Journey to the closed country in the world. Way south in Wansan and cars on firewood

The space building in Pyongyang and his symbol is a missing hotel "Ryugon". It looks like an alien structure, hardly believes that this building is 330 meters high in North Korea. "Ryugon" Long built (construction began in 1987) and has not yet been commissioned, it was planned that the hotel will open in 1989, but the crisis at the beginning of the 90s for a long time frozen the construction. In 2013, construction was finally completed.

Italian architect Stefano Boary called the hotel "Ryugon" "The only fragment of science fiction in the modern world", The building constantly falls into different ratings as one of the most ugly structures in the world. But they are mistaken, the building is romance from the 80s. Strugatsky would like it 🙂 In any case, he has many records, for example – this is a hotel with the greatest floor – the floors here more than 100.

Departed through the bridges, the world’s largest stadium "First of May", where the show is held "Ariran".

Another stadium – name "Kim Il Sena", His matches of football team holds here. In 2008, the draw of the DPRK with South Korea, but the match was transferred to neutral Shanghai, since the North Koreans refused to include the anthem of the enemy state.

With us in diamond mountains, one pair did not go, the guys were ok. You think they calmly left? No, it is impossible to leave anyone unattended, so one of three guides remained with them. Then they were given a minibus, and they were the next day, while we were not, we went threesome to watch the city. We headed for south.

On the way, stopped in such wonderful places. Than not fjords of Norway?)

Patched fields and beautiful landscapes

And generals on steep machines

Well, the climax of our entire trip on that day, then for what we were shaking on a concrete road all 8 hours. So, the main prize. Aaaaaavomoobil! And not simple, but such that goes on firewood. It is not joke. We read a lot about them and heard, but for the first time they saw in the parking lot, all won it to take pictures, but Korean did not give us this. We must be proud! Why shy?

Then we have repeatedly seen on the roads such terro cars. What’s the matter? In the capital, the overwhelming majority of trucks – modern Chinese cars. In the villages, on the contrary, the old Soviet and all the same Chinese cars of the 40s and the 70s, converted under "Challenge" Engine. Here in the go (except Pyongyang) trucks with a gas generator, that is, on firewood. Drown their coal or firewood. They go to a maximum of 40 km / h and smoke, like steam locomotives.

Journey to the closed country in the world. Way south in Wansan and cars on firewood

The gas generator car is a car, the internal combustion engine of which receives the gas produced by a gas generator as a fuel mixture. Firewood, coal briquettes, peat and t can be used as fuel. NS. The principle of operation of the gas generator is based on the incomplete combustion of carbon (C) Wikipedia.

Met car organizations "WORLD FOOD", This is the world’s largest humanitarian organization that fights against hunger. As if tasty and satisfying us were fed, we all understood that ordinary inhabitants of the DPRK – undernourish. I remember books about the DPRK that I read: Digested in the difficult times of North Koreans told about the fact that they were fed on mice, lizards and bark of trees. Fearfully.

On the way, we drove to the Waterfall of the Woods, who accidentally discovered soldiers in 2001.

Bidding in Wansan for the first time seafood.

In Wansane, there is a ferry to Japan, do not be surprised – in Japan, the strong North Korean diaspora of migrants. They send to relatives in the DPRK used cars, clothes, electronics. The North DPRK striker at the 2008 World Championships cried as a child during the hymn execution, remember? He called him Chon TE SE, he grew up in Japan, and now playing already in South Korea. The photo of the crying chone was shelled the whole world that year.

Journey to the closed country in the world. Way south in Wansan and cars on firewood

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