Joy of nomadic life

Typing in the search string "Jeep Safari", You will see many firms offering our services for its organization. However, it turns out that most of them imply one-day trips to a picnic, for example, to Bedouins in Egypt. For $ 50-80 you will with the breeze ride in the desert, feed the kebab, sleep in the night a couple of songs by the fire, but with jeep safari all this will have little in common. Classic Jeep Safari is a complex road off-road route with hiking and horse areas, climbing, alloys, fishing, hunting, overnights in tents, mosquitoes, rains and other lovelies of life. This trip should be seriously prepared. To go through a similar route, you need not only to drive a good car, but also have non-school health.

Recently there have been many companies that are engaged in organizing similar trips in Russia (in Karelia or on Baikal). However, if you decide to go, let’s say, in Latin America, it turns out that such proposals are once or two and did. So, for example, Aspera organizes a trip to SUVs in Chile and Argentina. The route is designed for 16 days. Level: Intermediate. The program is very saturated. In addition to multi-kilometer movements on cars, it includes climbing the Perito-Moro glacier, swimming in hot springs of Puzhuahapi, hiking across the National Park Kewet (its route depends on the preparedness of the group), alloy on Raft on the Futaleufu River (the fifth category of complexity on international classification ; true, on weather conditions, alloy is possible here only in February and March). And besides, horseback riding, fishing, a trip to the high-speed catamaran in the Bay of San Rafael among the icebergs, broken from the San Valentin glacier (special "chip", Which is offered here – a glass of whiskey with relic millennial ice). There are no accurate dates for this route, the company organizes a trip by order. Preferred time – from October to April, when warm and dry weather stands in the southern hemisphere.

For a trip, the company rents all-wheel drive cars. This is usually jeeps Toyota, Nissan or Mitsubishi with a volume of up to 2.3 liters. The route is issued a set of two stocks, canisters for gasoline, radio magnetic and a small portable cooler for cooling drinking water. The expedition necessarily accompanies the support machine with an instructor and a Russian-speaking conductor. Although the program is very saturated, its cost is not so large – $ 3,700 from the participant in a group of four people (this is the minimum number in which the trip can take place). This accommodation includes (on the program it is hotels, village houses, mountain shelters or tents), food, car rental with unlimited mileage, excursions, insurance, as well as guide services and instructor. However, all flights are paid separately, ferry crossings ($ 30 per person and $ 110 per car), fuel (calculated amount on gasoline – $ 200), visas. It should be borne in mind that the firm puts forward quite strict payment terms: it must be made no later than two months before the start of the tour. At the same time, in case of refusal of traveling in less than a month you will be returned only half of the cost. Recently, traveling country from end to the end is becoming increasingly popular, during which it is possible not only to crimp, but also to see the maximum interesting on the way. The names of such tours are simple and concise – for example, "All Mexico" or "All Uzbekistan". Such a trip can be arranged for any country, the main thing is to be patient. The more exotic country you choose, the more time you need a travel agency to organize your trip (do not forget that the company’s own route will first be held representatives of the company, and then go there and you). Usually, such trips last two weeks, and the routes are laid in all major tourist attractions of the selected country. According to countries of Central Asia and Mongolia, the organization of trips on jeeps is engaged in, for example, a company "In the world of fantasies". Here there are devoid routes (say, Jeep Safari on Sacred Places in Transbaikalia and Mongolia), but at the same time the company is engaged in individual orders, when depending on your wishes, the route will be reduced, supplemented or radically changed. Despite the fact that most of the Mongolian route passes on off-road (in this country there are generally very few asphalt roads), it is possible to attribute it to the first category with a large stretch. First of all, because cars are rented along with the driver. Jeeps here are used not so much for the sake of extreme, as for moving around the country. However, the company remembers cases when clients went on a trip to their own cars, crossing them in advance to the start of the start. Unlike the Chilean route, laid away from civilization, when compiling Mongolian organizers tried to combine the most compatible visit to natural monuments (Bayan-Dzag Sacsaulian Forest, singing the sandy verakans Hongoryan-Els, Padlier-AM with huge ice-based outgrowths, even at +35 ° C) and Buddhism monuments (existing and destroyed monasteries).

Two weeks in Mongolia with a group of up to six people will cost $ 1941 from everyone, for ten people costs to fall to $ 1605 per person, for fifteen – to $ 1550. Moreover, it includes not only accommodation and meals, but also the whole cultural program and gasoline costs. Recently, Mexico is becoming increasingly popular with Russians. True, a full-fledged two-week journey on jeeps from Yucatan to the border with states will cost approximately $ 15 thousand. per person with a group of ten people. Gasoline and flights are paid separately. No special driving skills for jeeping in Mexico are not required, on Russian standards there are quite decent roads. On the roads with the ground coating, however, you should be careful: they often exist with crumbs, because of what a bumps are formed, called we "lying police", And in Mexico called "Tower". There are cases when firms arrange jeep tours and through the entire continent (for example, through all Africa), but this is usually done under a specific client: preparation, and the trip itself take too much time and effort. And in the tourist company Sodis recall the client, who, buying a tour in Morocco, separately ordered a jeep trip for himself on one of the sections of Camel Trophy, who passed on the Moroccan desert. They say, he was satisfied.

Joy of nomadic life

What to take with you on the trip

If spent the night in tents, it is recommended to take a sleeping bag on a trip to a trip. In addition, you will need a small backpack for every day, jeans, tracking shorts, smelting, waterproof boots for tracking, sports suit, sandals, coarse shirt (for hiking shrubs), T-shirts, raincoat or park, woolen and cotton socks, hat with wide fields, fleece jacket, towel, tanning cream, sunglasses, good penny knife, headlamp lantern and personal first-aid kit. All this is easily laid in a 40-60 liter backpack. It is not recommended to take a plastic suitcase in the route.

Joy of nomadic life

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