Journey to the exclusion zone and. Part 2

so. Vlad gone home, that is, left the alienation zone. And we, having fought a new apartment (in the old beat the window and robbed Schron), decided to make another desperate fraud. In Debrist. In school. There, where tourists do not go, where there is an almost untouched school and the old wooden church of 1800 buildings, in excellent condition. Where it pulls as a magnet from last journey. And where you can meet the bison and the bear – because the border with the Belarusian zone is very close.

Our new apartment

We put forward at about 9 am. It was necessary to get to the railway bridge as soon as possible, connecting the city of Slavutich and the Chernobyl station. I wanted to come immediately after the morning train, and she comes around 8 am. Waiting a little, and rides back.

This time we decided to go through the "sand plateau" – there is a terribly phonite, but it is possible to get to the bridge in half. On the PTLRV "Sand Plateau" the background reaches 16 milligregen, so you need to go as soon as possible, and in windy weather to wear a mask – the wind raises the radioactive sandy dust, and breathe a bad idea.

PTLRV "Sand Plateau" Sand Plateau, Chernobyl

When you go on a sand plateau, you feel yourself the hero of the American film Mad Max, or a computer game Follout, which goes along the radioactive wasteland. Approaching the railway, we heard the sound of chainsaws.

We go on a radioactive wasteland we go on a radioactive empty, Chernobyl

Fixed closer, it became clear where he – the pathors cut off the branches of near trees and bushes, conducted preventive work. Also, they repaired something on the bridge. We waited until they get into their trailer and leave the ravis, and then moved across the bridge.

Pathistakers cut the branches of near trees and bushes go through the bridge go through railway bridge

I will say frankly, it was scary to go, because the schedule of the trains was shifted and did not match what could be found on the Internet. And if during the transition through the bridge, it will start to go.. By and large, on the side there is a small metal track, on which you can climb, in addition, in the center of the bridge, on the side, there is a small technical playground where you can go down. But to the center of the bridge still need to reach.. All this is terribly uncomfortable, especially, to releasing at such a height through the fences not only inconvenient, but also dangerous.

Playground in the center of the bridge

But, we were lucky, and we did not meet the train. Moving to the other coast, descended to the River Pripyat, scored water, bought, and moved to the first village called the winning. This village brightly illustrates most villages of the alienation zone – the smoked houses, absorbed by the jungle, some with the roofs failed, inside – full of thrash.

House in the village of Wimping

In one of the houses, a basement was opened in the corridor, I did not have time to turn on the flashlight, and simply did not notice the hole in the floor. As a result – I fell into it, but I managed to rest on my arms in the edge, like on the bars. Otherwise, the legs could break, and so – the pair of abrasion on the side and lightweight.

In this village there was another surprise right on the road – a huge black elk. I confess frankly, I first have seen an elk in natural conditions for the first time, and it is also so close – no more than 5 m, right on the pavement road. Coming out because of the turn we just left it.. While I turned on the camera, he thoughtfully looked at us and slowly, a coward, disappeared in the jungle.

Village Wimping on the map

To get to the village of Wimping, you need to go straight along line along the railway tracks, and roll right. 3 km – and you have a goal. And in order to get into the church of the 1800th year of construction, you need to go ahead and turn it right, but to the left, that is, in the village of Krasnos. It was there that we went after meeting with Else. Looking forward to say that in the winning Winter We found raw (clean, do not commemorate – I checked), and took them on the way back to prepare the most delicious rice in the world with mushrooms.

Road to the village Red

Getting to the village, in principle, it is not difficult, only Gnus, mosquitoes prevent, and other insects. Some, by the way, bite not only painfully, but also strange – after this transition, I have a bite that resembles a small burn, which went only in a month and a half (!). And that – not completely. Because if you are allergic to the bites of any insects, be careful and take with you medicines.

The sun has almost disappeared behind the horizon when we entered the village. Going to look for the church on the dark, with noving, swollen legs and empty stomach – not an option, so we decided to examine nearby houses for a comfortable attic. And, about the gods – the stalker house was pretty quickly found, with an abundance of garbage, but in general – to life. Even the worker working – we were convinced immediately in this, since at the time of our arrival she was still warm. Apparently, we missed someone.

This is home from the inside

Such is the oven, and next to her place to sleep. On the furnace itself, it is not an option – stuffy, dirty and just gloomily.

Stove Place for a dream next to the stove view around the house

In the morning, after a slight breakfast, we decided not to waste time and went to search for the church. On the way it was impossible not to go into a couple of houses – destruction and the launch of the reigns everywhere in a less equal degree. But. There is another post and a local club – they are more interesting.

Mail Club and Email Cancer inside this house.. Drowning in the jungle sculpture in the trees go to the church abandoned buildings

However, when you come to the church.. She meets you suddenly, looking out of the jungle. I expected.. I do not know what I expected, but definitely not that, especially, given in what poor condition everything around.

