The small town of Juan-les-Pen can be attributed to such a type of resorts, which in a small period of time managed to gain popularity in wide circles. Despite his young centenary, the resort is considered a fashionable holiday destination off the coast of the Azure Bay. The terrain in truth is attractive: the recreation area hid behind the transparent waters of the turquoise bay, lost among the green thickets, between two capes.

The distinguishing feature of the resort is extended, spacious sandy beaches, pine groves and prolonged noisy funny nightdowns, which actually attracts the crowd to the resort «gold» Youth. The city is saturated with restaurants, cafes, bars, discos, musical evenings and concerts. A large amount of coffee and luxurious shops with expensive things are concentrated on the boardwalk.

It is here that there is almost the largest in the world a jazz music festival. All in Zhuan-les-foam is provided for vacationers: developed infrastructure, entertainment, fishing and walking in the open sea. The resort is considered to be the epicenter of water types of entertainment: yachts, boats, skis, catamarans, diving.

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What is interesting to see in Zhuan-les-foam?

Top Attractions Zhuan-le-foam

Juan-les-Pen: Excursions and events

Excursions will not be so diverse and interesting as in other parts of France. This is due to the fact that Juan-Le-Stump refers to the number of the most young recreation areas. But all historical monuments and cultural facilities are concentrated in the neighboring antibe – a medieval town, a miracle of the spent to our time, retaining the spirit of past centuries.

The excursion route will run back through the ancient temple with the towers. Be sure to pay attention to the fortification strengthening, which was erected in the 16th century. In the walls of the Castle of Grimaldi, you can visit the exhibition of Picasso. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the nearby islands and in the epicenter of the perfume and spirits – the city «Grass», where Coco Chanel once did and gave our world a legendary fragrance «Chanel number 5».

The resort will have something to do and families with children. Oceanarium operates in the city, where children will be able to get acquainted with the peculiarities of maritime residents, the Park of Butterflies, striking the variety and brightness of species, a farm that will tell about the local fauna. We recommend actively guys to sign up for a holiday time to School Sailing, test yourself in windsurfing or try to manage the vessel.

History Juan-le-foam

Climate in Zhuan-les-foam

The territory of the relative young resort is noticeable influence of the Mediterranean climate. Winter months, as a rule, differ in softness and moderation. Temperatures are quite pleasant even for winter. The average annual marks fluctuate in the area +5 + 9 degrees.

Summer is the most pleasant time to travel to these picturesque edges. Summer months are ambulance and hot weather. The sun warms the air to marks almost 30 degrees above zero. Light winds, breeze, brought to azure coast from the sea, be saved from the exhausting heat.

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Zhuan-le-Pen: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Juan-le-Pen is able not only to demonstrate turbulent nightlife tourists and offer a variety of outdoor activities. Speech, as you can guess, will go about water sports. Better place than zhuan-le-pen for water entertainment and can not come up. A special popularity is used by catamarans, at which you can slowly boil the coastal water under the rays of the scorching sun.

For more risky travelers, we recommend trying yourself in water skiing or riding a hydrocycle. Romantic promises to be a ride on a yacht that will make a mini cruise around the shores of the azure bay. We certainly advise to visit the local aquarium, for transparent glasses of which the sharks and other marine inhabitants live. Under a blue dome for tourists there is a passage, the length of which is several tens of meters.

Renewable youth will be glad to visit a variety of musical evenings, discos and other entertainment institutions. It is worth going outside at midnight to choose any cafe and fun began! Peculiar entertainment – shopping trip or restaurants.

Transport Features Zhuan-le-foam

One of the most popular and frequently used types of transport in this part of France is a car that is able to easily deliver the tourist to any point of the resort. Distinctive feature of local transport – a clear schedule and following him. It is worth knowing that buses make stops only at the request of the passenger, so it should be prepared in advance.

And if you are waiting for the bus, it is better to sign the driver sign so that it stops. Enter the vehicle is allowed only through the front door, as the composter is installed there. On all types of public transport there are one cost – approximately 1 euros such a ticket will be valid for one and a half hours, which is very convenient for the traveler.

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