to feed dogs. At the table, the boys discussed what dogs bludgeoned to meat was tastier and more tender (the blood flows to the muscles or something of this kind). On the Internet, write that dogs throats cut. They also say: to improve the taste of meat in China, for example, animals are cooked alive … While the dog is suffering, she stands out adrenaline which supposedly gives a special piquancy to "dish". On the Internet there are photos of the puppies that are boiled alive in cauldrons. better not to Google, do not fall asleep.

As a matter of fact – I do not know. But the chicken, for example, or a sheep, too, cut his throat, if you saw it, you would probably have become vegetarians. When I saw the slaughter of cows, then I stopped eating meat. Or I try not to eat it.

Dog meat is rich in digestible protein and is considered to be a useful and tasty, and we all agree with that table, when they brought the soup. If a cold appetizer, many are not eaten, the soup was a hit. The DPRK on the menu this soup called Tankogichzhan or Tankogikuk. Why do I say that dog meat – seasonal? It was believed that after the heavy summer field work, it restores the body perfectly. It is also believed that it is effective against tuberculosis.

In Pyongyang, there are restaurants where you can try other dishes: ribs, legs and even eggs. Sounds like a very nasty, but we buy beef tongue, pork ribs, chicken hearts. All inadequate readers please do not worry, there is a canine meat addiction, more animals of this type are consciously we did not eat your balls and Muhtarchiki can sleep peacefully:) Everyone else, I advise you to try nourishing soup of the dog, if you are in North Korea. delicious same.

We took alcohol. It seemed to me that all the dogs in the world are aware of the fact that I ate them, and will look at me with contempt. But soon let go:) Tomorrow we are expecting a new day where Nikita will call for a date North Korean girl, we will visit the mausoleum, and will visit the monument of Juche, where I did the best panorama of the sunset Pyongyang.

In China, things are much worse. That’s how it looks about the markets:

The Chinese are spending real festivals of doggy dogs.

Journey to the closed country in the world. Way south in Wansan and cars on firewood

Journey to the closed country in the world. Mausoleum, Juche as a religion and beautiful uniche

Journey to the closed country in the world. Diamond Mountains and how I ate a dog

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