Abandoned Church of Selfie in the Church

On the walls are visible to the remnants of paintings (on canvas) – obviously, the marauders are not particularly disassembled, the church in front of them, or the usual residential house. Simply barbaric graby. The church restored ideological people, now she is in good condition, I hope so it will be further.

Inside the church on the walls are visible

Before leaving, we made a cleaning (broom found right there), and arranged tea drinking on the church balcony. For this we had a stored Puer. By the way, we still used that water that they scored in the river to pripy the day earlier. In the very village, the water can be gained in a well near the church, however, for this you need a rope, and I forgot it to my shame.

Tea Party on the Church Balcony Tea Party on the Balcony of the Church

In addition to a broom, we found Polbutalki Mineral Water, left by someone earlier – her, then we drank the whole way back until you returned to the river. Somewhere halfway, cramps began in my feet – from a lack of water (and a strong Puer brought the residues of moisture from the body). Electric train flew by, forcing us to dive into the nearest bushes.

Returning to the river

Standing near the river, we broke up between the desire to go to gain water, and the need to go through the bridge, but, according to the logic of things, it was necessary to wait until the train returns. She stubbornly did not return, for some reason stuck at the station sevenhrists (the so-called station near the CHAEC). After short reflections and expectations, we decided to break through. Since the sun has already bent to the sunset, and wait for the refund of the train unknown how much it was impossible.

We are waiting for the refund of the train The sun goes to the sunset again go on the bridge

Chrome, with cramps and pain in the legs, we, as they could have moved the bridge and literally rolled down the embankment – now it was possible to go to the water, good, the river is very close. Five minutes later we heard, and then saw how the train swept. Home got in 2 hours, climbed into the sleeping bags and died. Until morning.

And in the morning there was the very rice and jelly with local apples.

Rice and jelly with local apples

We stayed in Pripyat, a total of 11 days. Many, agree. But, everything is good ever ends, and 11 days flew quickly, leaving behind a lot of impressions and a delicious feeling in the chest. Theity that occurs when you are enchanted looking at the starry sky, but you know what you need to go home. No matter why. And you savor, pull every second, turning it into infinity, but, if neither paradoxically, infinity ends.

They came out, as always, in the evening. There was almost no food, the benefit, near the river, I was still saved with a pack of oatmeal. In the afternoon, I didn’t get sleeping, but we nevertheless planned to go all night to get to the arc at sunrise.

For me, this is a kind of idea – climb the wind as Icar, together, at the same time with the Sun. The main thing is like an Icar, do not fall out the wings and do not collapse from the arc head down. But in order to climb the arc, it was necessary to reach it. And for this, it was to overcome at least 30 km of the path, and even more. And, part of this path ran through absolutely wild debris, where we were never.

To top it all, I have a hopelessly swollen legs, to such a state, that even putting on sneakers was problematic. In this regard, I decided to go in Kroxa 45 of the size found in one of the stalker apartments. I have 42.

In brackets, I note that these crocters stood there at least a year, therefore I do not think that anyone ever returned to them. Consequently – Conscience of Chista.

We usually come out of Pripyat, without adventures, hide and seekers with security, and other surprises. Once on the road leading along the city towards the Chernobia, we moved. Started drowning a small rain. Night was warm and incredibly star. At some point I took off my shoes and went barefoot, on the puddles – it was much more convenient, because the lantern is not included, and you are not very nice to fall into the puddles and chark. But step into cool lakes on asphalt barefoot – the most.

We needed to reach the asphalt to turn to the sighting road, which, in turn, was supposed to bring us to the LEP supports leading to the arc. If you go this expensive, you can turn the rocket part of the Air Defense. However, at night there is nothing to do there, but I didn’t want to spend the whole day. Yes, and we had food in the edge – one protein cocktail, some cereals and pasta – 2 times.

Arc route map

The seeker on which we went, really brought us on the trail, leading along the LEP. The trail is an overgrown with a rut, as if in-depth in the ground. At the edges of this rut ​​for several kilometers, hard roots stick out, like steel bars, and mercilessly beat on the legs – considering that I was either barefoot, or in crocas, my ankles in the morning were in bruises. And Lena from puddles and dew legs in sneakers were wet completely, and turned into a certain sponge (when a long time we sit in the bathroom, the same effect is obtained).

IMPORTANT! This is a very convenient and relatively short way, however, you need to be ready for it – ideally, you need high, waterproof and light shoes. For example, the trekking sneakers are low shoes. Or – patience in combination with endurance.

Journey to the exclusion zone and. Part 2

When in front of the dawn approach the arc, and truly realize the dimensions of this structure, light shock occurs. Along the entire length of the giant radar station are technical facilities, inside absolutely empty. That is – completely. In addition to human excrement, dust and brick debris, there is nothing anywhere. In one of these structures called Liter we hid backpacks, and went toast. It’s time to feel Ikar.

The scale of the arc is striking arc at sunrise, Chernobyl arc at sunrise, Chernobyl. Photo 1

After all, on the horizon it seemed the first, indecisive and steady at the same time, the ray of the Sun. It was impossible to fall behind, so we decided to climb on a small arc – all the stairs to a big arc are cut off (apparently, after a deadly accident with a stalker – fell and crashed to death), climbing her first floor it is possible, but it is harder and longer. And the time was pressed – because the sun of the Ikara is not waiting.

View with a small arc view with a small arc on a forest view of a small arc at the surroundings on a small arc photo at the top of a small arc

At about the floor of the seventh in the morning, the sounds of chainsaws and the movement of trucks were heard – there is a sawmill nearby. But about this a little later. We decided to make a protein cocktail, to see a big arc, and move on, because it was not to sleep.

Our path ran through the center of the cosmic connection – inside something else preserved. On the other hand, except for the remains of the former technological power and traces of the Marauders, there are traces of illegal tourists. For which I, frankly speaking, is very shameful. Why? Photos speak for themselves.

Footprints of illegal tourists traces of illegal tourists in the center of cosmic communication Portrait of Lenin

If you go this way, know – the map will deceive you. Course the Space Center needs not on the left side, as indicated on various electronic online maps, but with the right. On the left side there is no path – there are wild borrowed acacia, shrub, and in general the full floral chaos. If you go around to the right – go to the forest road past the protection of the protection.

It is advisable to do as early as possible – loggers already at 7 am unfolded there in full force. We walked around 10 am, as they spent time near arc and in the center of space connection. As you understand, the work went with might and main, and the forest road runs right on the edge of the sawmill.

What we saw there, surpassed all the most bold expectations. Burned down, but absolutely alive and green forest, mercilessly cut down, destroying the gem reserve. After all, on the papers, he burned. Here is a small video captured by me at the site, which illuminates what is happening very well:

Next, it was necessary to walk in a straight line, and go to Asvalt. Then go through the village of Korogovka, and go to the supports of the LAP, leading to the river and further, to the exit from the zone. From the arc before exiting the zone about 55 km. Let me remind you that we have not slept for a day, and not going to sleep until the evening. The main thing is to customize yourself, do not lose heart, and do not allow yourself to whine despite fatigue, pain, swollen legs and other. It is also important to take with you at least 3 liters of water for everyone, and have at least a couple of caffeine pills.

Scheme of our route

Already coming to the end of the forest road, in the distance, we saw a silhouette resembling a person in camouflage. In such cases, the procedure for one – run and hide. We dived into the forest along the right hand, swept on the thickets of blackberries, rubbing her legs, and fell behind some kind of log. Lay for about 20 minutes, but no one did not appear.

I decided to intelligence. Makesy very carefully, went to the road and saw, do not believe.. Wild horse! He came closer, apparently, we accepted it from published per person (of course, he stood for us "face", and not sideways). Perhaps fatigue and lack of sleep also played their role. Horse allowed to approach him very close – meters for 20.

Wild horses in Chernobyl

All the way, while we walked, human traces have not seen, but they saw traces of horse hoofs without horseshoes. At the end of this forest road you have two options, or go around, turning to the left, or go across the burnt out of the burned out. We chose to go across. This forest hugs you with its burnt branches, leaving black traces on the body and making you like a special forces soldier from the American film.

We go through the forest, dirty from soot

Passing the village of Corogo, we decided to climb into several houses (well, it is impossible to just pass by), and in one of them found some products. Package of oatmeal, gram 400 buckwheat, remnants of condensed milk and crackers. Shelf life of all this year ago, but for us it was a gift.

Our last jerk

We drank another caffeine tablet and made the last jerk of 20 km long – right to the river. Overcoming a strip of suffering – a dried swamp, unwound overgrown with reed, young birchings and other impassable vegetation. Here as in the film "Stalker" – the zone is constantly changing. Everything instantly overgrown, and often there is not even a hint on the trail.

Having reached the river, we collapsed in her with moans of relief, bathed and began to look for mussels. We did not sleep at this point about 38 hours. They scored mussels, cooked food, and here the sky clouded clouds, a strong wind rose – a storm broke out. Around us were loud and terribly falling huge, dried pines, one of them landed meters 10 from the tent.

40 hours without sleep, 22 hours of continuous movement.. One of the brightest adventures in my life came to an end. The rain lasted all night, but the sun came out in the morning. It was necessary to make the last jerk – get out of the zone and walk to the stop. Kilometer 4 to spines, right on the way, we were waiting for the car border guards. Very nice. We dived into the forest, bypassing it more often. Having grown through the bar, without claiming, we both felt relief and, as always, light sadness – because it.. the end.

End of our route

P.S.: In a month I returned to Pripyat to celebrate my birthday, and survive a lot of other adventures along with one of my friends and subscribers, Artur. But, this is a completely different story..

Recently, due to the events in Belarus, the personnel of the border and the participation of patrols increased in the exclusion zone. In addition, the bill, tightening fines, up to 34 thousand is currently discussed. UAH (approximately 1250-1300 dollars). So – be attentive.

Journey to the exclusion zone and. Part 2

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